Hogan Iron Quest: Creation Origin

BobSlydel21BobSlydel21 Members Posts: 2

Hey Everyone,
First, thank you for the help with this. Fairly obscure to be fair; but, might actually help someone else out someday.
Looking for information regarding the places Mr. Hogan's Iron Heads were made, by year, and model.

ironfinder.com is great, has visuals, by years, and by makes... but not where they were actually forged.
**The goal: to find a vintage set of Mr. Hogan's irons, made in the USA, and re-furbish them.
Yes, I actually plan on playing with them, and loving them, forever. Trying to get ahead of the emerging marketplace of vintage golf before its too late.

Thank you all so much in advance for your help with this. Even at 36 years of age; I am familiar with the finding of these pieces of history at Goodwill's across the country for next to nothing. I can see a world where that well runs dry...


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    Every forged club made by Hogan from 1954-94 were forged in the USA. There were a few cast clubs in that time as well. Really it’s just a matter of choosing your favorite style and grabbing a set. Lots of incredible Hogan clubs to choose from.

    The bag......Cleveland persimmon woods, Ping ISI irons and wedges, Ping Anser putter.
  • BobSlydel21BobSlydel21 Members Posts: 2

    That is fantastic quickstyle news! Thank you so much deejaid... How did you just know that? Honestly I looked everywhere... but maybe it was just common industry knowledge... I don't pretend to be in the know at all. Super excited about this. Going to get after it now.
    Were they all made in Fort Worth? I saw some chatter that a few were made in Japan though? Obviously, not true.

  • deejaiddeejaid Members Posts: 573 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I’ve got a little collection of classic Hogan’s so I’ve done some reading. As far as I know the original Ben Hogan Co. forged their clubs in Ft. Worth. Once the company was sold to AMF I’m not sure if they moved the forgings to another location while still being headquartered in Ft. Worth or if they were still forged in Ft. Worth. Either way, they were forged in the USA up until the 1999 Apex which was forged by Endo in Japan and all subsequent irons were forged overseas.

    Now if I remember correctly their were some Japanese market irons in the 70’s or 80’s that weren’t sold in the US. I’d assume they were forged in Japan and sold to that market, but I really know nothing about them so I’m not certain.

    The bag......Cleveland persimmon woods, Ping ISI irons and wedges, Ping Anser putter.

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