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Well winter is finally here in the northeast and looks like the golf season is pretty much over. Two scotty's up for sale today that just sit in my living room collecting dust, would rather see them go to someone who appreciates them more. I'm still searching for a dedicated backup to my daily gamer, so only trade would be for a newport 3.


In pretty good condition for its age, sole shows wear but face/top/back look good . Really really wish i could have gamed this one and got the back of it customized with some dancing characters. One of the sleekest looking putters scotty has done imo. 35 inches comes with original headcover minus divot tool.

Thanks for looking!

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    That studio will forever have a place in my heart you might hear from me...


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    Tough to find those Golo 3's in that condition. GLWS.

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    On -, @GolfManCollin I've seen soooo many awesome custom shop ones, just wish it fit with my stroke :(
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    Wow, the GoLo looks very good!

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    Love the look of the studio! Who did the paint fill?

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    On -, @El_Nino_AZ Bought from a fellow wrxer who said it was done at the scotty custom shop years ago. Believe that is how it got the yellow band on it but cant confirm 100%
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