Obsolete clubs that would still cut the mustard in 2019

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A few of us chatting over a cold beer and the topic of clubs we had owned and would they hold up to the latest and greatest....
Suggestions in no particular order....BeCu Anser 2 or B60. Mizuno T-Zoid Pro. Ping I3 Blade. Ping Eye 2+. Ram Zebra. Callaway Big Bertha Copper.
Over to our learned members....



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  • dlygrissedlygrisse Kansas 13825WRX Points: 1,364Handicap: 8-ishMembers Posts: 13,825 Titanium Tees
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    Vokey SM2's. Best wedges ever in my opinion.
    If you don't mind ugly, the original Big Bertha irons. Modern distance irons were born here.
    Pretty much any Mizuno blade, if you are into blades.
    Ping Eye 2, if you don't care much about how far your PW flies.

    I pick 14 of the following:
    Ping G400
    Callaway Epic Flash 3w 
    Ping G410 5 and 7 wood
    Callaway Apex 23*
    Ping G 4-U
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54, 58 SS or Vokey M Grind 58
    Grips NDMC +4
    Odyssey Pro #1 black
    Jones Utility
    ECCO Biom Hybrid 3
  • Bonneville85308Bonneville85308  1812WRX Points: 228Members Posts: 1,812 Platinum Tees
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    Callaway original Steelhead fairway woods from the late 1990s, but with the OEM shafts swapped out for something better.

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    A few that are in regular use and/or see semi-regular bag rotation:

    V-Steel fairways (2003?). Still remains my regular fairway implements (5, 7, 9). The 9-wood is money. Prefer it to any similarly lofted hybrid I've tried.

    Good call on the BeCu Anser 2. Mine has been weighted up and use it periodically. Also a mnbr Anser 3. And a BeCu Zing 2. Actually most old(er) Ping putters are still relevant. As long as one doesn't mind the lighter weight.

    '99 Hogan Apex irons. When I'm feeling bladey, these are what I play. They remain stellar and a delight to play. Anyone that thinks they cannot play blades should give them a try. With the appropriate shaft for one's capabilities. Then again, does a modern style MB ever become obsolete.

    Hogan Wedges. Special Sand Iron, Hogan K Grinds. Forget how well balanced these feel. Until I put them back in the bag with the above and rediscover them.

    Titleist 983K. Found one to try well after it's original issue period. Profoundly changed how I thought about modern 460cc drivers. Not the longest, but I sure could hit it straight.

    Odyssey Rossie II putter with the black Stronomic insert. Had a 10+ year run with that one. Never been much of an insert fan thereafter.

    Would agree with WK above, well designed putters do not become obsolete. Old(er) irons can be rejuvenated and tuned to one's preferences with installation of more "modern" shafts. BITD, seemed as though the predominate option was TTDG. Which I never cared for. Speaking of obsolete shafts, had a couple sets with OG RP Rifles. Great shafts that are hard to find these days.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    OGA - Mitglied Nummer Sechs
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    I gotta go with the ginty, classic.

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  • Zengolfer36Zengolfer36 Columbus, OH 235WRX Points: 160Handicap: 10Members Posts: 235 Fairways
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    Id put my Titleist DCI 981s up against any modern iron. Honestly, if the grooves on them were still legal, Id still be playing them today.

  • SteveNZSteveNZ  700WRX Points: 145Members Posts: 700 Golden Tee
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    I reckon the Maxfli TM-92 blades and Maxfli Tour Ltd Forged cavity backs designed and made by our esteemed acquaintance

    On -, @majic would still play today. Most Mizuno blades too, not to mention the Titleist 975 drivers.
  • MitchellMitchell  5623WRX Points: 456Members Posts: 5,623 Titanium Tees
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    Titleist 962b irons, the triple grind sole simply works, if unsure of relevance, look at a Vokey M grind😁

    Titleist 910d3 9.5* (d4 surefit) Motore Speeder TS 7.3
    Titleist 917f2 16.5* (c2 surefit) Motore Speeder TS 8.3
    Titleist 818 h1 21* (c2 surefit) Atmos blue TS 8
    Titleist 962b 3-pw s400 
    Vokey sm7 raw M 54*  s400
    Vokey raw 260-08 C-C  60*  s400
    Cameron '95 Laguna
  • BigarchBigarch Herrin, IL 594WRX Points: 173Handicap: 5.4Members Posts: 594 Golden Tee
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    On -, @mocokid said:

    I gotta go with the ginty, classic.

    Totally agree but will also throw the Cobra Baffler 7 wood in there with it. I found one of each and threw them in my classic bag last winter. Both clubs are just totally awesome from about 175 to 180 for me and I don't care how bad the lie is. I put the Ginty in my regular bag at the height of the summer when the bermuda rough on my home course was ferocious from a wet spring. You can't convince me that any modern hybrid type club is better than those 2 classics. I'm just too old and not strong enough to hit a 4-5-or sometimes 6 iron out of that type of rough anymore.

    • Driver - Taylormade M1 10.5* Pro Comp 65
    • Fairway - Taylormade M4 16HL* Fujikura Atmos Red
    • Hybrid - Cobra Baffler 5 wood Dynamic Gold R300
    • 4-PW- Callaway Epic 4-P + AW Project X LV 5.5 Shafts
    • Wedges - 56 bent to 55, 60 Cleveland 588 RTX 588 Apollo MatchFlex +1"
    • Putter - Cleveland Classic Huntington Beach #10 - 35"
    • Grips - Lamkin Sonar Midsize
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  • Nard_SNard_S  3712WRX Points: 747Handicap: 9Members Posts: 3,712 Titanium Tees
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    From Hogan: 99 Apex, '88 Redlines but my dark horse favorites are '94 Fort Worth's
    From Titleist: 681's/ T-stamp, 962B's
    From Maruman: Conductor Pro's from 1990-2000
    From TM: R510 TP (best ever I've bagged), RAC TP MB (inverted T muscle done great)
    From Cobra: King Cobra DF metals (still use#5W), Mac-Cobra's aka G.N. Signatures
    Honorables: Maxfli Revolution Black, (major **** for cast CB's),

  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan  1021WRX Points: 678Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,021 Platinum Tees
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    Anser, bullseye, and 8802 putters, although in my opinion any putter really. I currently emply a 50's gooseneck.

    In iron land, it seems like even 1954 Hogan Precisions could be made relevant with the right shafts, and any Hogan club frim the 90's ought to work save 1 (sorry magnum).

    For woods people have mentioned gintys, agreed. Also in my opinion the Cally BB warbird fw's are pretty good, especially the 3w as a tee-first club.

    Drivers, I think the Cleveland Hibore is about as long as anything out there today, and the R580 is not that far behind.

    Golfing in Finland!
    Taylormade R15
    W/S Fybrid 3W
    W/S Fybrid 5W
    Hogan Apex 2003 (3-E)
    Mizuno 56
    Maxfli Revolution 60
    Macgregor Jackie Pung Putter #10

  • MyShortGameSucksMyShortGameSucks His doesn't....  1389WRX Points: 133Handicap: 3Members Posts: 1,389 Platinum Tees
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    Mizuno MP14 and Titleist 735 CM irons are almost as good as anything available today.

    Driver is a difficult compare given all the new tech but honestly the Titleist 905R was one of the most fun and beloved clubs i have owned. I am sure i could make it work!

    Titleist TS3 9.5 deg, Evenflow White S
    Titleist TS3 15 deg, Diamana S+ 80x
    Titleist 816H1 19 deg, Fuji 88H
    Titleist 816H2 23 deg, Fuji 88H
    Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro 5-PW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged GW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno S18, 54 deg  Nippon Modus 120s
    Titleist Vokey SM6 60 deg K, Nippon Modus 120s
    SC Golo 5 / SC Notchback
    Titleist AVX
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    Wilson Staff Gooseneck from 1988. Midsize forged blade with a channel back. Sole grind ahead of it's time.

  • elwhippyelwhippy  3375WRX Points: 334Members Posts: 3,375 Titanium Tees
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    Some interesting suggestions, especially the blades. Concur on 983 and 905. And far more workable than modern woods. A modern loft set of Eye 2+ would fly off the shelves.

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  • SEP1006SEP1006 Pearland, Tx. 1246WRX Points: 302Handicap: 10ClubWRX Posts: 1,246 ClubWRX
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    The original Tommy Armour 845's, these clubs were way ahead of their time.


    DRIVER -    Taylor Made M6 10.5 * | Ventus 6s
    3 WD -       Taylor Made M6 Rocket | Atmos Orange Stiff 
    HYBRIDS - PXG Gen 2 -  2 / 3 / 4 Hybrids | Accra Tour 90i Stiff
    IRONS -     PXG Gen 3 -  0311P 5 - GW | Accra Tour 100i Stiff
    WEDGES - Ping Stealth Glide 2.0 54-12 / 58-06 Wedges | Wedge Flex
    GRIPS -      JumboMax Ultralight grips on ALL 
    PUTTER -   PXG Gunboat H 
    BAG -         PXG Staff Bag
    BALLS -     Snell MTB Black / Pro V1

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    Heck, my '69 Buttonbacks are still great clubs as are my '58 Hogan Precisions. Both sets have TT X200 shafts. I have a set of '90 Hogan Apex BH Grinds that probably wouldn't work because of the grooves. But otherwise, that is a great club head as well, though a little light in stock form for me.

  • scruffynickscruffynick manchester, UK 1598WRX Points: 162Handicap: 5....soon to be 6 I think Members Posts: 1,598 Platinum Tees
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    Anything ping in the irons.... Even the karsten 1s are stunning irons today. Weaker lofts but that's all. Ping karsten 1,2,3,4 eye eye2 isi and i3s are just brilliant irons that hold up against anything modern

  • dcopp7dcopp7  1174WRX Points: 210Members Posts: 1,174 Platinum Tees
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    I have Ping Karsten IV irons that are still outstanding to play and easy to hit high and far. I also game a Taylormade Raylor 16* as a hybrid on occasion and carry a Taylormade Burner Ti 3W that was reshafted with a UST Proforce Laker shaft in stiff. That head is deep and works as a phenomenal tee club.

    Cleveland Launcher 460 Titanium 10.5* driver

    Cobra MAX 16.5* 3 wood

    Cobra Bio Cell 19* hybrid

    Dynacraft Prophet CB flexface 5i-PW

    Acer XB 52* & 58* wedges

    OLD Northwestern heel shaft putter
  • LaymanMLaymanM Cincinnati, OH 2211WRX Points: 302Handicap: 7Members Posts: 2,211 Platinum Tees
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    I'm digging Tommy Armour 845 Evo v-25. Not super old, but def obsolete being 2001 era and they arent same company anymore.

    Taylormade M6
    Callaway Steelhead XR 4+
    Mizuno MP-18 mb 4-PW
    Titliest SM7 50f, 54s, 58d
    SC Phantom X 5.5
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  • MitchellMitchell  5623WRX Points: 456Members Posts: 5,623 Titanium Tees
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    With more modern exceptions in wedges and addition of an adjustable hybrid, see signature😁

    Titleist 910d3 9.5* (d4 surefit) Motore Speeder TS 7.3
    Titleist 917f2 16.5* (c2 surefit) Motore Speeder TS 8.3
    Titleist 818 h1 21* (c2 surefit) Atmos blue TS 8
    Titleist 962b 3-pw s400 
    Vokey sm7 raw M 54*  s400
    Vokey raw 260-08 C-C  60*  s400
    Cameron '95 Laguna
  • Nomad GolferNomad Golfer  862WRX Points: 127Handicap: yesMembers Posts: 862 Golden Tee
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    On -, @Zengolfer36 said:

    Id put my Titleist DCI 981s up against any modern iron. Honestly, if the grooves on them were still legal, Id still be playing them today.

    Same here with Titleist DCI Oversize+ black


    Flexible TM bag: 10 clubs
    TM r7- 425 driver 11.5*
    Brosnan Regent #5 wood
    BB HeavenWood #7 wood
    Titleist DCI black 5 7 9 PW SW, Lovett LW 60*
    Proline CopperHead putter
    Titleist NXT Tour S balls

    Vintage MacGregor bag: 10 clubs
    vintage #1 5 7 woods
    MacGregor Classics 6 - SW
    Proline Original Series V putter
    W/S Duo balls

    Also have a Proline bag with excess
    clubs, W/S wood and irons, Mac and
    Titleist long irons, Adams hybrid Ping
    Pal2 putter

  • 86020818602081  2039WRX Points: 216Members Posts: 2,039 Platinum Tees
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    Lately, I've been using Ben Hogan Apex Plus irons..
    Love the look.

  • 3puttsRLife3puttsRLife  105WRX Points: 128Members Posts: 105 Fairways
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    These orlimar pg-64's will still hang with newer mb irons also. There from 1999-2000. There long and probably one of the softest forgings I've played. 3 iron is amazing off the tee around 240 yards low boring flight that rolls out forever.

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  • smashdnsmashdn Let's cut them trees down.  1900WRX Points: 696Members Posts: 1,900 Platinum Tees
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    On -, @Nomad Golfer Your avatar pic. Great club. Had one with a steel shaft and it was a great club. I don't play it now because it just goes too high.

    Any of those BB woods had an outstanding shape. The driver wouldn't work today but the other woods with a good graphite shaft would work just fine.

    I also have the TM V-Steel and that is nice club that fits the same as above. If you can find the 3+ (13*?) that would be a fine "fairway finder" club.

    Odyssey sold a bajillion of those two ball putters.

  • BIG STUBIG STU  12556WRX Points: 3,173Handicap: 5.0Members Posts: 12,556 Titanium Tees
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    WOW!!!! That is really a loaded question---- I would say any of the Pro Line clubs from say the 50s to the 70s and then some after that too. A lot of it has to do with the quality and processes of the metals. Also I feel back in the day people took pride in their work and were true craftsmen. Also clubs were not as mass produced then as now. Basically if you look at any of the new blades you can see resemblance to many of our old irons. I posed a question in the main forums one night about wonder how long the polymer in some of these new clubs will last. Yeah I wonder 60 years from now if these new clubs will be as playable straight off the junkpile as my Precisions or 57 Diamondbacks. Basically I am of the thought that if you go with modern shafts any of our older irons can and will hold their own with anything made today. On putters I got to go with James on that. Older putters have a better feel than anything made today to my hands and mind. My personal favorites which is not to say others are not great also
    Anything Macgregor except the step soles and Syncrolites
    Mizuno MP-33
    Fg-17 Staffs
    99 Apex and 54 Precisions and also Redlines
    66/67 Spalding Bird on the Ball Top Flites also 66 Elite
    Just my .02 FWIW and I will add this list could go on forever


    Driver--- Honma G1-X Stock R shaft
    FW Adams Tight Lies 16* Mitsu Diamana R
    Hybrid Adams Boxer 19* Matrix Ozik R
    Hybrid Adams A-10 OS 22* Pro Launch red R
    Irons 4 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex 2 shafts
    SW Cleveland 588 56* TTDG Sensicore S-400
    Putter 1997 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe rusty and lead taped named "Rusty"
    Bag(s) Old School Burton plain mini staff or Jones Classic

  • PuppetmasterPuppetmaster  15051WRX Points: 449Members Posts: 15,051 Titanium Tees
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    I wonder how that generation of carbon fiber headed woods would do, Yamaha, Yonex, etc all had a line or two of those in the 1980s.

    I still have Ping putters from the 1990s (the steel ones with black satin finish), a couple Bullseyes, and Maxfli Revolution irons, and none of them seem any worse than what we have today. Same with the Eye2 irons (both steel and BeCu), other than weaker lofts, which I use every few years when I visit my parents.

    WITB Link

    Cobra King Ltd 8.5*, Speeder TS 6.2
    Callaway Steelhead 4+, Diamana Kai'li
    Adams A12 19*, Diamana Thump
    Cobra Fly Z+, KBS Tour 
    Vokey 254.10, V-Grind 60*
    Odyssey Tank Cruiser 330M
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  • rgk5rgk5 rgk5(OLB)  3778WRX Points: 377Handicap: 6Members Posts: 3,778 Titanium Tees
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    Any Wilson Dynapower, or JP sand wedge, Ping Anser putters although light, MacGregor Greg Norman blades, 2005 TM RAC LT irons. Nothing is absolete if it still gives good results.

    Cobra F9 Tour 10.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
    Cobra F8 3-4 wood 13.5*, VA Composites Raijin 44 F3

    Cobra F8 5-6 wood 17.5, Tensei Blue R
    Mizuno CLK 22*, Speeder Evolution HB 75 S
    Ping i25 5-PW, TFC 189 R
    Cobra MIM forged 50*, KBS Hi Rev 125 S
    Ping Glide 1.0 54.5*, CFS Wedge flex

    Ping Eye2+ SW, 57.5*, KTM S
    Super Stroke Soft Wrap Midsize Red Grips
    Taylor Made TP Mullen 2, 35", LH (I'm right handed :p )

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