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Fariway de-thatching/aeroation

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My home course seems to aerate and sand from 50 yards and in every other year. Ive never seen them aerate, sand, or de-thatch the rest of the course. Does anybody's course do this? Talking to a few old timers at my course, they've never seen it done. Im sure it is a very costly endeavor. I do wish that they would at least lay some sand on certain parts of the course.



  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan  788Members Posts: 788
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    At our course, to fully core-aerate a par 5 fairway, including cleanup of the cores, takes 4-6 people a full working day, so 32-48 man hours there, and probably about 30 per average hole. This does not include the additional time required for the greens or approaches, just the fairway itself, and in that regard it is a very labor-intensive, and ultimately rather slow and boring job. Solid-tining less involved, but still boring. Then the cost of sand is not insignificant, and the amount of sand required to put a meaningful amount of it down adds up quickly. (A yard or two or more per hole.)

    Our course still tries to aerate the whole course twice a year.

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    The work is probably very specific to your course and not an apples to apples comp to other courses. I would guess that the crew is trying to change the soil composition around the greens to make for happier grass that accepts water the same as the greens

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    Our course aerates and sands all fairways 2x per year (June and August, typically). Tees and greens get done an additional 2x (April and October).

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    My course does it twice a year as well, April and September. They did the greens two weeks ago, and the fairways and tee boxes last week. The one upside to it was that very few people wanted to play the aerated greens, basically had the course to ourselves every night :)


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