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Diamana DF 60TX and Nike VR Pro Blades Tour Issue X100s

maddsurfmaddsurf 1337 HaX0RChandler, AZMembers Posts: 161 ✭✭✭

First up is a Diamana DF 60TX with a Cobra F9 adapter, shaft has been tipped .5 inches and has been Pured at the -1.0* setting. No marks or scratchs on the shaft at all. $$275 OBO

Next up is a set of mint Nike Vr Pro Blades with Tour Issue X100 shafts. the irons are in great shape, normal play wear and the grooves have TONS of life left. $900 OBO

TM Tour Issue 2017 M2 8.5* Accra TZ5 75 Proto X
TM tour issue 2017 M2 Diamana DF 80TX
Mizuno JPX 900 Tour TT AMT X100
TM Milled Grind Raw 50* & 54* HiToe 60* KBS Tour Black 
Scotty Cameron Circle T Newport 2 SSS 350
TM Daddy Long Legs 38 inch
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