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Swing critique

RRstein82RRstein82 Members Posts: 231 ✭✭✭

Hoping to get some input/thoughts on a couple swing changes. Generally play to between 7 - 9 hdcp, but continue to struggle with consistency. Misses are always left, either over draws or snap hooks when things are really off (before video below will show it's pretty obvious why). Dedicated to fixing inside takeaway and way too in to out swing path. Also have changed to a more neutral grip from a super strong grip. Current swing thought is keeping the right arm above the left during the takeaway, coupled with a more vertical wrist set to the top. Have hit a few good shots, but clearly will take some time. Want to make sure I'm not grooving any major faults with the changes. One thing I'm pretty encouraged by is the fact that right now contact is pretty awful, but the big hooks and snap hooks are gone. Misses are now (with swing changes) straight pushes or fades. First video is old swing, second is new. Thanks!


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