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What clubs in your bag ARE safe?



  • ohioglfrohioglfr Municipal Junkie Dayton, OhioMembers  945WRX Points: 214Handicap: 16Posts: 945 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #212

    Ping G hybrids, Glide wedges and Darby putter stay, for sure. May get the itch for irons, but I'm still happy for now.


    Adams Speedline 9088UL 10.5* AXIVCore 69 Black (S)
    Ping G SF Tec 3W, 5W Alta 65 (R)
    Ping G 4H,5H Alta 70 (R)
    Ping G 6-U TT XP 95 (soft R)
    Ping Glide 54*, 58* WS TT XP 100 (R)
    Ping Darby Sigma G

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • golfho50golfho50 Members  344WRX Points: 98Handicap: 8Posts: 344 Greens
    Joined:  #213

    None. no club in my bag is safe and everyone is subject to replacement.

  • g-offg-off Members  413WRX Points: 146Handicap: 16.9Posts: 413 Greens
    Joined:  #214

    so far the steelhead xr heavenwood and 9 have had the longest tenure, anything else meh!


    steelhead xr heavenwood, 9 wood

    eye2 becu

    hoganardi baby ben currently

    always hoing the next best thing
  • ThatDudeFerbsThatDudeFerbs Carson City, NVMembers  18WRX Points: 17Handicap: 20Posts: 18 Bunkers
    Joined:  #215

    Right now, the 7-PW of my Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons. Everything else is fair game.


    WITB - Hacker Edition
    Ping G410 Plus Driver 10.5 - ProjectX Evenflow Riptide 50 5.5 -1.5" (Weight set to draw bias)
    Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood - ProjectX Evenflow Green 55 5.5 -1.75" (Draw setting)
    Callaway Epic Flash 5 Wood - ProjectX Evenflow Green 55 5.5 -1.75" (Draw setting)
    Callaway Epic Flash 7 Wood - ProjectX Evenflow Green 55 5.5 -1.75" (Draw setting)
    Cobra F-Max SuperLite 5 Hybrid - Cobra Superlite 50 -1"
    Cobra F-Max SuperLite 6 Hybrid - Cobra Superlite 50 -1"
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged 7-PW - UST Recoil SmacWrap 760 ES F3 -2"
    Titleist SM7 Tour Chrome 50-54-58 - UST Recoil SmacWrap 760 ES F3 -2"
    Evnroll ER2 - 32" (1 degree flat)
    Snell - MTB-X

  • kasting333kasting333 Members  89WRX Points: 91Posts: 89 Fairways
    Joined:  #216

    TS4 Driver
    G25 3 wood
    G25 Hybrid
    Glide Stealth wedges
    Scotty Mil Spec putter

    913 D2 9.75 Kuro Kage 70 X
    Ping G 14.5 Tour X
    Mizuno MP-30 2 iron / Ping G25 20* Hybrid
    Mizuno MP-37 3-PW S300
    Ping Glide Stealth 52*/ Ping Glide 58*
    Odyssey TriHot #2
    Pro V1
  • Colonel_SteelheadColonel_Steelhead OMembers  924WRX Points: 121Handicap: 2HiPosts: 924 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #217

    All of them for now. Its getting colder here in Ohio so they are gonna hibernate after this week. But they had better have their **** together in about 4 months!

    Ping G400 10.5,3W,5W (Eye 2 1,3,5)
    Ping Eye 2+no+ 3-SW, BeCu+ LW
    Ping 30th Anniversary Anser, Pat Pend. Anser 2
    Titleist Pro V1
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • PworldPworld Members  428WRX Points: 109Handicap: 10.5Posts: 428 Greens
    Joined:  #218

    MY fairway woods, and maybe my hybrid. Everything else is on the trading block.

    Mizzy GT180 w/ Atmos Black TS / Ping G410+ 9 degree W/ Atmos Black TS

    Titleist 917F 16.5degree
    Mizzy CLK 19degree Hybrid 
    Mizzy Mp-18 Hi-Fli - 4 iron 
    Mizzy 5-PW 919 Tour - Modus 120
    Mizzy T-20 Raw 50 - Modus 130
    TM MG2 54/58 wedges - Modus 130
    TM Spider X (Chalk) / Nike Method Origin B1-01 Putter
    Nike Air Hybrid II Bag x 2 (camo and all white)

  • chch3chch3 Members  842WRX Points: 110Posts: 842 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #219

    F6 Baffler, F7 Hybrid. They won't be leaving my bag anytime soon.

    Cobra Bio Cell 9.5// HZRDUS Black
    Cobra F6 Baffler 17.5 // HZRDUS Black
    Cobra F7 Hybrid 20.5// ATMOS Tour Spec Blue
    Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5-GW // Project X
    Taylormade Mill Grind 52 // Nippon 120
    Taylormade Mill Grind 58 // Nippon 120
    Taylormade Tour Spider Black
  • clichecliche Members  789WRX Points: 92Handicap: 10Posts: 789 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #220


  • Hougz79Hougz79 Members  534WRX Points: 159Posts: 534 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #221

    Driver and 3W are safe. Hybrids are likely safe. Irons......might try the T200......but very satisfied with current bag. Been the same all year, that’s saying something for me!

    Callaway MAVRIK Sub Zero 9*, GD AD-IZ 7X
    Callaway MAVRIK 3w, GD AD-IZ 8X 
    Titleist 818H1 21*, GD AD-IZ 95S
    Ping i210 4-AW, DG 120 S300
    Ping Glide 3.0 54SS, 58SS DG TI S400
    Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Special Select
    Ping Hoofer (2018)

  • Millhill88Millhill88 Members  568WRX Points: 128Posts: 568 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #222

    Since I started this thread in August, I made a change on a club I deemed safe. I made a change to my putter after I started missing everything. I went from never missing anything inside 6 feet, to missing from 6 inches. I lost all confidence. And yes, I know it's me not the putter, but when confidence is gone...its gone!

    So... My latest "Safe" clubs are my TS2 Fairway, H65 Hybrid, and T300 Irons.

    Driver: Titleist 917 D3
    3W: Titleist TS2
    5W: Cobra F9
    Irons: Titleist AP2 718  4-PW
    Wedges: Titleist SM7 @ 54 & 58
    Putter: Cleveland Frontline Elevado
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members  9791WRX Points: 1,674Posts: 9,791 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #223

    So season is pretty much over, so I don't plan on buying any other clubs. However, I'd say at the start of next season, I might plan on replacing everything except driver and 3w.

    M1 5w/3h ---> F9 5-6w
    P770 ----> Blue Prints
    Glide 2.0 ----> Glide 3.0
    Betti MC series ---> ER10 or DF 2.1
    ProV1x ---> Tour BXS

    The GBB Epic SZ is such a beast of a club I can't see it leaving my bag until it breaks. The Tour issue 16* 3w I have is also an excellent club, and is very reliable off the tee and I don't see myself replacing that either. The 18-19* slot is up for grabs because I just can't find a club that works well both off the tee AND the turf for me 230-ish yard shots. P770's have been good this year but I really want to try out the hydropearl finish in all my irons, including the wedges. Putter is working decently well for me but it's got zero tech and I'm sure just having some EVNROLL face groove tech could save me a stroke per round. Ball change is due to wanting more spin on all my shots to help stabilize my often times low-spin draw balls, especially with driver and longer clubs. More green check would be nice, too.

    D - SIM Max 9* Ventus Black 6x
    4w - SIM Ti Diamana B 80x
    5w - Speedzone FX 2.0 380 or Speedzone 4i Modus 105x
    Irons - P760 4-PW | Modus 120x
    Glide 3.0 50/54/58 S400 Tour Issue
    Spider X or Huntington Beach #1 or Toulon San Diego
    Ball - BXS

  • TheMotorCityTheMotorCity "South Detroit"Members  595WRX Points: 92Handicap: 4.9Posts: 595 Golden Tee
    Joined:  edited Nov 8, 2019 #224

    Ping Anser---Ping G410
    Ping G400 3/5 wood -- ???
    Epon 703 irons ---- Same
    TM Hi Toe Wedge-- TM Milled Grind 2
    Scotty Cameron Newport Oil Can Classic 1998--- Same
    Bridgestone Tour B XS--- TM TP5X

  • BYKBYK Cardinals NationMembers  2317WRX Points: 398Posts: 2,317 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #225


    Yadi for President
  • mantanmantan Members  2713WRX Points: 274Handicap: 13.5Posts: 2,713 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #226

    G400 Max is 100% safe. When I find a keeper (Taylor Made R5, G15, etc) I usually keep it for 3+ years and don't demo drivers. The G400 driver is the best I've owned, not even close. Same for the fairway wood.

    565 irons are 95% safe. This was the first season with them. I dropped my handicap the lowest it's ever been. Everything I wanted and then some.

    Hybrids are 95% safe. May look at G400s.

    Wedges and putter may be replaced next year. Not looking, but not married to them.

    WITB (as of 7/24/20)
    Srixon 585 10.5*
    Callaway Epic 5-wood
    PING G410 22*
    Srixon Z565 5-PW
    Cleveland CBX 2 50*
    Cleveland CBX 2 54*
    Cleveland CBX Full Face 58*
    Cleveland Frontline Elevado
    Bridgestone Tour B RX/RXS
  • slolaneslolane Members  61WRX Points: 31Posts: 61 Bunkers
    Joined:  #227

    I can't imagine hitting a driver any straighter or longer than my Ping G400 max so that is not going anywhere!!


    Driver Ping g400max Distanza shaft
    Ping g400 3w senior Alta
    Ping g400 5w senior Alta
    Ping g400 7w senior Alta
    Ping g400 9w Senior Alta
    G 710 5- U wedge Alta senior graphite
    Ping Glide 3.0 52 wedge
    Callaway 58 sure out sw graphite
    Bettinardi studio stock #3 putter
    Garmin s60
    Retired and enjoying life

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • madchensmadchens Members  141WRX Points: 52Posts: 141 Fairways
    Joined:  #228

    My 714 AP2's are untouchable (4-PW). I have been fit a couple of times hitting things side by side and no fitter has ever even ventured to sell me something different.

    My Epic Flash 3w and 5w are also untouchable. 3w off the tee is a bomber and 5w launches obscenely high and goes forever.

    Putter has been in the bag for 5 years (TM Kia Ma blade) but I guess if I found/tried something I might but I am happy with my putting and looking down at it.

    TM hi-toe 50, 54, and 60 have been working great for me but wedges need to be replaced every few years.

  • Mikey5eMikey5e ohioUnregistered  1441WRX Points: 374Handicap: 15Posts: 1,441 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #229

    I just sold my putter for a new one. Not that I needed one, I just wanted to change to try something new. These are the putters:



  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-MarylandUnregistered  2810WRX Points: 1,397Posts: 2,810 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #230

    On -, @golfho50 said:

    None. no club in my bag is safe and everyone is subject to replacement.

    Same here. Everything in my bag is getting a good talking to this winter. Heads will roll!

  • tbonetwtbonetw Members  445WRX Points: 123Posts: 445 Greens
    Joined:  #231

    The only clubs at risk for me right now are my 917 F2 3 wood and my putter/putters. I'm eyeing a used TS2 3 wood with the same set up on the bay. Don't need it, but basically paying for the same club that I have, with an extra 5 or 6 yards.
    My putter/putters are at a major risk as my short range putting has gone from rock solid to hot garbage. Obviously it's me, but sometimes you need to look at something different. Suggestions for a super easy to use putter for putts inside 5 feet? :) (Do they make a putter with G400 Max-like MOI LOL)

    Everything else is safe. My TS3 driver is in no danger. My hybrids, well they're old and I have backup heads. I can't find anything better than these. Love my irons (Srixon Z565. Played J40 DPC for a long time and for me these are very similar in shape and performance) and I just replaced my wedges with the new Clevelands and they are just outstanding.

    I will admit that for me the one wild card is always the driver as every now and then I've made some bad decisions looking for more distance and traded a perfectly good driver lol. But I've managed to resist all year as I bought the TS3 right after they came out which was at least a year ago and it's still in the bag.

    Titleist TS3 8.5* PX Smoke 60S
    Mizuno ST200 15* Tensei Blue AV
    Titleist TS2 19* Tensei Blue AV
    Titleist T200 4-GW Tensei Blue AV S
    Titleist SM7 52*,58*
    Taylormade Ghost Manta
    Pro V1
  • ProjectXProjectX I can a hit lob wedge 150...but only from a greenside bunker Members  1531WRX Points: 283Posts: 1,531 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #232

    If you are on GolfWRX none of your clubs are safe...EVER.

    Titleist TS3 Driver 9.5* Diamana D+ LTD 60 TX
    Titleist TS3 Fairway 16.5* Diamana D+ LTD 70 TX
    Mizuno MP 18 MMC Fli-Hi 3 Tensei CK Pro White 90 TX
    Mizuno MP 18 MMC Fli-Hi 4-5 KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Mizuno MP 18 SC 6-9 KBS Tour C-Taper X
    Mizuno T20 Raw 46*, 51*, 56* & 61* KBS Tour C-Taper X
    SeeMore Nashville z3c Black Mallet
    Bridgestone Tour B XS

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • phil gphil g Members  43WRX Points: 38Handicap: 20Posts: 43 Bunkers
    Joined:  #233

    On -, @bodhi555 said:

    I'm guessing I'm on the wrong website as every single club in my bag is safe. Next to be replaced will probably be my wedges when they wear out, but as they are still spinning properly and I can;t find anything else with the same head heavy feel as the Engage, I don't see me replacing them any time soon.

    I am the same way changed almost everything 2 months ago then shot my all time lowest score and beat my brother( which has never happened) I might swap putters to the back up when it’s miss behaving but that’s it

  • LemurbaitLemurbait Members  12WRX Points: 51Posts: 12 Bunkers
    Joined:  #234

    JPX EZ 5 hybrid for me. Feels like cheating.

  • ChuckD724ChuckD724 Members, Paid BST  238WRX Points: 60Handicap: 5ishPosts: 238 Fairways
    Joined:  #235

    ST190 Driver, EF SZ 3 wood, M3 hybrid, Spider X - I will let you know how the P790’s last after I get them.


    Ping G400LST with 60TX Tensei Orange or Mizzy ST190 with Diamana 60X
    Flash 3W with Oban blue X
    Cobra F8 5W with Smoke X
    TM P790 UDI with HZRDS 6.0
    TM P790 4-P with TT S300 stiff
    Mack Daddy 4 Tactical. 50 with 115 stiff
    TM Hi-Toe 56 with 115 stiff
    Betti Queen Bee 8 or Spider X Copper with white sight line

  • texcromtexcrom Franklin, TNClubWRX  3704WRX Points: 333Posts: 3,704 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #236

    Driver, fairway wood, Vokey wedges, and T22 Newport are safe, as are my backup AP2’s.

    Mizuno irons may or may not be at risk, as next couple of rounds will determine status as we move into irregular fall and winter play.


    Taylor Made SIM 9.0 degree HZRDUS Black Smoke 6.0 70g Stiff (ordered)
    Taylor Made SIM 15 degree HZRDUS Black Smoke 6.0 70g Stiff
    Taylor Made SIM 19 degree hybrid Ventus Stiff
    Mizuno MP20 MMC 4 - 9 KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff
    Titleist Vokey SM8 48-10F
    Titleist Vokey SM8 52-12F
    Titleist Vokey SM8 56-10S
    Titleist Vokey SM8 60-10S
    Titleist Cameron T22 Newport
    Titleist Pro V1X

    GO VOLS!
  • chetterchezchetterchez Members  93WRX Points: 49Handicap: 6Posts: 93 Fairways
    Joined:  #237

    Mizuno JPX 900 hot metals with C-taper lite shafts. Got fitted for these a couple of years ago and dropped my handicap from (probably) 12-13 to 6.

    If you mishit these things, it's no one's fault but yours and I have no desire to hit anything more challenging.


    Titleist TS2 8.5* w/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 60g

    Callway Mavrik Sub-Zero 13.5* x/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 70g

    Taylormade UDI 2-iron w/HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 100g

    Mizuno MP-20 MMC w/KBS $-Taper 4-W

    Mizuno T20 Raw 50*, 54*, 58*

    LAB Golf Directed Force 2.1

    Bridgestone Tour BXS

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • jmiller3483jmiller3483 Members  118WRX Points: 64Handicap: My swing Posts: 118 Fairways
    Joined:  #238

    On -, @bunta said:

    No clubs are safe in my bag. Keeps them on their toes.

    +1...........only stick that has some leeway is my Seemore putter at the moment.

  • JimmyC59JimmyC59 Members  130WRX Points: 105Posts: 130 Fairways
    Joined:  #239

    Old Wilson R90 Sand Wedge.
    I'll be buried with it.

  • golfcart22golfcart22 Tony P Members  196WRX Points: 59Posts: 196 Fairways
    Joined:  #240

    My Ping Umbrella is safe. B)

    Been in the bag since 2010 and still going strong. Stiff flex shaft has held up in the strongest winds around.

    Titleist TS2 w/PX Evenflow 10.5
    Titleist TS2 3W w/PX Evenflow 15.0
    Mizuno MP20 HMB 2-PW w/Modus Tour120
    Cleveland CBX2 52 & 58 w/Modus Wedge 115
    Scotty Cameron 2016 Select Newport M2 / ProV1
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
    Joined:  ...

  • Justin_Breezy88Justin_Breezy88 BReezy Members  44WRX Points: 14Posts: 44 Bunkers
    Joined:  #241

    On -, @dhen9 said:

    Callaway Rogue hybrid and my Edel Rogue putter. I've tried to replace both and can't.

    Callaway rogue hybrids literally got me scratching my head. I didn't know I was able to hit a 3 hybrid so easy. so I agree with callaway rogue hybrids, and also my sm7 slate blue wedges.

    SAFE!!!!!! oh yeah one more I almost forgot the best combination ever for a driver. Fujikura speeder evolution II with the ping g410 plus driver set on draw bias setting... omg...


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