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Mizuno JPX 919 Forged vs MP-20 line

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tannerdctannerdc Atlanta, GAMembers  142WRX Points: 70Posts: 142 Fairways
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So I've been waiting on someone to compare, but not much chatter specifically on 919F, so I'll ask. As far as forgiveness/performance, where does the 919F compare/fit in with the MP-20 line? Can I assume it's between the MMC and HMB? I like my 919F, but I could use a little help/higher launch in the 4/5, my sweet spot is in the 6/7/8 and they seem a little thick in the 9/P. Thinking about HMB 4/5/6 and MMC 7-P. I appreciate y'alls help.



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    I previously played the 900 Forged and was considering the 919s but ended up ordering a full set of HMBs today. I would assume the 919 forged is just slightly more forgiving than the HMB. If you go to the Mizuno Europe website they have an excellent chart that details all the measurements on each iron model. According to them, the 919 Forged and the HMB are very close to the same size as far as blade length, sole width, etc.

    They also have a very general iron recommendation tool based mostly on your handicap. I'm a 5 and it recommended the MMC for me or the HMB if I wanted more help. I noticed that it wouldn't recommend the 919 forged unless I entered at least a 10 handicap or higher. That would suggest that Mizuno feels its a little more forgiving than the HMB. It's possible that the HMB could launch a little higher in the longer irons though simply because of the tungsten in those heads that the 919s don't have.

    I've hit all of the JPX line but ordered the HMBs having never even seen them. Since you're familiar with the 919s, you should probably go test them against the MP 20 line on a launch monitor to see how they compare. Or just order a new set, sight unseen, like an idiot as I chose to do.

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  • eastrivereastriver VermontMembers  142WRX Points: 114Handicap: 14Posts: 142 Fairways
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    I hit the 919F and MP20 HMB 7i's side by side for a while last week. I'm not a consistent striker, so grain of salt here, but I had similar results between the two. I liked the feel of the Forged marginally better, but the looks of the MP20 HMB much better. My opinion on the relative feels could easily change if I went back today. I ordered the HMBs and now I wait.

    I did not get to compare the longer irons, so this is still a mystery.

    Eventually I'd like to try full sets of both the 919Fs and 919 HMPros for a more extended period to see which is best for me, but I decided to start with the MP20 HMBs.

    On -, @PorscheFan posted something about this over here and seems better informed than I:
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    They are both going to be similar in forgiveness, but the HMB will launch a bit higher and maybe carry a hair more. I play the 919F and like them, but also ordered the HMB's and will keep the other set as a spare or maybe sell them down the road. Lots of detail in some of the review articles out there.

    Pages from the Mizuno catalogs with some good info if it helps those looking at both.

  • thigosthigos El Paso, TXClubWRX  332WRX Points: 108Handicap: 2.3Posts: 332 ClubWRX
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    I currently play the 919 Forged and am very tempted to order a mp-20 set without a fitting. I hit all three mp20 7 irons, and would go MMC at that spot and probably all the way to wedge. Question is what to do about 4-6. Considering 4,5,6 in HMB, or maybe just HMB 4 with MMC the rest of the way down. It's hard to decide your whole set based on 7 iron. FWIW, I did like the HMB. It was higher without being longer than the HMB for me, so should blend well into the set.
    I am unsure how much the blade lengthens as you get into the long irons of the MMC...
    Very interested to hear more impressions of this new line compared to the 919F.

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  • AhotrainAhotrain Members  86WRX Points: 18Posts: 86 Fairways
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    Late to the party but tht HMB are a little softer when you pure it and carry roughly 6-9 yards further for me in the 7i. I seem to spin a hair more as well. Overall beautiful irons and if you're thinking about getting new ones would recommend it

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    I’ve compared my 919 Forged to the MP20 MMC’s multiple times, I found my 919’s to spin more, launch much higher and go a little longer, the MP20’s look much better at address to me and they feel ridiculously great, don’t sleep on the JPX though, they’re right up there with the MP20’s imo and the feel is only slightly better with the MP’s, I’m going to end up sticking with the JPX 919’s for now, the only iron I found to possibly replace them are the T100’s but more testing is needed

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  • PowerCobra98PowerCobra98 Members  508WRX Points: 136Posts: 508 Golden Tee
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    I have and played the 919 Forged. I bought a set of MP-20 HMB's and did not like them at all. I then bought a set of MP-20 MMC's and absolutely love them. I'm sticking with the MMC's and putting my 919 Forged in my backup bag. For what it's worth I have the same shaft in both sets of irons (Recoil 95's). MMC's just look and feel better to me. I find forgiveness to be the same between them. I mean a bad strike is a bad strike so I'm not sure how much I should/would expect from any iron.


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    What didn’t you like about the MP20 HMB’s? I tried. Set and was worried it was the shaft not fitting me, but also noticed the leading edge was really sharp. I had a hard time not digging with them, but did hit some good shots in my first round. Looking at the JPX 919 Forged possibly and curious how you thought the two stacked up.

  • tphilptphilp Members  186WRX Points: 42Handicap: 12Posts: 186 Fairways
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    I have 5-P in 919 Forged but recently picked up 3 and 4 in HMB I don’t noticed any difference in forgiveness or feel between the two just wanted a 3 and the 919 doesn’t have one

  • fridgeyfridgey Members  35WRX Points: 73Posts: 35 Bunkers
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    I have played the 919F then went to the MP20 HMB's, I found that to me the 7, 8, 9, PW in the 919F were more forgiving than the 7, 8, 9, PW in the MP20 HMB's.

    The rest of the irons 4-6 are about the same levels of forgiveness, between the two sets.

    The MP20 HMB's sound and feel better, also look better.

  • ^m9^m9 ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ Members  1404WRX Points: 110Posts: 1,404 Platinum Tees
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    I'm very tempted to go MP-20 MMC after extensively testing them against my 919f. Nothing wrong with my current irons, I just remember playing good golf with my old MP-18 SCs.

    I'm pretty shallow with my AoA, and the MMCs just seemed to work well with that. Hit them high with a slight draw which I prefer.

    I didn't find them difficult to hit, but keep in mind that's only with the 7 iron. Who knows what the 5 iron will be like, but I'm guessing Mizuno designed the longer clubs to be higher launching, etc.

    Really liked the Modus 105x in the MMC as well.

    Did not really like the HMBs personally. Found them about the same thickness topline/sole as my 919f, maybe slightly thicker. Would be a lateral move for me to go HMB.


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  • TreyMacTreyMac Toronto, CanadaMembers  76WRX Points: 24Handicap: 15Posts: 76 Fairways
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    Currently playing 919 forged from 5-PW, was at a winter practice session and I got to play around with a MP 20 MB 6 iron with PX LZ 6.0 shaft and was really loving the improved look and feel of those. The MMC head was drying so didn't get a chance to try that but would love to upgrade to the MP 20 line as the 919forged has helped me hone in my iron striking ability (started playing last year).

    Possible that I buy a MP 20 MB or MMC set as a second set of irons. For some weird reason the thinner top line and more compact shape make me feel more confident in my ball striking ability. Not sure what I would do for the 4 iron as the 919 HMP currently helps me out for the 210-220 range.

    Has anyone else tried the MP20 mb's coming from the 919 forged?


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    Late to the party here, but considering the MMC’s. I haven’t hit the 919 forged (for some reason the shop had me hitting the Hot Metal Pro). What’s the idea behind the 919’s? Are they supposed to feel/look different? It appears the 919 forged would be more forgiving? I know they’re rumored to release a new version of the 919 in the fall but not sure if it’s worth waiting “in case” I like it, since I loved the MMC so much...

  • scootermcgavinscootermcgavin Members  6WRX Points: 7Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    Late to the party here, but considering the MMC’s. I haven’t hit the 919 forged (for some reason the shop had me hitting the Hot Metal Pro). What’s the idea behind the 919’s? Are they supposed to feel/look different? It appears the 919 forged would be more forgiving? I know they’re rumored to release a new version of the 919 in the fall but not sure if it’s worth waiting “in case” I like them a little more...if I already love the MMC’s. Plus, the shop I’m getting them at has a 90-day replacement program so not a whole ton of risk...

  • evoviiiyouevoviiiyou evoviiiyou Members  2038WRX Points: 171Posts: 2,038 Platinum Tees
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    The 919FORGED is my goto gamer set with a set of P790 in the back up bag. I have tested extensively the HMB and have 2iron with steel Modus 130S for a few courses around here. i have noticed on several occasions that the P790 like the HMB are better with a heel mis and the 919FORGED is better with the toe mis. The 919FORGED power frame and back milling keeps those toe strikes so true to distance and trajectory it’s like cheating. Same misses with the HMB and it was a little more penal almost a club lost. In the end with my experience they are both amazing...just a matter of fitting the right head and shaft to your mis IMHO to maximize said players game.

    I am really looking forward to the new JPX launch. With most of the 919 line sold out at Mizuno and on sale at retailers, I bet they show up sooner than later. They are going to be so good I think


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