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Considering taking up golf again

Hi guys, I have been eyeing my old clubs for the last few weeks. I haven’t played for about 10 years, maybe more. Job and kids, you know the drill. I just wanted to let out this pic I took of my bag.

975J 9.5 45” Grafalloy S
980F 15 4375 S
962 3-SW DGR300
Wilson TPA putter

Everything is stock, grips are Tour Velvet on everything. Honorable mentions that didn’t make the photo: 976R 9 S Titleist Graphite, 975D 8.5 DGS300, 983K 8.5 Proforce V2, 962 2-iron, Ping Eye 1-iron, PT17 DGS300.

Hope you like it, I know I do!


  • Qqq123xxQqq123xx I wake up take a few steps and am in a haze the rest of the day. Members Posts: 6,393 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Nice. Good luck.

    Callaway Razr X Black 9.5 stiff
    Callaway Razr X Black 4wd. stiff
    Wilson CI9 4-gw. TT reg.
    Cleveland RTG Wedges TT reg. 52,56.
    Nxt Tour.
    Cleveland Classic #4
  • ykhwazykhwaz Members Posts: 14 ✭✭

    always good to get back into golf

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