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Update from USGA on KickX Tour-Z golf ball status

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A couple of week’s ago, I responded to the thread “Where are all the 2 Woods?” I said that Medicus affiliate KickX made the 2-wood style Driveway Blaster, and also handled the KickX Tour-Z golf balls. Another blogger was concerned that the ball was nonconforming and involved in a marketing scandal.

The ball indeed was involved in a multi-party online marketing scam, which was shut down following an FTC lawsuit in 2017.

I e-mailed the USGA about the ball’s playability status. I got this reply from Pamela Sanderson, who works as assistant manager for ball conformance testing:

"The KickX golf ball expired from the Conforming Ball List at the end of May 2017. To remain on the list the manufacturer is required to resubmit the ball once a year. For reasons unknown to us the manufacturer did not resubmit the golf ball to continue the listing. The KickX golf ball is still considered to be a Conforming Ball. It may be used in competitions where the Conforming Ball List is not a condition of competition."

Sanderson added that involvement in a marketing scam would not cause a ball to be removed from the conforming list. The U.S. government governs marketing issues.

@storm319 found information on the Tour-Z ball origins and supply chain:

The KickX urethane ball was an off the shelf 3-piece urethane ball produced by Foremost Golf Mfg in Taiwan. Around a dozen marketing companies sold this identical ball with their logo and it ended up being the subject of a lawsuit filed by Acushnet. It still lives on today as the Vice Pro.

(The Acushnet lawsuit was separate from the FTC lawsuit.)

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    Glad my thread is paying dividends!

    Have a Hogan 14 degree on the way... we will see if it fills my two hole.


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