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919 Hot Metal Pros, M6 3 wood, SM7 Jet Black 48

5-P hot metal pros in great shape, 1 degree flat, modus 105 stiff shafts, bestgrips micro perf leather grips (25 per grip) $600 firm

M6 three wood, I had the tensei blue stiff put in it. Has some loose glue in the shaft but doesnt affect performance. Comes with headcover. Has bestgrips micro perf leather grip. $175 firm

Barely used Jet Black SM7 48. 1 degree flat. Great addition to the 919s for knockdown shots. $100

Revolving WITB

Driver........TM M6 w/ tensei blue
3 wood......TM M6 15
Wood.......M4 5 wood w ad di 
Irons..........5-P Hot Metal Pro 
Wedges.....48/52/56/60 SM7 Black
Putter.........Directed Force w/ Stability Shaft
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