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APPLY NOW: Golf Pride PRO ONLY Putter Grips! 15 Testers Needed!



  • BacksidefloaterBacksidefloater Members  244WRX Points: 42Posts: 244 Fairways
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    Sarasota, Fl
    Blue star
    Felt one at pgass and they feel great and would look good with a blackout putter

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  • train5171train5171 Members  19WRX Points: 13Handicap: 17Posts: 19 Bunkers
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    Indianapolis, In
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    I prefer the size and shape of this grip. Plus I use Golf Pride grips on all my other clubs but always manufacturers stock on my putter so why not go full Golf Pride

  • Nickiet55Nickiet55 Members  54WRX Points: 26Handicap: 9Posts: 54 Bunkers
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    • In a post below, give us your city and state. Convoy, Ohio
    • Tell us which grip you want to test: Red Star (72cc), Blue Star (81cc), or Green Star (88cc). Red Star (72cc)
    • Tell us why you want to your selected grip. It looks similar to my current grip and so I want to see how it would be on my putter
  • Tanman1Tanman1 Members  57WRX Points: 45Posts: 57 Bunkers
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    Inwood NY
    Blue Star
    Currently have a old superstroke that I need to replace and this could work better

  • HairpieHairpie Lincoln, CAMembers  2157WRX Points: 131Posts: 2,157 Platinum Tees
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    • In a post below, give us your city and state. Lincoln, Ca
    • Tell us which grip you want to test: Red Star (72cc), Blue Star (81cc), or Green Star (88cc). Red Star
    • Tell us why you want to your selected grip. I'm suddenly having a hard time finding pistol grips that I like that are not too heavy. The heavy grips counter balance the putter head which I do not like. Pistol grips that are light enough are not thick enough for me and this seems like it might be a happy medium.
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  • golfinbradgolfinbrad Members  469WRX Points: 73Posts: 469 Greens
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    Fairfield, PA
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    I have never tried a Golf Pride putter grip. Love them on my other clubs. These grips look awesome.

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  • GolfChannelGolfChannel Orlando, FloridaMembers  2558WRX Points: 777Handicap: 0.9Posts: 2,558 Titanium Tees
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    On a side note, tried these at my local and Edwin Watts and really hoping I get selected. I really love the feel and connection. This is the perfect grip for the guy who prefers a pistol grip but wants to quiet their hands a little. Very cool.

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    Kensington, CT.
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    Because I always like a pistol grip, tried a Super Stroke 2.0, hated it. This looks like it might be between a pistol and straight taper grip.

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  • WoodHeadsWoodHeads Members  175WRX Points: 36Posts: 175 Fairways
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    Honolulu, HI
    Blue Star, as I have decided to change my putter grip and approach to increase address over the ball, directly. Of the three, the blue star seems to afford the most vertical address.

  • texasdavetexasdave Members  1749WRX Points: 192Handicap: 5.6Posts: 1,749 Platinum Tees
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    San Antonio, Tex

    Red Star

    This seems closest to the Nike Method Matter grip I use but would save me the trouble of building up the grip with extra tape.

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  • shivasishivasi ClubWRX  188WRX Points: 73Posts: 188 Fairways
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    Indio, Ca.
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    Looks to be closest in design to an original "pistol" old stand by for my Bullseyes HB.

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  • DoubleEagle08DoubleEagle08 Members  21WRX Points: 23Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    San Antonio TX
    Blue Star
    Because I can't in good conscious put a Bettinardi Jumbo Deep Etched on my new Scotty.

  • weezel514weezel514 Members  118WRX Points: 68Posts: 118 Fairways
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    Orlando, FL
    Red Star
    I like the traditional shape and the fact that it is the lightest and smallest of the bunch.

  • dancontornodancontorno Members  9WRX Points: 60Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    Blue star for me
    Would like to game that Blue Star Have a Lamkin on now

  • stevehjstevehj Columbia, MOMembers  386WRX Points: 92Posts: 386 Greens
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    Columbia, MO
    Red Star
    This grip reminds me of a golf pride grip that used to be available 30/40 years ago. It sets the left hand up square and allows one to play the right hand to fit full on the grip in the rounded section. Great design.

  • malelee21malelee21 Members  1528WRX Points: 106Posts: 1,528 Platinum Tees
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    Fishkill, NY
    Blue star
    Never played GP putter grips, although I have always played GP Tour valvet/Wrap/CP2 grips for my irons/hybrids/wood/driver. I honestly think it is due to popularity of Super stroke grips.
    I want to try it out and see if the grip is as good (or better than) as SS grips.

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  • mbry429mbry429 NJ / NYMembers  59WRX Points: 33Posts: 59 Bunkers
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    • Jersey City, NJ
    • Green Star (88cc).
    • Have tried a variety of different putter grips recently (Garsen Pro Max, SS Slim Lite 3.0, SS Flatso 1.7, etc.) and all have certain redeeming qualities but don't feel quite right. Looking to try something firmer, which I think will be perfect for the feedback I've been missing with my current set up.

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  • Titleist97Titleist97 Members  3WRX Points: 16Posts: 3 Starters
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    I am from Edmonton Alberta.
    I am most interested in the Blue star grip.
    I am most interested in this grip because i have large hands and i like to feel as if my top hand is full with the grip and i feel like the shape of this grip will allow for that. I also like to be able to lay my thumbs flat on the front of the grip and it looks like this paddle will allow for that as well as having a very clean but noticeable colour scheme. I also enjoy to try new items in golf so that i can talk about them at the club with other members.

  • Jesse SanchezJesse Sanchez The Knife Members  297WRX Points: 87Handicap: 8.0Posts: 297 Greens
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    Longmont, CO
    Green Star 88cc
    I have the tour SnSr now in a 2-ball, but want to test a similar grip in my gamer. Bettinardi Queen B-6: it has a Pure Mid Size in it that came with the putter, I like the SNSR but would like a bit larger and firmer.

  • spartanglfrspartanglfr Members  411WRX Points: 110Posts: 411 Greens
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    Any reviews?

  • rocketmuttrocketmutt Members  152WRX Points: 65Posts: 152 Fairways
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    Ft Mitchell, KY
    Red Star (72cc)
    the shape looks very appealing and something that I can feel confident with

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