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Straight left wrist

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Working on some things with my swing to get more consistency on ball striking. I have always come way over the top and I'm focusing a lot on fixing my swing plane. One thing I am having an awful lot of trouble with is keeping my left wrist straight at the top of my backswing (I'm a righty). As I'm trying to get some recoil I find myself cupping my wrist every time and when I do keep the wrist straight, I feel like I actually lose some control over my swing. I do a decent job at keep my left elbow straight and locked but for some reason that wrist still wants to bend. I'm not very flexible and I'm wondering if I just lack the range of motion needed for one of these nice swings you see all over youtube. How important is this really? Any advice?


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    Practice pitches with intent of max right wrist hinge.


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