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SHAFTS! Modus 120 125, DG AMT, more!

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Few sets of shafts for sale today. No trade interests. Shipping CONUS only.

First up is a set of Nippon Modus 125x shafts, played -.25” in Titleist irons. 10 shafts, 3-P+2 wedge shafts. Last wedge shaft is stiff rather than xstiff for a little extra feel. $175

Next up is a set of Nippon Modus 120x shafts. 7 shafts, 3-9. Played standard length in Titleist irons. $125

Next is a new set of Dynamic Gold AMT S300s. 8 shafts, 3-P. Standard length. Pulled from a new set of Titleist irons. Grips still in plastic. $100

Dynamic Gold Lite S300s +1/2” in Titleist irons. 7 shafts, 3-9. $60

Callaway Epic Flash 9* Project X HZRDUS Yellow 63g 6.5
Titleist TS2 13.5* Fuji Pro TS 73x
Titleist 980 17* Project X black
Titleist 716cb 3-P Modus 125x
Titleist SM6 52* Modus 125x
Titleist SM7 58 Modus 125x
Taylormade TP Soto Putter
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