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Newbie for south Australia.

Hi All
Ive been a long time follower of this site and always listen to the podcast..
After scouring the club tech info I have recently started to mess around with club building and the info has been invaluable for a learner.
(Dont try grind a new sm7 on your first go)
That being said look forward to being involved in the future.
Ive always wanted to do a witb so here goes.
Cobra F7 driver @ 9.5 20 gram in heel
Matrix [email protected] 44.5" d5
Tm sldr mini 14" + 6 grams rat glue matrix hd8xx @ 42.5" d3
Cobra biocell 4 iron 20" project x 6.5 blue @ 41.5"
Adams a4 forged 5-p rifle 6.5 +1"
Sm7 52f, 58 k
Cleveland rtx588 2.0 64 (DIY custom grind)
For short sided shots out of bunkers only.
Odessey marxmen 35"
Srixon z star xv yellow
All of the shafts are quite stiff but woods are shorter with added weight and irons are overlenght.
My swing has been described as athletic which would be an understatement. (Think of chopping wood)
I am also a proud lefty and play around a 9 HC.

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