PRICED TO MOVE: M1 and G25 Regular and Stiff flex workhorses; drivers, 5 wood, hybrid

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M1 2017 9.5' driver w/ hzrduz yellow 6.0 shaft. Overall 9/10 condition. The head was gamed for about 4 months. There is one small scratch on the sole that I tried to capture in the pics. Golf pride multi compound is in 7/10 condition. 145$ shipped

G25 Driver 9.5' Stock S flex. Overall 8/10 condition. The club face has seen some wear and there is a small blemish on the inside of the crown. The grip probably needs to be changed. I don't really know how to price it... 110$ shipped?

G25 23' Hybrid Stock S flex. Overall 7.5/10 condition. The paint on the grooves is starting to peel off and the sole has seen some wear. Again, the grip is pretty worn, 50$ shipped?

G25 18' 5 wood Stock R flex. Overall 7/10 condition. There is one small sky mark near the toe and like the hybrid, the white paint in the grooves is starting to come off. The crown is still really clean but the grip might need replacing. $65 shipped?

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