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What's your drink of choice on the course on a summer day?

 Rory4Pres ·  
Rory4PresRory4Pres  1190Members Posts: 1,190
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Besides water. What alcoholic (or non-alcholic if you prefer) drink of choice while golfing on a sunny summer day?

I love Naturdays... yes, seriously. Also Stiegl Lemon Radler.



  • ThinkingPlusThinkingPlus South Texas 2015ClubWRX Posts: 2,015
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • TIM929TIM929 Los Angeles 1169Members Posts: 1,169
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    Previously coors light, now Ice coffee black.

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  • DpavsDpavs OverWRX'ed Michigan 3562ClubWRX Posts: 3,562
    Joined:  #4

    Sugar free lemonade or lemonade flavored sport drink in some variety or another.

  • JoelsimJoelsim  1352Members Posts: 1,352
    Joined:  edited Sep 20, 2019 7:08pm #5

    I never drink alcohol when playing. Usually take coffee in a flask when it’s cold, or a couple of flasks of home-made from frozen berries smoothie when it’s hot. Ice cold for the whole round.

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  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm  2134Members Posts: 2,134
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    I get a bag of 'squencher zero' from amazon its an electrolyte drink mix thing and tastes great


  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area. 25138ClubWRX Posts: 25,138
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    I freeze a Power Ade Zero the night before and it stays nice and cold throughout the round. Also have a big coffee on the way to the course, and 40 ounces of water at the ready.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • North ButteNorth Butte  11741Members Posts: 11,741
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    Not really anything. I prefer drinking water to just about any reasonable alternative. By "reasonable alternative" I mean something without sugar or alcohol in it. Don't need the sugar for my teeth or my weight, don't need the alcohol because of the passing out in the heat thing.

    If I just can't stand another swallow of water I'll stop by the clubhouse at the turn and get a big tumbler or unsweetened tea.

    “1lb beefstak, with
    1pt bitter beer
    every 6 hours.
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  • lookylookitzadamlookylookitzadam SoCal 583Members Posts: 583
    Joined:  #9

    If I am drinking and it’s a slow round: Mai tai in the afternoon and Bloody Mary in the morning.

  • drewsaber16drewsaber16  42Members Posts: 42
    Joined:  #10

    White Claws on deck always....Also, got the flask of whiskey in the bag just in case i need to get over a few bad holes

  • Rory4PresRory4Pres  1190Members Posts: 1,190
    Joined:  #11

    On -, @drewsaber16 said:

    White Claws on deck always....Also, got the flask of whiskey in the bag just in case i need to get over a few bad holes

    I tried a couple hard seltzers....wasn't for me. Whiskey is always a good option. Back when Fireball (fake whiskey) first came out, I couldn't play a round at my buddy's course without somebody busting out a bottle of it. Got sick of it over time but man they were some fun rounds!

  • macedanmacedan  391Members Posts: 391
    Joined:  #12

    99% of the time I stay with water. As a walker dehydration comes easier and alcohol just compounds that. However, if I am riding and playing in a charity scramble with family it is Summer Shandy's or Mexican Logger's from Ska Brewing (Think a summer shandy but tarter and lime instead of lemon).

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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • smashdnsmashdn Let's cut them trees down.  1757Members Posts: 1,757
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    On -, @Rory4Pres said:

    I love Naturdays.

    They go down stupid smooth don't they?

    Any kind of hard cider that is ice cold goes down a little too easy as well. Cart ran through Old Man Gibson's backyard geraniums easy.

  • j.b.newtonj.b.newton  674Members Posts: 674
    Joined:  #14

    Along the same lines, have you tried Bud Light Orange - im a little ashamed to say that they are pretty dang tasty!

  • SammyShafSammyShaf  347Members Posts: 347
    Joined:  #15

    Beer. Bourbon and diet coke at one course where they serve doubles in yeti sized cups. If I am walking, a red gatorade that gets diluted with water after every hole with a water cooler.

    If anything can go right, it might!
  • jaredt22jaredt22  119Members Posts: 119
    Joined:  #16

    Water, always, especially if walking, which is my usual. Leinenkugel Summer Shandy is my go-to, if I'm riding, it's super-hot out, and I'm just having a relaxing round. They're like a refreshing lemonade.

  • From_Parts_UnknownFrom_Parts_Unknown  1921Members Posts: 1,921
    Joined:  #17

    Brown water

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • bigred90gtbigred90gt  4716Lefty Boomers Posts: 4,716
    Joined:  #18

    I typically have a bottle of pinnacle whipped vodka in my bag (my home course is BYOB). I buy a couple of orange gatorades on the way to the course and drink creamsickles at the course. Never feel dehydrated like I do with beer.

    If I’m playing another course, I’ll usually have a few beers. Whatever good beer they have.

    I’m not a fan of cheap beer, at all, but I had a few of those Naturdays and they were quite good!

  • ShakesterShakester  561Members Posts: 561
    Joined:  edited Sep 20, 2019 11:05pm #19

    Dragonfruit Vitamin Water or any Gatorade. On those super hot days, I put them in the freezer the day before.

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  • IsaundersIsaunders Carstairs, AB 75Members Posts: 75
    Joined:  #20

    Vodka soda with lemonade

  • Mikey5eMikey5e mich 1094Members Posts: 1,094
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    Not in any specific order :
    Arnold P light

  • CHines14CHines14  62Members Posts: 62
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • dubbelbogeydubbelbogey  477Members Posts: 477
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    After water (by a long shot), maybe an iced tea and if it's pre-sweetened, I'll dilute it 50/50 with water. Though I do like the iced black coffee idea mentioned above, too. Might have to give that a try!

    I prefer to get my beer buzz after the round is over.

  • BaitkillerBaitkiller  1753Members Posts: 1,753
    Joined:  #24

    Bud heavy.

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  • Johnny_FairwayJohnny_Fairway South Jersey (Philly Burbs) 580Members Posts: 580
    Joined:  #25

    Powerade zero before, water during, and perhaps some cold beer afterwards.

    Had this been a drink of choice in winter question, coffee and bourbon would also be in the mix.

  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 Iowa 19030ClubWRX Posts: 19,030
    Joined:  #26

    Iced tea out of my container.

  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99  4467Members Posts: 4,467
    Joined:  #27

    At home it's just water with a Rolling Rock or equivalent after the round.
    In Vegas, it's water and water plus sqwincher packet. Followed by a Coors Light or equivalent after the round.

    But only two beers. More than that and I'll get more dehydrated.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • golfandfishinggolfandfishing  3714Members Posts: 3,714
    Joined:  #28

    Whiskey. I need to be reminded that I’m drinking - beer is too smooth and vodka is basically ghost alcohol. Can put down a liter before realizing I’ve drank anything, then it’s lights out. Whiskey has enough bite to keep me aware that I’m drinking. Mix with a splash of coke if I’m feeling drowsy.

  • titleistektitleistek  76Members Posts: 76
    Joined:  #29

    Gatorade on hot days. A German lager afterwards

  • HankshankHankshank  1850Members Posts: 1,850
    Joined:  edited Sep 21, 2019 9:59am #30

    Agua minerale sin gas. Almost all the time. For some tournaments I will have a small flask of whisky for birdie whisky celebration. Laphroaig. But there isnt all that many birdies made so not much drunken.

    At my home course while living in Stockholm many years ago, the course returned to the club house after 3 holes. Me and a mate had the tradition to sometimes have a pint of beer after 18 holes, and if the swing was ldecent we went out for 3 extra holes. Used to play wonderful those bonus holes.

    Is the ”tradition” of whisky golf tournaments something that is an international thing? Never took part in any such event. Not my cup of tea. Or rather not my glass of whisky.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • 7ironDave7ironDave  31Members Posts: 31
    Joined:  #31

    Ice coffee on the way and for the first few holes. Then a water. At the turn a nice 16 oz IPA, like Tree House or something similar. Depending on the round weather a few Corona Lights May come out after that.


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