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How to find tournaments open to guests?

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I'm an amateur golfer from Denmark. I started a year ago and have a 33.9 EGA handicap (something like 32 USGA handicap).
I'm want to experience golfing in the US. Partly because you have an incredible many great courses and partly, because I simply love the US and wish to go there.
Since my wife is not a golfer I want to take the trip (perhaps annually) alone... but I don't really want to play alone when I get there.

So my question is I guess, how to go about finding golf clubs in the US, that have tournaments which are open for guests?

Here in Denmark it's extremely easy. We also have very many golf courses (comparatively ;-), most of them public by far. You need a club membership of course and in most cases a specific max handicap.
But we also have a web-portal called, where you can book tee times in any club in Denmark.
You can select which club or region you're interested in and book tee times.
BUT, you can also see all the tournaments that each club have upcoming, if they are open for guests, tournament-fees, greenfees etc.

Is there something similar in the US. If not nationally then in any state?

Regards and thanks



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    If you really want to play in tournaments you can consult a couple of spots but I’d start with state golf associations.

    What I think you are really looking for though doesn’t exist in any direct sense. Public courses don’t have regularly scheduled tournaments for the most part and I would bet the overwhelming majority of them have no members at all, just daily fee play. There’s no handicap requirements at these courses and most people playing will never belong to a club or have an official handicap. You can just book a tee time as part of a group like this. No central portal, probably best to go to each course website directly in most cases.

    If you want to look a bit more nationally for tournaments you can do something like

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    Look for the State Golf Association for the course you want to play. Then check requirements. Most state GAs require that you have an in-state handicap...something I've always found to be really stupid. There are different requirements state by state...some just require that you join, some require that you live there.
    There are various tournaments around the nation, the New England Series is a good one, plays some of the top private clubs in the Northeast US.
    Most private clubs have tournaments occasionally, but they don't really go out of their way to advertise. And they might be "open to the public" but don't really have an online entry form either.

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    First off, US golf is different the European golf. There is not the consistent tournaments at public golf courses. Tournament play is at Private Clubs or at a more elite level. Most players just go play golf. Saying that, you shook have not too much trouble finding a game at any (busy) course as they will pari you with another foursome.

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    As stated above, State Golf Associations are a good option- i.e.
    Right now, you may have some issues with not having a GHIN handicap (and also having a high HC)

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    Thank you all very much.


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