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Hitting "players" clubs better than G.I. clubs?

 BobaDefett ·  
BobaDefettBobaDefett  46WRX Points: 26Members Posts: 46
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So I have a set of PXG 0211 irons (fitted at club champion), and my buddy plays an older set of Mizuno Blades. I find I can hit his irons much better than my own even though my irons are much larger and supposed to be significantly more forgiving. I've been told that some people fall into the "aim small miss small" category which makes them hit the small headed club with more precision as opposed to a larger head that they in turn just smack all the over the face of the club. Have any of you had similar experiences, or is my brain just being tricked by some joke the golf gods like to play on us?



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  • Sean2Sean2  31494WRX Points: 697Members Posts: 31,494
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    I have a friend who went from the M2's to the MP-20s. He hits the MP-20s much better. Handicap dropped quite a bit too.


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  • JiggaJigga  423WRX Points: 91Members Posts: 423
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    The TXG guys have said that for some players it is easier to square up a smaller faced club. Their content is high informative. I recommend that you check them out if you haven’t.

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    I love TXG's channel, I haven't seen the one where they have talked about that though. I may have to go dig through some of their videos

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    I think learning to play with blades with cure more faults that are covered up by cavity back super game improvers.

    an iron that causes the ball to go straight even on a mishit is a false sense of security. Like learning how to bowl with the bumpers on.

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  • MtlJeffMtlJeff Montreal 29217WRX Points: 2,101Handicap: 0.0Members Posts: 29,217
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    Let's see how this thread goes before we jump to conclusions, you may find I'm right

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  • KgglonghornKgglonghorn  154WRX Points: 55Handicap: 3ClubWRX Posts: 154
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    I have always played better with blades. Was a true statement when I was a 15 handicap and is a true statement today. I think for me it is the psychology of looking down at a small head instead of a skillet, but that is just me. No other fact based science to explain it, just scorecards to prove its true.

  • buntabunta  758WRX Points: 418Members Posts: 758
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    Thats me. And i dont have an explanation for it.

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  • Captain_BlackCaptain_Black  1WRX Points: 5Members Posts: 1
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    I think a lot of it is to do with the club head offset.

    A GI iron will typically have twice as much (or more) offset than a players iron, couple this with a strong grip (like I have) produces all manner of weird shots with a GI iron (usually a hook)

  • WristySwingWristySwing  432WRX Points: 239Members Posts: 432
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    Could be a number of things. 1) You have a sweeper swing and miss heavy, so thicker soles don't help much (while I've never seen them I;ve heard the 0211 look like i500s so that might not be the case). 2) Shafts are different, so you are able to time it better. 3) You possibly hit your friend's clubs a couple of times, never for a full round. I always hit someone else's club great when I swing them because my swing tends to be more deliberate. Playing a full round though you'll fall into habits and I bet your score is the same, if not slightly worse overall.


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    That's why they make so many different drivers, putters, hybrids, wedges, shafts, grips- and irons. Personal preference. Find what works for you.

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  • msd71msd71  724WRX Points: 113Handicap: 1Members Posts: 724
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    I like a club with extremely low offset and short heel toe length. If someone designed a high MOI club with those attributes, I'd gladly play them, but usually it means blades or minimal cavity backs. Those 2 qualities outweigh forgiveness, at least for my game.

  • GWfoolGWfool  78WRX Points: 23Members Posts: 78
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    For me, mentally looking at a larger head makes me feel like I have too much real estate. I had this problem with a set of Epon 703s. Thin top ling and everything but the blade length was long and made the face seem huge. I also don't like a large sole. Whether any of that is scientific I have no idea, but confidence goes a long way in this game.

  • ChrisO72ChrisO72  74WRX Points: 41Handicap: 13Members Posts: 74
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    Have you played a full round or just hit them on the range?

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  • Zengolfer36Zengolfer36 Columbus, OH 213WRX Points: 151Handicap: 10Members Posts: 213
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    I find that I hit players CBs better than I do SGI irons. I think its because theres less turf interaction and because I have a somewhat shallow swing, so a thinner sole with less bounce fits my swing better than a thicker sole with more bounce does.

  • nandersennandersen Boston, MA 190WRX Points: 93Handicap: 6ClubWRX Posts: 190
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    Well, don't leave us hanging.... what shafts are in each set? Maybe his shafts are better for you than yours.

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  • NJGolfer21NJGolfer21 Naples, FL 216WRX Points: 92Handicap: +1.3Lefty Boomers Posts: 216
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    Same reason I play MB's. I bone every SGI or GI I ever try to hit, and it gets worse on the golf course. Being fairly shallow and low dynamic loft with irons, the thinner sole allows the club to cut into the grass easier allowing me to hit the ball up the face enough to spin it properly.

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  • morgan1819morgan1819 Official Member  1010WRX Points: 128Members Posts: 1,010
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    I fall into the category of playing the best golf with clubs similar to what I grew up playing, or am accustomed to. They fit my eye, which in turn gives me the most confidence. Confidence seems to trump every other factor for me. I play the best golf with a standard CB head, and a small progressive offset. Wider soles work the best for my steep angle and soft courses around here. Bridgestone J15CB being a great example.

    Really small blades with no offset aren't what I am used to, so it would take significant practice to get comfortable. Bigger irons with lot's of offset would probably take less practice time, but I have trouble lining them up properly (user error).

    So not really surprised when someone mentions they hit a smaller iron with more consistency. If it fits your eye (and is the right flex), it's usually going to work.


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  • mjbaker80mjbaker80  793WRX Points: 273Handicap: 4.2Members Posts: 793
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    Great points here.... I had a similar experience when I took a set of Vapor Pros on vacation (for fun). I was lights out and didn't have a single (awful/blade miss over three rounds). I think it has a LOT to do with the sole....as you correctly state, if you are a sweeper who tends to miss fat (struggles to find the bottom) thicker souls can be a killer. I am exactly that which may explain the success I had with the Vapors. I've been working with a very highly respected club maker that is having me look very closely at the soles of my irons as related to my swing. I bought Tiger blades for fun and legitimately may consider gaming them next year.

    Not surprisingly, he also thinks a lot more players can play blades that believe they can....they have a bit of a mythical existence today. But, back in the day, all our clubs were butter knives. But, you just made do bc that's all there was.....

  • BobaDefettBobaDefett  46WRX Points: 26Members Posts: 46
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    I have the TT Elevate tour vss Stiff, my buddy rocks the Project X Rifle 6.0

  • BobaDefettBobaDefett  46WRX Points: 26Members Posts: 46
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    He and I play almost daily together. I work at my local course part time (Free golf!!!!!), he's a member. I havent used his irons exclusively during a round since we are walkers and sometimes heading in different directions, but I have used his irons on almost every hole before. We actually have a running joke that they are now our irons since I use them almost as much as he does.

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  • MattStrubeMattStrube San Francisco 211WRX Points: 74Handicap: 6Members Posts: 211
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    Boba, As has been touched on, a lot depends on what your miss is, release, etc. If you tend to push the ball or not shut the face, a blade will have lower MOI about the shaft so will open/close easier. If blade length is longer however, the opposite will occur. If you tend to already hit the ball high the lower Vertical CG will help bring your flight down a bit. Lots of factors, but it sounds like you may need to stick with blades. 😁

  • B.EasyB.Easy  28WRX Points: 43Handicap: 9.5Members Posts: 28
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    I absolutely cannot play chunky irons of any kind. I've only played golf for a little over 10 years and my first clubs were bladed looking cavity backs. It's all I knew, so that's what I learned on. I never had lessons until recently, but the immediate feedback you get from players irons were a pretty good teacher. The other factor that is confidence building with blade style irons is distance control. With GI irons, I've found that I can hit a couple of grooves high in the middle of the face and the ball goes almost 2 club lengths further sometimes. Low spin bombs. That's a real problem when trying to build trust in your irons. Just a couple of my useless thoughts....

  • Smash FactorsSmash Factors  3678WRX Points: 131Handicap: 5.9Members Posts: 3,678
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    This kind of stuff does happen.

    If you're really hitting them better, you should switch.

    Could it just be a hot date or a honeymoon though?

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  • 2012BFT2012BFT  596WRX Points: 106Members Posts: 596
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    ball striking has always been a strength in my game, and I always struggle when hitting larger soled GI irons. I only play them when traveling and have to rent a set. I feel like they get hung up in the turf and don’t cut through making it feel like the club is held up. I guess it’s all personal feel and preference, but I could understand 100% what you mean!

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