Broke 90 today!

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My goal this year was to break 90 on my home course. It’s a pretty tough course but it’s always in good shape, rating/slope 72.5/141 from the blues. Shot an 87 today, 43 on the front and 44 on the back. Super stoked to crack 90 this year....I honestly didn’t think it would come as I seemed to be stuck between 95-93 for most of the year. Today was awesome!



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    Congrats, feelsgoodman!

    For real though sounds like you're on the way to keep progressing, and maybe more quickly with momentum now, with that mentality and approach. Keep it up!

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    Nice! Feels good man. Breaking 80 is right around the corner. Keep grinding.

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    Well done!!! Next up... breaking 80.

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    Congrats!!! Recently did it myself and its a great feeling! I accomplished it on my home course as well, which is also nice.

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    That's cool. Congrats.

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    Congrats man! Great accomplishment

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    that's awesome. tremendous achievement; very few who pick up a golf club will legitimately shoot 80s on any course, nevermind a challenging one. keep in mind, this board isn't remotely representative of the golfing world at large.

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    Way to go!

  • NJpatbeeNJpatbee Ocean County, NJMembers  1592WRX Points: 183Handicap: 15.9Posts: 1,592 Platinum Tees
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    That is a great accomplishment! Keep at it!

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    Congrats! What's your new goal?

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    That's great man. Like someone said above it's not something most golfers do.

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    Congrats man! Great accomplishment, keep setting goals!

  • wilsonn24wilsonn24 Members  20WRX Points: 18Posts: 20 Bunkers
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    Congrats man! I know this is late but i remember when i broke 90 the first time, it was an awesome feeling.


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    Excellent. Well done on the achievement.

    My recommendation for your next goal - make it consistently breaking 85. This made it extremely achievable & realistic for me, and something you can achieve in the short term.

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  • cbrew1010cbrew1010 BostonMembers, Paid BST  81WRX Points: 31Posts: 81 Fairways
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    Awesome job! Keep at it!

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    Congrats! The most fun I've ever had playing golf was back in the day when I was breaking 90 for the first time, and then 80 for the first time. Keep working at it!

    One cool piece of advice I heard one time was that people focus too hard on the "89" when they want to hit that milestone (or the "79" for breaking 80. Try going out and shooting 75 instead of 79.

    Told that to a buddy of mine who was cursed with shooting 80-81. He shot 76 that day! Could be coincidence. I'm not sure.

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    You did this from the blues, dang! I find when I am not thinking about the score is when it comes together.


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  • Conrad1953Conrad1953 Members  15471WRX Points: 3,608Posts: 15,471 Titanium Tees
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    Hey Spooky, nice to read the good news! Stop by the Grille sometime and say hi.............

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    Well done Spooky! I still remember my first time getting something lower than 90 on my card. Keep it going and don't visit above the 90th floor anytime soon


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    Good show mate. Next up I suggest goaling a sub 40 9 hole not the whole enchilada. Rounds often are ebbs and flows, a good 9 followed by a bad, or a bad front and you rock a 39 on the back and voila you shot 82 and go home with a good feeling as it didn't suck that bad. OK, maybe that's just how I play most of the time: the tale of 2 nines :)

  • scomac2002scomac2002 Inside the Starters' Hut Members  6139WRX Points: 4,090Posts: 6,139 Titanium Tees
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    I'll second that! Glad to see you around these parts again!

    Your problem is LOFT -- Lack of friggin' talent!

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    Congratulations man. I hope you start breaking 90 so often you your mind starts to focus on breaking 80.

  • Rizzoaus1Rizzoaus1 Members  4WRX Points: 12Posts: 4 Starters
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    Broke 90 for just the second time today. It’s been a few years between doing it. Broke 90 when I first started playing and had 52 points that day. Felt that it was luck and I’d never do it again.

    was given the chance again today and was ice cold on the 18th, finishing with a par to break 90. Felt so good to do it again as I’ve always felt my game was always good enough to do it consistently.

  • mtngerry59mtngerry59 Members  75WRX Points: 32Handicap: 4Posts: 75 Fairways
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    I remember the day I broke 80, I was 14 ,playing with my dad, felt so good I played another 18 and did it again!!!

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  • golftherapy02golftherapy02 Members  96WRX Points: 17Handicap: 18Posts: 96 Fairways
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    That’s awesome keep it going! Just wait for your first Ace

  • ChopCityzZChopCityzZ Members, Paid BST  29WRX Points: 13Posts: 29 Bunkers
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    Thats awesome man, congrats! I'm still trying to break 100!


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