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Taylormade P-750 tour proto 4-pw steelfiber & P-790 3 iron - --PGA players' golf balls - Deduct 10%

 lilcaeser ·  
lilcaeserlilcaeser LILCAESERSCClubWRX  833WRX Points: 86Handicap: 3Posts: 833 ClubWRX
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all TM factory built standard specs across the board, 4-pw w/ steelfiber i95 stiff ,$ 850-
P-790 3 iron w/ aldila NV blue 90H-stiff $ 150-
package for $ 925- REDUCED- take the package for $875- plus deduct 10% thanks T!

taylormade custom made for the player and sig balls-
2- dozen SERGIO and 1-dozen Hank Kuene SOLD thanks prov1glfr -
i'll just play the Martin Laird balls

Pin 9/11

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  • pga_apprenticepga_apprentice Members  1677WRX Points: 132Posts: 1,677 Platinum Tees
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    Top-notch seller here!

    ST190 9.5°-->10.5° Kiyoshi BLK Proto 65X | Tour '17 M2 16° Kiyoshi BLK 75 X  | Tour Cobra Baffler T Rail 17.5° OBAN 100 | Cobra Forged Tour CB 4-Pw KBS Tour FLT 120 | RTX-4 50°- 54°- 58°  T.I. S400 | Spider X Ghost

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • lilcaeserlilcaeser LILCAESER SCClubWRX  833WRX Points: 86Handicap: 3Posts: 833 ClubWRX
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    thanks I-MAN , glad to see you out here again

  • Lakers2020Lakers2020 Southern, CAMembers  51WRX Points: 24Handicap: 5-7Posts: 51 Bunkers
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    do Steelfibers play stiff?

  • lilcaeserlilcaeser LILCAESER SCClubWRX  833WRX Points: 86Handicap: 3Posts: 833 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #5

    Yes they are stiff flex. I swing driver 105-ish and the Steelfiber is perfect for my swing speed. Just like the 110s better. T

  • SMUGamerSMUGamer Members  796WRX Points: 221Posts: 796 Golden Tee
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    Hank Kuene still plays golf?

  • Schwinn740Schwinn740 Members  14WRX Points: 56Posts: 14 Bunkers
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • scarp2scarp2 Dallas, TXMembers  86WRX Points: 29Handicap: 10Posts: 86 Fairways
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    Those balls are sweet. GLWS

  • TeetogreengolferTeetogreengolfer Members  21WRX Points: 14Handicap: 2.7Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    Would u sell the 3 iron? Separately 🙏

  • lilcaeserlilcaeser LILCAESER SCClubWRX  833WRX Points: 86Handicap: 3Posts: 833 ClubWRX
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    yes,,,,,,,sending you a PM,,,,,,,T

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