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Love These Irons, but have too many of them - 2 sets of Wishon 575mmc, one set refinished in black

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Hey Guys, I found the Wishon 575mmc about 6 or 7 years ago and fell in love. Since then, I've been collecting them whenever I see them on here or the bay, and now I've got too many and its time to unload. I have two sets for sale, one with shafts and one heads only. I'm welcome to offers, and have no idea what shipping will cost, so I am going to try to ballpark prices that include shipping in the CONUS.

1.) 575mmc refinished in black carbon with gold detailing, with DG X100s and brand new white Pure grips. 4-7 in cavity back, 8-P in muscle back. These things are dope as ****, and will get the starter asking you questions about what the **** you have in your bag. Pictures tell the story condition wise. No major dings or scratches to report, just normal bag chatter and play. Probably about 30-40 rounds of play after they were refinished. $325.00.

2.) 575mmc heads only, original finish. 4-7 in cavity back, 8-P in muscle back. Numbers were paint filled in white. Also dope as ****. These were gamed off and on for about 3 seasons., but again, they show normal signs of use but nothing major to report, and as always, the pictures illustrate the condition. $225.

As always, if you need more pictures, just let me know. Thanks for looking.



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    Buddy pf mine had these. Awesome irons!

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