Your 2019 Golf Recap

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With just a few days left in 2019 let's hear your golf recap.


Joined a new club, met a lot of great guys to play with there. Got back to playing at least 4 times a week. Played the most rounds of golf with my parents in notable years which is important to me as they get older. Lowered my handicap by 3 strokes. Got back to playing competitive golf after taking a year off from it. Found a new gym routine to strengthen my core which has contributed to better ball striking in my opinion. Broke par at my new club 3 times, (which is more then I ever had in a season at my previous club) which was awesome considering I'd say my new club is a lot more difficult then my previous club.

Best Round of 2019

I played in a net match play tournament at my new club which is not something I ordinarily do being a low handicapper, but I figured it would be a fun event to participate in and meet new people. The second match I played in I found out I had to give my opponent 13 strokes which in my opinion can be a exhausting amount of strokes to give. I simply did not want to get blown out of the water giving someone that many strokes for the match. It turns out that we both shot our handicaps right on the number and the match went 19 holes. I lost on the 19th however he did not beat me, I simply lost if that makes sense. For me it was my first match that has ever gone extra holes in the many years of competitive golf that I have played so that was super cool.

How'd your year turn out?

Cheers to 2019

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    I think Seve put it best

    "i miss, i miss, i miss, i miss...."

    haha....Actually was a good year. Played in some competitions again, shot under par in a tournament. So not bad. I think mostly i was just happy to play 60 + times with a young daughter

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    Bad year. Lost my swing, played crappy to start, got a little better, played ok, them went to crap again and now not much of a swing. Definitely not getting better but I am getting frustrated. Start up with the pro again after the holidays and hope for the best.

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    2018 was supposed to be my first year "back" to semi-regularly golfing since 2011... then I tore my ACL and that had to be put on hold until this year...

    Bought a M4 driver to replace my aging store brand one. Saw huge distance & control gains off the tee. Fixed my slice; now I occasionally get a case of the duck-hooks. First couple rounds were in the 105-110 range. Started hitting the driving range and the best round of the year was 101 at Fairways of Halfmoon. New ACL fatigues pretty quickly; need to get back to walking the course and get the strength back for an entire round.

    Irons are improving but my short game is absolutely garbage. Hopefully I can get out and practice more this year and start shaving 8-10 shots off a round with better wedge play.


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    Year was just as expected for a 4Kidsgolfer. Able to get my 2-3 a month in. Managed to jump ship from an all Taylormade bag to Cobra and add a back up Callaway bag so happy about that. Shot my handicap most of the year with a couple under rounds. Met some new golf buddies while playing as a single. Backs having issues and it can be the syndrome going around called OLD MAN. Yes i’m only 42 but the weekend warrior has taken its tole on this body. Now a good dose of 800mg of Nsaids is just what the body ordered. Glad I’m still able to golf and happy with what the new decade brings. Here’s to ending the year with a blast stay safe y’all and ring in the new year with a round of golf!!!!

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    Started out playing well, hurt my back. Played lousy when I first came back then started playing well again when I stopped worrying about the back. Retina detached long layoff. Played terrible for over a month ( who knew playing with messed up vision could screw your game up so bad). Started to feel things coming back and surprise the other retina detached. Season over! Oh and bought new irons I hardly got to play. Bring on 2020.

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    Got fully fit for clubs for the first time in my ~16 years of playing. After about a month, was consistently playing some of the best golf of my life. Somewhat inexplicably, I fell into a slump around late September and then lost confidence, particularly off the tee. With the loss of confidence came a sag in my desire to play, and I've only teed it up a few times in the last 2-3 months, and have not had a good round over that stretch.

    I actually enjoy the range more than playing right now. I still am striking the ball better than I ever have there. I just am so "in my head" off the tee (except for par 3s) that I can't seem to find it, which means I'm scrambling on almost every hole. I need to get myself together on the tee box so I can start 2020 off strong. I plan to get a refresher set of lessons to have someone else look at whatever bad habits I've picked up with the driver and 3 wood.

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    Spent the year working on three things.

    * Chipping. At the start of the year I could only hope that the ball would finish somewhere on the green. Now that's pretty much a given and I have moved on to trying to ensure it stops somewhere close to the hole. My goal for 2020 is no two putts after a chip.

    * Driving. Started the year with a drive that was highly variable and unreliable. After much work I now have a driver that is almost back to where it was four years ago but longer. As a bonus the last swing change I made for the driver has turned out to be effective for the other clubs. For the first time ever I feel like I have one swing that works with all my clubs. I'm even able to adjust the launch angle on demand and can reliably stop the ball on the green with approach shots which continues to amaze me. My goal for 2020 is to get things grooved so that the driver can return to being my most reliable club..and yet carry over 190 yards :)

    * Competition play. Stop giving up on a round at the first mistake. Some progress made here but I still don't feel as sanguine about a bad shot in a comp as I do in social golf. Goal for 2020 - finally stop worrying about one bad shot :)

    Other goals for 2020:

    * Improve wedge accuracy. This might just happen as a result of my recent swing changes but if not I might splash out on a couple of lessons.

    * Work on shot shaping and/or getting a bit more distance. I still think I'm leaking power somewhere and whilst I'll never be a long hitter I'd like to be as good as I can be.

    Conclusion: Failed to drop my handicap below 20. But it didn't rise above 22 either. I swear that next year will be the year when I finally get a handicap in the teens that I can be somewhat proud of :)

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    Although the season was defined by on again and off again elbow issues and a couple of cortisone shots, I managed to get to my lowest sustained and consistent handicap for a season ever - finished an even 7.0 and the variation was from 6.4 (had an incredible flurry/finish to 2018 until elbow shut it down early last fall) to 7.6. I couldn't sustain the sub-7, lol, but I didn't balloon either in the spring and really happy with the season even though I played a lot fewer rounds of golf than usual. Had more scores in the 70s than ever for an entire season. Got to Monte's clinic in Chicago and built a little on something he found/we worked on in Sioux Falls the summer before - big deal for me! Highlight for me at home was my lowest 9 hole score on the back nine I've ever had at my course in the 25 plus years I've played there, but my highlight for the season was managing an 80 at Royal Troon (just one blow up hole, lol). Had a chance to break 80 - all I had to do was par the 18th and I hit a 3w off the tee into the same bunker that Henrik stopped just short of in The Open. Sideways out, on the green, two putts and a bogey, but I had more fun talking about hitting 3w all day long and laughing about rolling into the bunker (my caddie said no way I needed to worry about it, although he did tell me to aim left, lol - hit a low, perfect bullet into the wind and it just rolled and pretty much knew what to expect while walking up the fairway). Also fired one close on the Postage Stamp, but one roll short of a birdie, and hit some incredible short game shots that got me some nice words from strangers in our group and other caddies - thanks Monte! Mostly a sore season, but very rewarding!

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    I moved from Hawai'i where I was able to play twice a week to Washington, where I'm lucky to play 4 times a month. Met a great group of guys to play with.

    I also got to play a round with my Dad for the first time in almost 5 years, which is something that means more to me than he'll understand, or maybe he does. Being in the Navy makes it tough for us to see each other, much less get in a round together.

    I finally put a set together that I'm happy with from putter on up. My handicap went down to 13 and I'm not upset.

    I'm starting to enjoy golf for the passion, friendships and being outside rather than beating myself up for a shank here and there.

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    Lots of rain first half f the year. Made several equipment changes. Irons and wedges. Swing was very solid early in the year. Played some good golf consistently for the first half of the year. Dropped my handicap to a personal best 10.0. Previous best was 12.4.

    Played in too many 2 man scramble tournaments and eventually ended up chasing distance instead of consistency. My swing suffered as a result and my consistency went south. Returned to previous irons, mostly due to shaft preference and built a new driver to my specs. Had my best driver results in years and began to find my swing again. Finding more fairways and greens, wedge play is consistent again.

    Tweaked my lower back significantly about 6 weeks ago, resulting in sciatica. Left (front) leg weakened and still trying to be able to transfer weight comfortably. Have only played 3 times during this injury. Favorite round of the year was with my son when we visited them in Florida, on a course I hadn’t played in more than 30 years.

    Through the struggles late in he season, i’ve managed to maintain the 10.0 HCP. My goal this year was to get to single digits. I’ll take the 10 and am confident that 2020 will be my year for another personal best and single digits for the first time.

    I’m still trying to adjust to forward tees at 60. Oddly, I often score as good or better from the “standard” men’s tees as I do from the geezer tees.(yes, I’m a geezer). I am going to continue to play both sets of tees, but am going to improve my mental game from the forward tees next year. Sometimes for me the correct tee club will be a 3w or even 4i rather than putting trouble in play with driver.

    overall, a very good year. I’ve learned a lot.

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    I got to play the most rounds I have ever played in a year. Not sure it contributed to a stellar work year but I tried to hold it to 40 hours a week most of the time. Started the year at 7.6 and watched it move up to 8.9 and then finish at 7.1.

    I turned 61 this week and play much of my golf with a 24 year old who is the assistant pro where I golf most. I would say half of my rounds are from the tips with him and a couple of other guys in their 20's who played at our local university. To be honest I don't know I can stay competitive with them much longer, and certainly not the way I sprayed the ball around this year. We were on trackman last week and my close friend I speak of averaged 303 on his drives while I was at 262. That is a lot of difference when my iron play was so inconsistent.

    To some it up, I guess I am a little discouraged with my play. I feel like with as much as I played, I should have been able to groove a swing and I just didn't. I had some good scores (for me), but even those rounds seemed to have at least one double bogey that kept me from keeping it in the low 70's or high 60's. I still love the game and love being out with others that love the game, but I need to tighten things up. I feel like there is no excuse for not keeping the ball on the course at least 50% of my rounds.

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    My GHIN on January 15, was 36.9. 😒

    79 rounds of golf and 17000 range balls later it's now 24.0. 😊

    My goal for 2020 is 18 or lower. 🤞

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    Yes I think that you are definitely the winner aenemated. I have sent your pics to my contact at the NSA and he has verified them to be legitimate, and he's also provided transcripts of every text and email you sent while visiting St Andrews and Pebble Beach in 2019 😎

    I had a great 2019 but I can hardly wait for 2020 to get started. I'm about a month away from swinging my clubs, as I just jammed my thumb pretty darn good playing basketball yesterday. I'm also just 103 days away from boarding a plane (actually 3 in total) to take me to Mecca aka Augusta. So this time next year I'll proudly be able to post a cool pic or two about how 2020 was the greatest year of my life. 😛

    For now I leave you this completely random shot of me putting (the only known photo of me playing golf!)


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    I also had a knee injury . . . in my case, a torn meniscus. I was depending on the Fall season to get more golf in, as I've been so busy with other things this last season. Recovery was slow for me. Walking on wood floors is one thing, but walking on concrete or turf was no fun. Tomorrow, I'll give it a go, and hopefully the days to follow. Southwest Ohio temps are unseasonably warm for the next week, thank goodness!


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    finally realized, it is not me who is my setup, posture, grip, takeaway, backswing, half way down, impact follow through and twirl that sucks.

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    Yeah, the only way to strengthen it is to use it. Just be careful out there. I had a couple slips in soggy conditions that made my butt-hole pucker up.

    Wife just got me a push-cart for Christmas; so next year's going to be full of a ton of walking and hopefully regaining full range/strength!!


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    Great year for me. Spent a lot of time studying swings, videoing/mirror work and then getting in better golf shape. Driver carry went up about 10 yards as did 36 hole stamina. Putting dropped about 2 strokes a round down to 28. But I figured out I need to be better out of the gate, my first 7 holes are typically 2x the rest of the round as it takes me time to find my groove (despite warming up). So 2020 is gonna be more practice and a better mental game. It sucks shooting +4 to 9 on those first 1/3 of the course then shooting -1 to +4 (literally my worst score on a back 9 this year). Much work to do, '19 was a good year

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    Started off the year with trying to permanently shallow the shaft in my golf swing and work upon my putting that I had been working on in late 2019.

    I was shallowing out the shaft nicely since November and continuing to do so thru March. Of course, right before I'm supposed to see GG I started to develop big problems in my swing and was getting steep again. I was able to make it work, got a lesson from GG and the shaft has shallowed out nicely every since.

    The putting was really good, particularly when I got my modified EVNROLL with a welded flow neck from BastainMilled. Things were going well. In fact, in the first 12 times I played in our weekly cash game at my club, I made money in 11 of the times. We finished 1st in 8 of those 11 times I won money and I was playing quite well.

    Things were going well until I decided to put a stability shaft in my putter. Then I couldn't putt anymore. Was still hitting the ball well, particularly with the new irons (Honma TW737P with KBS $ Taper shafts) and the new woods (Ping G410 w/Ventus Blue shafts). Started to lose my normally strong short game around the green as well.

    My summer trip to NY was uneventful. Particularly because my shaft in my driver broke when my bag crashed to the ground because the strap on the cart didn't hold the bag. So, I had to play with my dad's G400 Max with a senior shaft.

    Eventually I played in the FSGA Mid-Am and played poorly although I struck the ball pretty well. My putting is in shambles. Putting slightly better, but still a massive issue. Re-worked some stuff in my short game play and it's a big hit or miss. But, I've been working on the swing some more and it's improving nicely.

    Problem has been the increased workload at work and increased stress. Tough to get into a nice routine of practice and play. Started striking the ball beautifully around the first of Novemeber, but couldn't make a putt to save my life.

    Didn't really get to play too many great courses as I usually stuck with my home club, Best round of the year was a 66 at my home club with a double bogey.


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    To echo your thoughts on giving so many strokes, I had to give someone 23 strokes in our spring match play tournament. Still was able to take him 18 holes, but he beat me 1up (first round).

    I consider my year a success. At 53 yrs old, I still feel I am getting better. My handicap finished the season at a +1. As for tournaments, I only played in a handful. Our club has a team that goes to a team tournament in October and you must qualify for this team. I made the team for the 3rd straight year (our club has only attended for 3yrs.), but I didn't play very well at the event. I went 1-1-1 in the matches. I also played in one of the Golfweek Am Tour events in St Louis and won the tournament in the championship flight. But the biggest reason for my upbeat attitude toward this season was the fact that I shot my lowest score ever in September.....66. (this actually included 2 bogeys on par 5s.) I have begun taking lessons this off season in the hopes of making next year even better.

    I also got to play Whistling Straits-Straits & The Irish, Blackwolf Run-River and BWR-Meadow Valley. This upcoming March I am going to Pinehurst for the first time. This has been the #1 course on my bucket list for more than 40 yrs. I cannot wait.

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    It has been a good year in the evolution of my game. I connected with a teacher who I "get." He can be as technical as you want if that is your cup of tea, but he can also teach by feel. In addition I spend far more time practicing from 100 yards in and putting than I have in the past. It lacks the bang factor of a bucket on the range but helped get me to my first sub 80 round ever. The pro at our club has become a good friend, and he has seen how dedicated I've been to trying to make strides. He has pushed and I finally agreed to start playing tournament rounds. The first time out I was a mental midget, but it has made me a more thoughtful and strategic player. There is a lot of satisfaction going from, "I hope I don't embarrass myself" to "This is the shot I need to hit, I know I can hit that shot, now let's see if I can execute it."

    I retired in September of this year and will join the army of midwesterners who flee south over the winter months. I look forward to playing year round instead of feeling like I am starting over again each spring.


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    Came back to the game after Tiger won the Masters.

    Started the year shooting high 90's to low 100's. Finally found a solid swing thought that has stuck and helped create repeatable and desired results. I'm now driving the ball semi-consistently for the first time in my life and playing "decent" golf. I can now shoot in the mid to low 80's consistently at my home course using 1 ball the whole round. I'll shoot high 80's to very low 90's at courses I've never played before. Best of all, I can do this in front of friends or strangers, which has always been a problem for me. All this with my only weekly practice being the early 9-holes I get to play every weekend.

    I am actually enjoying golf. :)

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    Started the year like every year by not having touched golf clubs since my early 20's (18 years ago). I was helping my mother move some stuff in her storage unit around June and came across my clubs. A set of BC Ping eye 2s, Dunlop woods, and a no name 2 ball putter. I grabbed the clubs and decided I would head out to hit some balls. Fast forward 6 months, and I've swung a golf club almost every single day. No really I have only missed 5 days max in the last 6 months. I even went and got a part time gig at my local course so I could play, and hit range balls for free. I went and got fit at Club Champion in early November, bought a whole new set of clubs, and can't imagine not playing golf now. I'm addicted. I started off shooting around 120-130, and have shaved that down to consistently shooting in the low 90's on the tougher of the 2 course we have at the course I now work at. I can't wait for 2020, I really want to be consistently shooting in the mid/low 80's by the end of 2020.

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    Started 2019 with a 32.6 HC.

    Played this morning and have finished the year on 24.8, so a 7.8 shot reduction over the span of 11 carded rounds and countless 9 hole practise runs; Really happy.

    Personal best round of 82 (+10) playing off 28, on a course harder than my home course (anywhere I get extra shots on my handicap I'd consider hard)

    Got fit for all my clubs except driver (2020) and have seen massive improvements in consistency and my confidence, Hopefully I can keep it up and end 2020 with an ~18 HC.

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    Another excellent year for me. I retired in late October, and have been down in Phoenix for the past six weeks. I played my 31st round in the area today, and my 48th since retiring. With all the extra free time, I finished with a personal best 126 rounds for the year. I played on 103 different courses in 12 states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California), and Scotland. Of these, 77 were first time visits, another personal best.

    The highlight of year was my round at The Old Course at St. Andrews in late April. It was my 500th course played. 'Hard to top a trip to the home of golf.

    I made a grip change several months ago, and it's finally starting to pay dividends. Since then I'm averaging one more fairway per round, and two more greens. The misses aren't quite as bad. My index has dropped by one and a half strokes. I still suffer from a snap hook now and again, but for the most part I seem to have tamed it. Gotta work on my bunker play next.

    Other than buying a new set of wedges in the spring, an annual rite, I managed to finish the season without any new clubs in the bag. That's a first. Lol. I did try a new mini driver mid-season, but dumped it after only one round. I'm not sure if I can repeat that next year.

  • JedaigekiJedaigeki Members  329WRX Points: 82Posts: 329 Greens
    Joined:  #29

    2019 was a good year.

    Enjoyed my time as the past captain of my club (all the respect still but none of the grief)

    Placed second in my club champs.

    Played 5 mixed opens with my wife this year and we never placed worse than 15th, best finish was a 5th place.

    Finally got to play Lindrick Golf Club in Yorkshire (above mentioned mixed open) , it was the only club in the UK my Dad never got to play but wanted to.

    Took my wife for her 30th birthday to PGA Catalunya in Spain. It was her first proper golfing trip abroad, we had great weather, great food, met some great people and she's already planning our next trip.

    Finally got my putting under control and built some trust in it again.

    Took my 11 year old daughter to watch her first pro golf competition (Ladies British Open)

    Finally I tied my home clubs course record for a professional, the amateur record is one shot better.

  • munichopmunichop Members  356WRX Points: 244Posts: 356 Greens
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    i got to play in Scotland for the 2nd time in my life. Played North Berwick, Dunbar (-1) and the New Course. Also played 2 rounds on the Himalayas, St. Andrews putting course, including losing to my wife the 2nd round.

    Back home I had two 66’s, and a 65 for my lowest rounds of the year. Tied for 2 nd in a city senior am. But I set a personal best of -20 on par 3’s this year in 41 rounds I tracked for stats. Overal -99 in 41 rounds. Playing from the regular tees more helped all the stats. Had 8 eagles which was more than my double bogie total.

    Already ruined my no 3 putt resolution this year. Made it 8 holes. One year I made it to the last week of March. Oh well maybe next year...

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • JLo_73JLo_73 Members  542WRX Points: 83Handicap: 7Posts: 542 Golden Tee
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    Good year and excited about 2020! Started the year as a 7.7 but wasn't super confident in my set up and hadn't taken a lesson in a year after relying on 2x visits to Monte every year when i lived in So Cal

    Played 34 rounds, tried to get to the range almost every week and finally got fitted by someone that I really like and trust. Finished up the year as a 6.2 and trending the right direction.

    Annual golf trip took our group to Pebble Beach, Spyglass and surrounding courses in March, played Cog Hill #4 but Pinehurst trip was pushed from October to likely April 2020.

    Goals for 2020. Stay below 6.0 index, really focus on improvement in short game and at least 2 buddies trips. Bonus would be getting my 14 year old son out on the course on a more regular basis.

    Driver:     Ping G410 Plus 9* Motore X F1 75X or 
                    Speeder Evolution 757 Tour Issue Shiro X Stiff
    Fairway :  Ping G410 5W Tour 75X
    Irons:       Apex/Apex Pro'19 5-GW Project X 6.5
    Wedges:  JAWS MD5 54-10S, 58-10S S400 Tour Issue
    Putter:     Odyssey White Hot #7


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