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Zepp Golf Max Club Speed Accuracy

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I've read through the Zepp threads and have had people express concern about the club speed accuracy of Zepp. My concern is about the calculated Max Speed value as it might mean a significant swing change, as per the attached image

I tested Zepp with Trackman and the impact speed of Zepp vs Trackman is similar. Zepp will be a few miles higher but Trackman underreports club head speed and overreports smash (smash factors of 1.52). Zepp seems accurate at impact as long as you select the right club and change the shaft length in the setup to whatever you are using. I was getting between 109-113mph on Zepp and between 107-111mph on Trackman.

Just to review the app for those interested in purchasing it: Zepp will underreport backswing angle and overreport club plane comparison if the sensor is towards the outside of your hand rather than being in the middle of the hand. For things such as tempo, backswing angle and swing plane it seems very close to video comparisons. I'm happy with most things bar one, Max Club Speed

Going through the Zepp data I can see that my Max CHS during the swing on a number of my swings was north of 120, some at 130, one above 140 and one even at 170. I'll discard the 140 and 170 as those are clearly mistakes. But, is it really possible that I am slowing down 10-20 mph into impact??

I do use a modified Mike Austin swing and maybe I haven't implemented it properly. I've had lessons and they haven't picked up anything unusual mid-downswing that would indicate such a rapid slow down. In saying that, I've had a few people comment on my swing speed and I feel fast but, when I hit the ball the speed at impact is nothing WRX impressive

Do I trust the app and start changing my swing to make use of this supposed speed? Or, do I discount these data points although they are frequent enough to raise concerns?

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    I have reached out to Zepp support to see their response

    In the meantime I was testing my swing on Trackman (albeit without Zepp) and have come to the tentative [and unfortunate] conclusion that my club head speed was not 120-130

    Instead, I was rushing my hands at the start of the downswing, slowing down and then speeding up again. Zepp was extrapolating peak club speed from hand speed

    So the numbers themselves weren't accurate but at least it helped uncover a swing flaw that I have since worked on

    I'll further test Zepp this evening and tomorrow to confirm and await Zepp's support response before coming to the sad realisation that I'm not as fast as I'd like to be

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    Final test today with a smoother swing, the Zepp sensor and Trackman
    (side note: Zepp support said my account/sensor appeared to be working correctly)

    The max club speed value with Zepp is now approximately the same as the Zepp impact speed and the club speed on Trackman and I have seen no more of the weirdly high 'max club speed' numbers
    Added bonus; I've gained a few MPH on my average swing speed and my Zepp swing score is a few points higher

    Coming from a data analytics background, personally I am confident in the numbers produced by the Zepp sensor and am very happy to trust it when I don't have access to a Trackman, such as on practice rounds (I haven't been paid by Zepp to say this)

    Whether any of this will help lower my scores is another matter entirely...


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