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Little feedback on instruction

Sorry realize I put this in the wrong forum originally so reposting here.

Hey fellas. Recently moved to Erie PA so season will be closing down in the next 2 months or so. I finally got a break from work and have been playing more recently so just wanted to get some feedback on some swings.
Things I already picked up on:
1. Still not bringing all my weight forward on the driver and hanging back.
2. Rolling hands out on the takeaway.

Any thoughts? Miss is usually a high ball that goes about 240-250 without roll... Irons are also higher than I'd like with little roll.
F8 with a smoke shaft. Last BS on monitor was 2300s. Have it on the 8* weights forward.
Irons are 716 with s300s.


  • Zisoda18Zisoda18 Members Posts: 43 ✭✭

    You need ur hands to move more vertically in the backswing instead of around you. It feels counterintuitive but the hands shouldn’t really get behind your body on the backswing. That’s why you get stuck behind the ball and have to stand up vertically at impact to make room for your hands. Really study how the hands should move relative to the clubhead and the body in the backswing. If your hands move correctly, the body tends to move more correctly as well. Ultimately. Ur gonna want ur hands more inside the club head when you get to the midway point of your backswing. This should keep the clubshaft pointing more in front of you throughout your backswing, ultimately getting the clubhead more on plane.

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