2019 PXG 0311 ST Irons Manufacturing

archer1archer1 Members Posts: 141 ✭✭✭

An article on the front page of Golf WRX contains this sentence - "Known for its meticulous engineering and manufacturing processes, the company is taking it to the next level with the introduction of the 2019 PXG 0311 ST irons.".

The reference to PXG's "manufacturing processes" has piqued my interest. These irons are forged before they are milled. So does PXG possess both of these capabilities in the US or are they forged in Asia and then shipped to PXG in the US for milling? Or is this another example of Barath just parroting the brand owner's press release and failing to add any journalistic value and the irons are, in fact, forged and milled by a subcontractor?

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