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Butter irons?

 Norboo ·  
NorbooNorboo  2295WRX Points: 143Members Posts: 2,295
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What are some of the best feeling irons?

Driver: Ping G400 Max 10.5 Stock Alta (need shaft fitting)
Fairway Wood: Ryoma F3 and F5
Hybrid: Ping G400 3 & 5
Irons: OnOff Kuro 2015 6 - PW
Wedge: Cleveland CBX2 50, RTX4 54 and 58
Putter: S.C. GoLo 3
Ball: TaylorMade TP5X
Club hoe, builder, fitter and tester as hobbyist since 1993


  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and Southwest 16158WRX Points: 604Members Posts: 16,158
    Joined:  edited Nov 20, 2019 7:48pm #2

    My new Titleist 620 CB&MB's are not only beautiful looking but smooth as butter. The problem is they look so good I don't want to get them dirty.

    Titleist TS2 9.5, Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 "S"
    Titleist TS2 16.5* D.Blueboard 83 x5ct,"S"
    Titleist T-MB 17* 2 iron, Steelfiber i95cw "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber i110cw "S"
    SM6 F-52*, Steelfiber i110cw "R"
    SM6 M-58*, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • DFS PFDDFS PFD  1266WRX Points: 458Members Posts: 1,266
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    Mizuno is pretty much the standard for buttery soft. Miura more of a powerful solid feeling.

    G410 LST  HZRDUS Smoke Hulk 6.5TX 60g 
    Epic Flash SZ 15* Tensei PW 80TX
    2-PW Ping Blueprint DG X7
    55* MG Raw Tour issue S400
    60* Hi-Toe Tour Issue S400
    TOULON Garage San Diego

  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm  2165WRX Points: 660Members Posts: 2,165
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  • chickwebbchickwebb  76WRX Points: 51Members Posts: 76
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    PXG 0311s are room-temp-buttery when pured.

  • Hougz79Hougz79  351WRX Points: 90Members Posts: 351
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    Mizuno is hard to beat. Much softer than any Titleist I’ve ever gamed. As far as cast, it’s almost impossible to beat i210. They’re softer than my old 718AP2.

    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9*, Tensei AV 65X
    Callaway Epic Flash 3w, Tensei AV 75X
    Callaway Apex 19 20*, GD AD-IZ 95 S
    Ping i210 4-U, DG 120 S300
    Ping Glide 3.0, 54/12 SS, 58/10 SS
    Taylor Made Spider X
  • Kale_mKale_m  2153WRX Points: 357Members Posts: 2,153
    Joined:  #7

    Raw Callaway apex mb, so good

    Ping g410 LST 9* weight in toe, PW70tx 
    Ping g410 2hy at 16*
    Ping g410 3hy at 20.5 
    Callaway Apex MB Raw TIX100
    Callaway md4 52/56
    Tm hi toe 60
    Tm spider x 34” navy with true path alignment
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • ZigzogZigzog  260WRX Points: 75Members Posts: 260
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    Mizuno are decent, my Callaway MBs are very pure and probably softer than the Mizuno's I have played.

    My Srixon 745s are the softest feeling I have played, not even close - the ball just melts into the face

    Titleist are not in the same league IMO.


    Ping G400 Max - Accra M4 250 FX
    Callaway Epic Sub Zero 3 Wood - Tour AD 7S
    Ping S55 - 3- W : KBS Tour 120 S
    Cleveland 588 - 49,53,57
    Edel E1

  • GoldhawkGoldhawk  61WRX Points: 27Members Posts: 61
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    Part 1: Callaway Chromesoft ball

    Part 2: Nippon Modus shaft

    Part 3: almost any iron head as long as you hit it in the middle - but I like Z785

  • ani5009ani5009 High Bridge, NJ 350WRX Points: 73Members Posts: 350
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    I've played a bunch of different Mizuno's in the past, those are incredibly soft pretty much up and down the lineup. I have to say though my z785s are shockingly soft, quite possibly significantly better than any of the Mizuno's I've had

    TM M4 9.5*
    Titleist 917F2 15*
    Mizuno CLK 3 Hybrid 19*
    Srixon z785 4-P 
    Cleveland RTX 3 50* Gap Wedge
    Cleveland RTX4 54/58
    Bettinardi BB-1 (2011)/Odyssey Jailbird Mini
  • strength115strength115 Montgomery 81WRX Points: 56Members Posts: 81
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • BubbtubbsBubbtubbs  553WRX Points: 138Members Posts: 553
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    Sounds like you need a second set for display purposes.

  • balls_deepballs_deep Wanna earn 14 bucks the hard way? 1793WRX Points: 1,021Members Posts: 1,793
    Joined:  #14

    This. I’d add in Apex MB as well. 785 are the very satisfying and soft. MP 20, 5, 4 and then a ton of older models are the softest irons you’ll ever hit. Overall feel as to go to Srixon though. The 1020 Endo forged carbon steel plus v sole is just unfair.

    Titleist TS3 8.5° Project X Evenflow White 6.5x 62g
    Titleist 917F2 15.75°  Project X HZRDUS Handcrafted Black 6.0 75g
    Titleist 818 H1 19° Project X HZRDUS Handcrafted Black 6.0 85g
    Titleist 718 T-MB 4i Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
    Mizuno MP-20 MB 5i-PW Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
    Vokey SM7 50F 56M 60M Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
    Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M 35"/Bettinardi Kuchar 1 Armlock
    Pro V1x/TP5x/Tour BXS/MTB-X
    Currently - 5.1

  • SubaruWRXSubaruWRX  3594WRX Points: 410Members Posts: 3,594
    Joined:  #15

    Low compression golf balls with a good quality cover is the best feeling iron when struck in the sweet spot.

    “I think getting advice from guys who are sitting at the computer in their underwear while taking a break from **** is a very solid way to choose clubs.” - bluedot
  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16  8374WRX Points: 950Members Posts: 8,374
    Joined:  #16

    I've found that for me... of the latest offerings, MP20's Apex Pro 19 and P760 have been the "softest" feel. However, I feel the reason the 760s and ap19's are "soft" is more down to sound, because they don't offer the feedback that the MP20's do, or other bladed type irons that I've hit in the past.

    For all time soft... MP-54 is right up there for me.

    D - Epic SZ | HZRDUS Smoke Black
    4w - '16 Tour Issue M1 | Diamana B Series
    3h - '17 Tour Issue M1 | Accra TZ6
    Irons - MP-20 SEL 4-PW | Modus 120
    GW - T20 50/7 | Modus 120
    SW - T20 54/8 | Modus 120
    LW - T20 58/12 | Modus 120
    P - Bettinardi 360-M
    Ball - Bridgestone BXS

  • LHGolf4LHGolf4  523WRX Points: 172Lefty Boomers Posts: 523
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    I went to Club Champion last weekend and back to back I hit the P790, PXG 0311 Gen2, and new Cobra Forged Tec. I was shocked at how good the Cobra's felt. I would pick them based on feel alone over the other two. I am definitely considering getting a set (bases on performance and feel).

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and Southwest 16158WRX Points: 604Members Posts: 16,158
    Joined:  edited Nov 21, 2019 6:59pm #18

    I have some mid "80's" original Snake Eye 1018 Carbon steel wedges by Ernie Vadersen, you talk about buttery soft. I love those wedges and nothing today is comparable. At the time I bought four sets of 4 wedges cause I knew they would wear fast and did. They lasted till 2011.

    There is no problem with 1018 and 1020 or 1025. Lucky for Pros' they get free replacement clubs when desired. Average amature Joe, on the other hand, faces wear issues and maybe buys another set of clubs sooner than expected. Of course, decent ball striking skill is the influential factor as to how long they last.

    Anyhow, Butter is all about carbon content, hardness and using the sweet spot. I have come or prefer 1020 or 1025 club heads like in my 620 MB & CB's. It's a tad harder with more carbon but still provides good feedback to my hands. One man's love of cooking with butter is another man's Crisco. It's 🥃 time. 😎

    Post edited by Pepperturbo on
    Titleist TS2 9.5, Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 "S"
    Titleist TS2 16.5* D.Blueboard 83 x5ct,"S"
    Titleist T-MB 17* 2 iron, Steelfiber i95cw "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber i110cw "S"
    SM6 F-52*, Steelfiber i110cw "R"
    SM6 M-58*, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey

  • cookszncookszn  94WRX Points: 45Members Posts: 94
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    Mizuno's and Miuras

    Taylormade M4 10.5°
    Titleist 917 F2 3 wood
    Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW 
    Titleist 50°, 56° & Taylormade Hi-Toe 64°
    Scotty Cameron Newport T22

  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and Southwest 16158WRX Points: 604Members Posts: 16,158
    Joined:  #20

    Cost aside, not one to buy for display. I use everything including pretty tools. 😁

    Titleist TS2 9.5, Fujikura Fuel Tour Spec 60 "S"
    Titleist TS2 16.5* D.Blueboard 83 x5ct,"S"
    Titleist T-MB 17* 2 iron, Steelfiber i95cw "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber i110cw "S"
    SM6 F-52*, Steelfiber i110cw "R"
    SM6 M-58*, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey

  • BubbtubbsBubbtubbs  553WRX Points: 138Members Posts: 553
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    I'm just trying to give you an excuse to get another one. You're making it harder than it has to be!

  • jerryojerryo  1174WRX Points: 75Members Posts: 1,174
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    Taylormade P770, seriously!

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • jc88jc88  64WRX Points: 26Members Posts: 64
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    Mizunos for me. But those Titleist 620s are pretty nice

  • 86020818602081  2008WRX Points: 203Members Posts: 2,008
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    Maxfli Revolution red/black dot.. Softer than any forged irons I've hit..

  • Aviador NavalAviador Naval equus mortuus non caedis  1176WRX Points: 181Members Posts: 1,176
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    The answer is completely personal and compounded by type of ball you play and shaft.

    Best feeling iron I’ve ever played was Ping i3+ Blade with original Rifle shaft (with premium balls). Recently demoed some i210s with multiple shafts given the rave reviews and they were terrible (with range balls). Suspected it was a defective demo head so hit a ‘real’ club. No better (can’t remember shaft).

    Mizuno MP20 feels fantastic with any shaft or ball out to a reasonable miss. Mizuno MP60 felt great dead center but was complete a$$ with any shaft or ball and even the slightest miss.

    Titleist feel great with heavy or tip soft shafts. They don’t feel great with light shafts and feel awful with light tip stiff shafts.

    I lived in Japan for a while and bought a Vokey forged wedge. Didn’t feel as good as his cast wedges. BTW, his forged wedges aren’t actually very popular there...

    Bought a Byron Morgan putter once. Exquisite craftsmanship. Worst feeling putter ever - even with Pro V1 or Z-Star.

    BL - there are no absolutes.

    917 D2 9.5
    Original Ti Launcher 3w-15
    TS3 fw @ 18
    818 H1 hyb @ 21 and 25
    6 MP20 HMB
    7-P MP20 MB
    50-12, 54F, 58D
    Old Mn-Bn Anser
  • lawsonmanlawsonman Freeport, Illinois 5830WRX Points: 1,097Members Posts: 5,830
    Joined:  #26

    Wilson Staff blades

    KZG Blades

    Ping G400 driver
    Ping Anser 17,20,23 Hybrids 
    Wilson Staff MB's 6-PW
    Ping,54,58ES Wedge
    Scotty Cameron Newport 3

    Snell MTB X
  • OldplayerOldplayer  2372WRX Points: 118Members Posts: 2,372
    Joined:  #27

    Anything forged by Endo and Kyogi forging houses. Mizuno (forged at Chou) are soft also but not better than the first two. 1020 carbon steel is the way to get soft forgings but it is borderline too soft to not deform (going out of spec) too easily. Many soft forgings use 1025.

    My Maxfli A10 tour cast with nickel are some of the softest irons I have ever hit.

    I still have an old set of Dynacast ping eye 2 knockoffs, (they were copied by virtually every company back ion the day) which are cast from 302 stainless and they are soft as butter as well.

    It's the type of metal used not the forging that matters.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • pat_katopat_kato  113WRX Points: 84ClubWRX Posts: 113
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    "Nothing feels like a Mizuno"

    Driver: TaylorMade M6 10.5º ATMOS Black 7 Stiff Flex
    Fairway: TaylorMade M6 3 Wood ATMOS Black 7 Stiff Flex
    Hybrid: TaylorMade M6 3H ATMOS 7 Orange Stiff Flex
    Irons: Mizuno MP-20 MMC 4-P True Temper Dynalite 105 Stiff Flex
    Wedges: Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 52º, 56º, 60º Stock Shaft
    Putter: TaylorMade Spider X
    Ball: TaylorMade TP5
  • wam78wam78  478WRX Points: 123Members Posts: 478
    Joined:  #29

    Hard to beat Mizuno, Srixon and Bridgestone without needing to go JDM. I played Mizuno for a long time and have recently converted to bridgestone tour b. The bridgestones feel incredibly soft. The sole designs of both Srixon and Bridgestone set them apart in my opinion.

    Cobra F8+ 9* Fujikura Motore Speeder vc 6.2
    Cobra F8 15* Fujikura Motore Speeder vc 7.2
    816 Alpha 18* Fubuki z75 x5ct 
    Mizuno MP H5 2i Fujikara Pro 2.0 85 Hybrid
    Bridgestone Tour B X-CB 4-pw Modus 120s
    NCW Proto 50*, Scratch raw 54*, Scratch raw 58* Modus 125 Wedge
    Toulon Las Vegas
  • herbert7890herbert7890 San Antonio 195WRX Points: 143Members Posts: 195
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    Mizuno. End of topic.


    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9* (set at 8 Degrees)
    Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 15* (set at 14 degrees)
    Mizuno MP-20 SELs Irons 3-PW with PX LZ 6.0
    Callaway MD5 50 Degree Wedge
    Cleveland RTX4 56 and 60 Wedges
    Scotty Cameron Select 2016 Newport 2

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • StonewalledStonewalled  1596WRX Points: 149Members Posts: 1,596
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    Few of my favourites are Callaway Legacy Black's Stenson model, Epon 302's, Adams MB2's, 2011 On/Off forged, Mizuno MP5's and MP 60's. The Stenson's are at the top of my list though. New to me 2019 Apex Pro Dot's are climbing the list.

    Easyyy, our founder and number 1 club hoe had this to say about the 2019 Apex Pro Dot irons.

    I was told that these are what Xander is playing with a different finish.

    I had one round with them today. Shot a 75 in some light mini tournament at my home club. They felt and sounded NOTICEABLY soft. I write that in all caps because it was black and white how soft they felt in relation to other one piece forgings (blade or player cb). Sound as well. I haven't bent them yet but @joey3108 has and said they are very soft "like the 2013 x forged soft" he said. That and you can see the mass behind the sweet spot. That must be translating in that solid feeling and sound.

    There are small emblems in the cavity like the 13 x forged that must of help them tune the acoustics as well. I was just playing the JDM Bridgestone Tour B X-BL combo one piece forged irons. They are butter balls and these feel NOTICEABLY softer feeling and the muted sound more of a thud than a thump you can notice with ease. Showed up on the range, pulled the 7 iron and first hit was telling. Hit another and the same thing. Right through the set to same thud and soft solid feel. Just lovely.

    The sole widths are a carbon copy of the 2013 x forged, and the newer AP2's. Wider than the JPX 900 tour. Same sole camber as the 13 x forged and not as much of a killed leading edge. Sharper.

    The heel to toe lengths are a fraction shorter than the AP2's and the same as the 13 x forged. However the muscle in the cavity on these Apex Pro 19 dot irons are the biggest differences I see between the two Callaway sets. Softest feeling head I have felt in a long while. 



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