Putter headcovers

Just wondering if you use a headcover on your putter?


  • Dill PicklesonDill Pickleson Go Celts Members Posts: 3,809 ✭✭
    i always do, not just to protect the putter head, but so id doesnt hurt the driver shaft or 3 wood shaft and so on
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  • choeppnerchoeppner MACHINE Putters Sponsors, Charter Members Posts: 10,298
    I always always always use one.. It comes off only beside the green, and always back on before it goes back in the bag. I'm anal about the look of my gamers.


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  • scotchbladescotchblade Members Posts: 2,385
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    If I walk and carry, yes.

    If I ride, yes. Carts really jangle the clubs around - yet another reason why I can't stand them.

    If I walk and push my Speed Cart, which is my usual, no. It sits well protected in it's own slot, so I don't find it necessary.

    While not in use, no. I oil the carbons and store on a wall.

    In transit, yes.
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  • GolfwolfGolfwolf Members Posts: 2,635
    I use a headcover on my putter(s), being a bit of a putter ho it helps to keep them in good condition in case I get the urge to move it on to someone else.
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  • SJFPSJFP Posts: 421
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    So stuff like this doesn't happen (there are far worse examples all over golf boards). This is mostly caused by clubs chattering against the putter. Also as previously mentioned, to protect primarily graphite shafts. Depending on the finish you don't want it exposed all the time (ie. black oxide etc.)
  • mat562mat562 My ex had an irrational phobia of salad cream. Honestly. Members Posts: 10,947 ClubWRX
    Yes, but it's as much to protect the irons from ding marks as it is to protect the putter.

    I'm amongst the most hardcore critics of all the Scotty Cameron headcover/inflated pricing bonanza, but tallying them up I've managed to accumulate nine of the **** things despite only having four Cameron putters.

    I currently use a well-worn Pro Platinum cover on my gamer.
  • kitsoasiskitsoasis fried chicken Members Posts: 3,859
    they're always on my putters unless i'm putting

    besides, i like putter covers almost as must as i like the putters themselves image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':man_in_love:' />
  • GaijinGolferGaijinGolfer Makeruna Nippon Members Posts: 1,044
    Right now I dont use a putter headcover. My putter was a $30 buy from Ebay and my irons are pretty beat-up looking, so Im not all that worried about it.

    Now, if I had a set of AP1s and a Scotty Cameron; you can bet that they all would have headcovers.
  • EJ MacEJ Mac Getting Closer Members Posts: 3,019
    I always use covers.
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  • Viking Golfer Viking Golfer Viking Golfer hitting IRON! ClubWRX Posts: 4,141
    Yes, I do image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':man_in_love:' />
  • RIDEamountainRIDEamountain ClubWRX Posts: 388

  • GeoGeo Happy Geo's Day in the momentMarshals Posts: 7,105 mod
    RIDEamountain wrote on Jul 12 2008, 03:04 PM:


    Even with the stainless steel strategically placed to prevent bag chatter? image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':man_in_love:' />


    As for me, covers always get used, but I'm pretty anal with all my putters. Even the stainless Pings get wiped after each green before getting covered again.
  • jaredercojarederco Members Posts: 538
    Covers make the bag look its best!
  • Sunshine86Sunshine86 Members Posts: 28
    I always use a cover--both for protection and aesthetics.
  • johndeere10johndeere10 Lefty Boomers Posts: 1,862
    Nope not me..... image/cheesy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':man_in_love:' />
  • mkpmkp Members Posts: 494 ✭✭
    I use headcovers all the time.....I prefer plain/old covers in the bag though...I don't want to draw any extra attention to whats in the bag.
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  • sync71sync71 Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,534
    This would be the head cover on my putter,

    1.jpg 24.7K
  • funkyfedorafunkyfedora Members Posts: 2,212 ✭✭
    I have one cover. The black leather pingman cover. Just got it from one of the old guys at the club. im using it religously now..
  • bryceruddbrycerudd It's a dry heat Members Posts: 215
    I use the putter glove. I used to use the factory one that came with my XG but it kept falling off. I like these ones because they never fall off and it fits in your pocket.

  • niketripp5niketripp5 S.G.L.Korda Members Posts: 35
    I always use putter covers. I have a Scotty Cameron Newport and I like to rotate the covers depending on the season. For example, I have each a cover for each one the majors and rotate those depending on the major. I also have ones I use in the Fall, Winter, and spring. Just something fun to do.
  • scotgolfer1977scotgolfer1977 Members Posts: 72
    Always in transit, but find that i tend to lose them on the course when playing!!??

    So i tend to take the Big Dogs cover off as well as old "Billy Baroos" sheath off. And stuff them in the trunk or locker or bag depending on where I am.

    Easy access ladies and gents!

    But I'm a gentleman and always cover them up again after the deed is done!!!
  • DizzDizz J.W. Members Posts: 14,258
    Love the way Cameron covers look, only use stock ones though I dont care to spend $$$ on limited edition or Circle T covers though (maybe if I was on tour). I'm using a Spider right now and I use the cover eventhough I think it looks terrible, just dont want to ding it up or damage the insert.
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  • Only Sometimes vote so-far!

    Mostly it stays in the truck.

    My bag has a separate putter tube.
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  • ijuswanagolf ijuswanagolf Posts: 142
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    I always did until I started using the Ogio Vaporlite. It has a protected putter well and it does not come in contact with any clubs. Much easier this way and moisture is not a problem
  • ndfanndfan Members Posts: 2
    I use a Putter Tuck. Covers the putter and I always have a towel to clean the ball on the green.
  • EarthDiggerEarthDigger Members Posts: 62
    My bag has separate putter tube but I still use putter headcover. I tend to be little anal with all my clubs and I wipe them down after each shot and putt with a wet towel and again with a dry towel. image/black eye.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • provxprovx Members Posts: 821 ✭✭
    this might be a stupid question. but i need a good headcover for an old wilson 8802, where is a good place to look? only requirement is that is must stay on!
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  • yoshiod9yoshiod9 Copper? Nice... Members Posts: 1,104 ✭✭
    have you tried going to a local golfsmith and test fitting the generic putter covers they have?
  • provx wrote on Jul 20 2008, 07:17 PM:
    this might be a stupid question. but i need a good headcover for an old wilson 8802, where is a good place to look? only requirement is that is must stay on!

    AM&E makes a cover for blade style putters. It's smaller than the original version of there cover so it fits the smaller heads better. I am pretty sure you can get the new GolfWRX Flying Tiger and the other GolfWRX covers in the blade style. You can also try www.nameongolf.com if you wanted a plain cover or your initials.

  • JHRJHR Charter Members Posts: 4,347
    The only time my cover is not on my putter is when i am putting with it. It is a must to me.
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