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Why does my swing not look right?

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Hey guys,
When I take a look at my swing I can tell there is something very different happening compared to someone who has a very nice looking swing.
I stop at all the different swing positions and everything looks fine, but playing at 100% speed I can tell it doesn't look right.
Do you guys see anything that is glaringly obvious?

Compared to these guys (especially the guy who hits at 5:00 - blue shirt) their swings look better but i can't tell why.

(start at 4:14 if embedding doesn't work)



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    Here is what I see:
    1) Your take away is a bit flat. Look to get your lead arm more parallel to the target line when the arm is parallel to the ground on the takeaway. From here just lift the arms up to complete the backswing. At the top of your backswing your lead arm is on plane with the buckets, and instead should be more in plane with the ball.
    2) On your downswing, your lead arm stays pinned to your chest (it looks like the arm move just because the shoulders start rotating). Work to get your lead arm off your chest from the very beginning of the downswing. See the video and discussion in this thread:

    Another good reference for 2) is this instagram post by Monte:

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    On -, @sssupply said:

    Do you guys see anything that is glaringly obvious?


    Your hips are are set more horizontally at setup then what you'd see out of the majority of good ball strikers when they are swinging well. The body posture as a result is going to make it difficult for you to turn properly, and going to make your shaft swing on a flatter plane going back than if you tilted your hips more at setup. On the downswing your chest turns open too soon with your arms, hands, and the club getting pulled too much in front of you and towards the ball. Look at your chest and hand position when the hands reach hip high on the downswing, and compare that to what you see at the same point in slow motion video of Rory Mcilroy and Sergio Garcia.

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    Do you know the guys in the video? That looks like #5 at Creekmoor in the KC metro.


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    Hey guys, just coming back to this thread many months later and I'm still having issues of chunking, slicing, thinning, etc... How come pros never chunk the ball? Is there some secret movement they do that drastically reduces the possibility of chunking the ball? Or is it simply they've been swinging 15+ years and are just so zoned in to their swing from so many reps? I've only been honing in on my swing for 3 years now but I still chunk the ball very often (especially with my wedges)


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