Ping putters - Sept 2019

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    That b60 is filthy naughty!!

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    So many clean, good looking putters that need to come to retail.

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    I will take one Tyne please.....

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    One turned up toe, raw finish with grooves please!


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    Love Ping putters, but that cut out - insert? I don’t think so - looks like the edges could shoot the ball off on an angle. Optical illusion?

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    Love seeing the PLD putters, just wish they would offer these through WRX program.

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    On -, @son_of_keto said:

    Love Ping putters, but that cut out - insert? I don’t think so - looks like the edges could shoot the ball off on an angle. Optical illusion?

    Do you think Ping would put a putter out on Tour that would “shoot the ball off on an angle”??? C’mon.

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    PLD is ready for prime time. Ping is the original putter designer.

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    That finish is unreal

  • tleadertleader Members  669WRX Points: 171Posts: 669 Golden Tee
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    Wow!! Do I spy a D66?

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    I look forward to a day where you can buy a Ping PLD without having an "in".

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    Real good....

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    Is this finish designed to rust over time? Also is it high maintenance?

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    send me this. Thanks.

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    Quite stunning in their simplicity.

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    Take a bow Ping, they look awesome.
    When and where can we buy one?

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    I see Hovland has inspired Ping to finally (also) make the fastback version, nice, can't wait to test if it comes to retail.

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    Dang that finish is filthy. Sort of a subtle throwback to the original Ansers and the patina they would have over time but updated to be slightly more of a modern take on it. Reminds me of fresh motor oil which isn't a bad thing.

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    I started looking through these like "please don't have a long neck blade"...because I'd have to buy it. Thank goodness, I can resist all these.


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    everytime i see pictures of the Ping PLD putters i get more and more angry because i know i will never be anle to own one


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    PING I love you but I can't help noticing that lots of the Tour Staff are playing these PLD putters that are either smooth-faced or just have the plain horizontal grooves.

    This look really takes me back to the 90s, I would buy one of these in a second.

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    Can someone fill me in on PLD? Different than WRX?

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    Finish looks great. Very similar tint to my BeCu Pal 4

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    Keep that FB type model AS IS....they can take all my money

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    You've got to be kidding me! These are gorgeous.
    Wonder if the grooves are TR, or regular grooves with the same depth all the way across the face?


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    Why does Ping insist on an Anser and not Anser F model. They would sell a ton more if the Anser wasn't so block shaped.


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