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Best driver .............ever



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    @bscinstnct said:

    @lowheel said:

    Fantastic, lh!

    I love how we see, incrementally, how TW loses the ridiculous, Gumby, like flexibility over the years that he had when he just came out.

    By 2006, his flexibility is way less and he can’t hold his follow through nearly as much as 4 or 5 years earlier.

    I’m all for strength training, but you wonder if his total training regiment, perhaps due to his routine not being balanced, is responsible.

    Maybe he is just one of those guys who was born built perfectly for his sport and didn’t need to train. I don’t blame him. Who wants to be called “erkel”? But just can’t help think, for him, just not the right workout regiment.

    its a very good question.I loved his 96-2002 driver swing. High hands and recoil for days. Insane width and power. Hit ridiculous draws that rolled for days. its easy to look back now and say maybe he overdid it but he was very committed to it.Who would talk him out of it when it was working so well?

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    what makes a person the best driver ...ever?
    hitting it long and fairways mostly?
    Or keeping it in play to have a shot at a second shot even if it means being in the rough? Noman didn't think Nicklaus was such a great driver of the ball, but Nicklaus probably managed his driver misses better than most. It's a tough one to answer... could be a short knocker who was always in the fairway...

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