Sunglasses for golf

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Does anyone know, with some authority, whether the sunglasses you wear for golf should be polarized or not? I read that polarized glasses may hamper your ability to read putts. Not sure why that's true if it is. Also, are there certain tints of sunglasses that we should or should not use? Just looking for a couple pair of sunglasses for eye/sun protection, but don't want to spend the money for the wrong ones.



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    I have a pair Oakley Hard Points with the Prizm lenses and they end up in a cup holder on the cart, honestly.

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    Brown is the best color for golf and polarized cuts down on glare.

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    I honestly can't say whether polarized is better, but I wear polarized lenses all the time unless I'm flying (you can't see the gauges on a plane with polarized lenses). However, Oakley has an entire line of frames/lenses dedicated to golf, which they call their "Prizm Golf" line. Not sure if they are polarized or not, but they look pretty cool.


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    Oaley's Prizm Golf lenses are non polarized.

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    One big downside to polarized glasses is reading LED screens. If you use a GPS device, app on your phone, or play courses with the GPS in the carts, the screens can be very difficult to read with polarized glasses.

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    Some say polarized lenses aren’t the best for depth perception/green reading; I’m not really an expert.
    I’ve been happy with my non-polarized prizm golf lenses.

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    Didn't like those golf prizm lenses only cause they weren't dark enough

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    I can say that in my personal experience, polarized lenses is a detriment for reading greens. Several times I’ve missed a putt and the ball broke exactly opposite of what I saw. I lifted my glasses and then saw the true slope of the green.

    I think it tends to be that reduction in glare CAN hurt ability to see the slope. It has in my case. So much so that I don’t wear my polarized glasses on the green anymore.

    I hear the Oakley Prizm lenses allow for better green reading. Also there is a darker Prizm lens available now. I may check them out soon.

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    Dont use polarized lenses for golf. Like stated above it will make it harder to read greens and putting is already hard enough, lol. I use the Oakley Prizm golf lens and they work great. They are not dark because they want you to be able to use them when it's slightly overcast too and I do. They work great, IMO.

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    Polarized lenses can cause depth perception to suffer especially in bright light conditions. Which could make it really hard to read the break of the green correctly. I like my Oakley Prism golf lenses, even though they are not very dark. They provide just enough protection without any unwanted distortion.

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    Polarized affect depth perception. I definitely noticed that and stopped using them on the course. For the lake they are fantastic and cut all glare off the water but not needed on the course. The prism lenses are great, but for about $60 or so check out the Sundog golf shades. I have both and usually wear the Sundogs.

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    wow i've never heard of these prizm glasses. checking them out for the first time. i was looking for some options for sunglasses while playing since i live in florida. these look great. thanks!

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    I use Oakley Flak Jackets with Golf Prizm lenses. They work great. I'm not a fan of polarized lenses because 1) some of them cause me to get migraines if I wear them for a few hours at a shot (i.e. playing golf), and 2) it jacks up my already not so great depth perception.

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    They now offer a darker Prism lense for brighter conditions.

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    Joined:  edited Aug 13, 2019 #16 I am not an optometrist. Whether or not someone chooses to get polarized sunglasses is up to each person.

    My golf sunglasses are Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses with G30 Sport performance lens for flat to medium light. Rose color base with a subtle Iridium® coating to improve contrast and depth perception in blues and greens which benefits reading topography. They are meant for golf.

    So to answer your question, my golf sunglasses are not polarized. However, my regular Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized. When accidentally worn during golf, they do a great job protecting my eyes simply don't help golf what-so-ever.

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    I use the under armour tuned golf (propel style) and they are great. Best golf glasses I've owned/purchased plus they make 3-4 different styles and are not polarized.

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    I use Oakley Prizm golf, the original...non-polarized. I love them. Never have to remove them pretty much no matter the light conditions. I have another pair with their brown "Field" lenses. They're good too, but darker and not as super-clear/hi-def for green reading.

    I have a pair of polarized Maui Jim's, but the Oakley's are much better for golf and depth perception. Polarized reduce glare but you cannot read phone screens or see the head up display when your driving (if you have that) etc. Polarized are more trouble than they're worth IMO, unless you're on the water boating/fishing.

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    I wear the Prizm lenses. I just got a pair with Black Iridium, and they are really good in bright light. I usually take my glasses off for putts, but I left them on today for the whole round. No problems reading the green with them.

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    Always wear polarized. Never had the issues stated above. I do use the brown/bronze/copper colored lenses from Smith and Chromapop so perhaps they are just better. And by perhaps I mean they are. And by they are I mean they are the greatest sunglasses ever made, you just need to know what color lens you need for specific (common) light conditions. I wear mine all the time, never take during a round.

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    For me, all my sunglasses are polarized and photochromic (Transitions-type lenses). I got these Oakley knockoffs on Ebay for $23 CDN and work like a charm.

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    I definitely prefer non-polarized on the course. For the longest time I only wore polarized and would remove them to putt if it wasn't overly bright at that time. Just got a pair of Carrera's that aren't polarized and my lag putting couldn't be better. Putting over all has improved. New putter has helped too. ;)

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    I wear polarized prescription sunglasses and have no issue at all putting or reading greens. I've worn polarized sunglasses since I was a kid (not prescription until a year or so ago). I grew up fishing so always had polarized. When I started playing golf, I saw no reason to buy another pair that wasn't. I'm a mid single digit index and putting is my strength, so I see no reason at all to change anything.


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