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Ping Glide Eye2 with Snell MTB-X, Bridgestone Tour B RX and X.

jjfcpajjfcpa Driver - Tour Edge EXS 10.5Omaha, NEMembers Posts: 499 ✭✭✭✭

I did some testing with these 3 golf balls on a 50 yard chip with my Ping Eye2 54* and Skytrak. I tried 5 shots with each ball and eliminated any outliers due to my swing. Just to confirm the results, I did this 3 times.

I was surprised at the performance of the Tour B X. Lower launching, higher spinning than the other two, but the distance was less than the MTB-X even though the ball speed was slightly higher.

The Tour B RX was the lowest spinning of the 3 and the launch angle was about the same as the MTB-X but distance was less... maybe a yard or two. Ball speed was about the same as the MTB-X.

The MTB-X was a good performer for distance but spun a few hundred RPMs less than the B X.

I really liked the feel of the MTB-X and the B X, and the MTB-X actually felt like a softer ball, but I think its actually got a higher compression. The RX felt slightly softer than the other two and typically came up with a yard or two less distance. Spin was also 500-800 rpms less.

I've been playing the MTB-X for the last few months and I really like the performance of this ball, but I'm going to take advantage of the lower price of the Bridgestone balls and pickup a dozen of the B X and see how they perform in on-course performance.

Also spent some time putting with the MTB-X in comparison to the B X and found that the B X actually seemed to travel a little further when struck with the same approximate force. I actually like this. The feel off the putter was very similar so adapting to the B X or visa versa would be pretty easy.

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