Fell in love with walking



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    So does anyone have any experience with adding a Sunday bag holder onto a stroller? Yeah... we just found out!!!

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    I always prefer to walk unless I am playing in a scramble tournament. It is much easier to focus on my game when I walk. Also unless everyone hits it straight I feel like groups of 3 or more are actually slower than walking.

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    I am happy to say my son (turns 10 next week) essentially hates to take a golf cart. We spend 90% of our rounds walking and it is the way the game should be played. The difference in time is negligible and as someone said unless everyone is hitting the same area foursomes are actually slower when they use carts.

    Just a father and son on a journey together through golf....
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    Another preferred walker here... I like getting my steps in and walking allows me to slow down and breathe. The courses I play are flat enough to hoof around with no issues. I usually walk with a push cart but I picked up a Mizzy Sunday bag recently and I walked/carried during my last 18 hole round and I didn’t have any fatigue. That same round I played with an 86 year young gentleman who walked and carried his clubs in a Jones carry bag. I really enjoy taking in the experience at my own leisure and walking allows that.

    Pixelated pic of a “healthy” Wiley that picked up the scent of a Corgi that accompanied his golf-practicing owner to the range earlier this evening (01/08/2020) during my range/practice green session. The Corgi and his golf companion left about 10 minutes before I snapped this pic.

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    I love golf
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    I love walking since the first time I played golf. Something about riding and playing that I do not like. I feel like my timing or tempo gets screwed when I ride. Lately, I have been aiming for 10,000 steps per day to stay active in the winter.

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    Posted earlier in this thread, but always enjoy coming back and reading it.  One of my golf goals again this year is to walk more than ride.  I do use a Clicgear, but sometimes wish I would have stayed with my carry bag.  I agree with one poster that said there is just something about the look of carrying your bag.

    I play the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail course quite a bit, and while many are definitely walkable, the distance between greens and tees make it almost like 22-23 holes versus 18.  Most of my walking rounds I admit are those nine holers are the RTJ par-3 courses.

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    I'm with you OP, really starting to like walking. Got a push cart, despite my previous ego hold ups, and really like slowing down and getting to think about the upcoming shot and taking in the golf course. Just have to figure out how to get more beer in my setup. Now this summer with its 100 degrees here I may not be walking much.

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    Love this. Congrats! Nothing like being a dad. My little man seems to love rolling around with me on the course.

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    There is nothing I love better than walking early weekend round, phone ringer off, no sounds but nature and cussing of your of your golf buds, and an ice cold beer or a G & T at the 19th hole as we settle bets ...

    I'm firmly in the push cart camp, however. Just hit 50, and I need to take as much stress off my neck and shoulders as possible.

    One of the greatest things about golf is the opportunity to get away from technology for a few hours. It's really amazing how recharged I am when I'm able to play regularly. Thankfully, my wife has realized this and fully supports my golf addiction.

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    Lithium batteries and electric motors aren't 'technology'. Save your aging body even more stress and go electric :)

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    There s a reason it’s called a good walk spoiled ! Not a good golf cart ride spoiled !!!!

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    Walking changes the game. I have shot my best rounds walking probably because there are less distractions and focus on me and not have many empties we have in the cart.

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    Walkable courses in/near Pittsburgh... Blackhawk, North Park, South Park, Shadow Lakes, Stonecrest, Bob O'conner (Schenley Park).

    I agree, Pittsburgh has some tracks that are just about impassable on foot, but those listed above are literally a walk in the park.

    Where do you normally play?


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    I usually play at the Madison Club. I really like the place, but I'm not walking that course.

    Of the ones you've listed, I've only played the Schenley Park course, but I'll definitely give the others a look. Especially Shadow Lakes, which isn't too far from where I live. Thanks!

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    Cart drivers stress me out with all their flying around the course like a highway. I wish more people would get off their butts and walk. I understand seniors and disabled people using a cart. Walking 9-18 holes is a good workout

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    I started walking again this fall/winter. Lightened my bag by going with graphite shafts in the irons and going with only 11 clubs. Really enjoy the peace and quiet when I walk and the opportunity to slow life down. When summer gets here will have to see if my 63 year old body can handle the heat and humidity.

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    You may want to purchase a push cart, especially on those hot, humid days.


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    Played 36 holes on Saturday. 18 in a cart in the morning and 18 walking after lunch. I played the walking round almost 10 shots better. I'm convinced that walking makes me concentrate on the next shot coming up so much better.

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    Im now 64 as I used to walk up till I turned 61. I may walk again as long as the course isn't so crowded as I do seem to do my best when walking. The last time I remember walking it was in the 90's and only one other group was on the corse and they had a cart. I fond a shade tree sit down to take a small break and when I woke up my my nap I saw a bunch of buzzards flying over me. I got up quickly and finished up.

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    Walking is the way the game is meant to be played and enjoyed. Good on the OP and all the posters who took up walking :).

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    Most places treat you like a second class citizen if you want to walk. Like you are some kind of cheapskate just looking to avoid the cart fee.

    I attempted to play at a course on the outer banks while on vacation. It had rained hard but they were going to open the course at around 1:00 in the afternoon, cart path only. I asked about walking (I always walk when it is cart path only) and was told no walking, ever.

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    53 yrs old and walk every round I play. Most days I carry, although I do own a BagBoy push cart and will use if if the temps near 100*. I don't know if I am fast or slow, but I can tell you I wait on groups every single day. If noone is in front of me, I can get around in about 2hrs 45 min. I've walked since I began playing the game at age 9, so I don't know any other way. I am a walking snob and proud of it.

    Funny story, I've got a very old Ashworth tshirt that on the back has the 'walking man' logo and underneath it says "Its all about the walking". I had a lady ask me what that meant. I tried to explain it, but in truth, if you have to ask, you will never understand.

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    It's so much nicer and easy to enjoy the round for me when I walk. Also, I feel more immersed in the golf itself, and the course for that matter. Nothing beats walking when the weather/terrain permits. 67F, sunny, low humidity, a gentle breeze, and I'm in heaven.


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    Love a good walk - there's no better way to enjoy the game. I've come across several courses in my area that charge the same price for walking vs riding. Which is ridiculous.

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    Absolutely the best way to play the game.

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    My biggest golf accomplishment for 2019 was walking 36 holes. At 64 I take a push cart...carrying would be a bit too much.


    Treat yourself as if you were someone you are responsible for helping. Jordan Peterson

    Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest thing of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be. Cervantes

    In golf, the human mind has much higher capabilities to screw things up than the physics has to make things better. Unknown


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    I recently fall in love with playing single and walking.

    With the rangefinder, easy to measure the distance hit and walk.


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    I don’t think I would golf if I had to ride in cart all the time.


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