2020 New Years Golf Resolutions

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What are my fellow WRX'ers resolving to do, golf-wise, in the new year? Using our boardroom/corporatespeak, what are some Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based (that's SMART, but you guys are smrt enuff to fgure that out).

I'm not a lofty-goals kind of guy. My tip-top priority is golfing enough to actually calculate a proper handicap - anything I've done in years past has just been fudging the numbers and estimating based on a few formulas I've found. I want to get 5 rounds of 18 holes in this year, so I can actually, really, properly calculate a handicap.

Secondarily, I've got a few things:

-New clubs, as my current set is all pre-Y2K (drivers and putters included). As a sub-point, I'm that lunatic that walks around with a driver, a crapload of irons, and no less than 6 wedges - I'd love to get a more balanced set that's sufficient for a hack like me. Don't have a specific brand or timeline in mind, so this is sort of on the back burner.

-Play some specific Michigan courses: Manistee Country Club, The Heathlands, Bear Lake Country Club, Diamond Springs, and LE Kaufman. These are really more broad-scope "bucket list" type things and aren't really specific to 2020 (unless the Heathlands guy sells the course like he's been threatening to since 1995).

-Play 9 holes with one ball. Not "net one" where you pick up as many as you lose, but actually one. The ball that you hit on the last putt is the same ball that you hit on the first drive.



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    My ballstriking has been amazing the past 2 years however College schoolwork and pursuing my career took a toll on my shortgame and it prevented me from shooting anything to my standards this past year or so in tournaments. My goal? Dedicate way more of my available practice time to pitching. 45yards and inward. If I get my shortgame back I see no reason why I wont have respectable scores this year and ill begin to enjoy competitive play more than I have these past 2 years

    2020 is your year! Hope everyone sets great healthy goals for themselves

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    Stop trying to buy better golf

    Try to qualify for a few amateur events instead of being a scared little boy

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    Play at least one round a week as a walk up single this season. On top of my usual weekly game with friends. Weather permitting of course.

    Also getting my handicap down to single digits at some point this season. After my first 3 years of playing I got it down to as low as 10.9 this summer.

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    Get down to scratch

    shoot a PB of 67

    gain 4mph of swing speed thru continued weight loss, training and improved flexibility and swing technique

    be more consistent green side


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    A better Winter regimen of stretching, flexibility and weight training.

    Continue to putt indoors (I live in Wisconsin).

    Spend more time at the simulators over Winter, to try and stay in "Golf Shape".

    Probably getting fit for new irons. I currently have Nike irons, about 5 years old. I've been getting rid of everything Nike ever since the Kaepernik thing. I'll never buy anything with the Nike name on it again.

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    Just stay healthy. A back injury and each of my retinas detaching within 3 months of each other took a big chunk out of my golf season.

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    I've decided to stop keeping score unless I'm playing for money.

    I believe the scorecard is the one thing that prevents me from having fun on poor striking days.

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    More suntan lotion, take more lessions and shoot 90 or better.

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    Courses wise. A trip to North of Scotland and a trip to Notts, Sherwood Forest and Ganton on way back.

    Fitness. Back to Pilates and regular massages to fend off middle age and a desk job.

    Footwear. Two new pairs of shoes needed. Looking at Ecco spikeless and some new FJs.

    Bag. Imminent. A waterproof carry bag.

    Irons. Au revoir shovels. Back to a more workable set with Modus 3s.

    To play as much as possible seeing as fees are jumping above inflation. Again.

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    • Equipment - Leave it alone, son. Got a spectacular bag put together.
    • Travel - Head back to the east coast and visit mom in Myrtle Beach and play some of the old courses dad and I used to play every summer. Bandon would be nice too.
    • Play - Gonna be tough to play more than I have in 2019. I can't think of too many weeks I didn't play at least one round. But hey, let's play more.
    • Lessons - More of them. Getting together with Monte in a little over a week to kick off the year properly. Irvine ain't far from LA.
    • Practice - More focus. I feel like I got better towards the end of the year with it but having some more concrete goals would be beneficial.
    • Fitness - Get this old banged up back in better shape. Too much time spent sitting around writing code over the last 20 years has made it weak.
    • Overall - Bring this index down closer to 0. Better focus, less **** around. Play the game I know how to play. Get back into some competitive play when I feel I can actually compete.

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    I'd love to break 70 again. I played about 20-25 times this year, and I think this the first year since 2008 where I haven't done it. I never got in the 60's often over the past few years, but I did it at least once.

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    First and foremost. Play. I've played about 5 times the last two years. Before that I would play 80 times at least.

    Second. Settle on new irons. My woods are set. ( M2 driver/3wood). Been playing 710MB's for the majority of the time since they came out.

    Third. Try and get to a plus handicap. Being in my early 50's times running out!! Currently close, although it's based on scores from three years ago.

    Fourth. Have fun. Even in tournament play. Be less hard on my self and have a better frame of mind through the entire round.

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    Seriously thinking about joining an inexpensive club and changing it up. Grow some roots.

    May play in a few tourneys next year to sctratch the competitive itch. Which means I need to quit day trading clubs and groove a set.

    Then again I may not.

    Maybe it will all crystallize when the ball drops.

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    I would say to actually practice. Like meaningful practice instead of just quick 30 min practices right before teeing off. You'd like working part time at a course I would practice way more than I do. Especially since I get the range balls for free.

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    Less playing and range time, more time on the chipping and putting greens.


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    Play more golf and less scorecard.

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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX  1992WRX Points: 278Handicap: 17Posts: 1,992 ClubWRX
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    I have now got all the equipment I really need and time to own up to it. I could use a lesson for sure, but not until spring. Looking for the right ball, but the RX is pretty good as it is. Looking at stretches mostly, so I can avoid injuries. I will always want a sub 80 round for next year, but as a 16 will have a hard time doing that. I saw 81 last year, but all the planets were aligned correctly. I mostly just want to walk nine and enjoy that. I really hate tournaments, don't really have the time for it, but may play 4 next year. The Fort Campbell Commander"s CG is always on my list.


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    Awesome topic.

    Equipment: I have completely sold out to an 8 club bag. I started 10 years ago (wow), but have always wanted to bounce back and forth. No longer... need to settle on the driver spot, but will look to invest in a putter. I'm looking hard at the new Scottys.

    Practice: Less mechanical work and more target oriented stuff with the regular sticks... The opposite with the flat stick. Play more, practice less. I feel like with the short bag, effective practice is working on a variety of shots from a variety of lies... I will be focusing on this more.

    Gaming: Honing a "gamer" mentality. I trip over it at times, but fall out of it too often. If a shot or situation doesn't require full focus, then it doesn't get it from me, this leads to the next shot requiring a butt load of focus and it's difficult to switch gears for me.

    Current to 2020 strengths: Currently, the more difficult the shot (typically) the stronger the result for me... within reason, speaking more about gapping not about "tour" level difficulty. I want my strength to be the easier things to control. Meaning, putting, short game and driving. This is where my strokes leave me. Even with the 8 club bag, my strokes are lost on poor tee shots and crummy play with 20 yards (yes, i said within 20 yards).

    Overall, I want to hone more variable skills and promote a "spider man" or "spartan" mindset on the course. If thinking too much is Batman, and relying totally on physical stuff is Superman- I want to be instinctual and feel based. Work on some basic physical principles, allow my knowledge of myself and "golf dynamics" to enhance my intuition on the course.

    Statistically: I average 5 fairways a round, would love to see north of 7.5. Putts pair with greens hit. So, I think a mor fair putting metric for me would be putts per hole... optimistically, I would like to see south of 2.... more reasonable expectation would be 2.3.... I have relocated from Vegas to Florida and I have to say the game is harder here. So, my handicap being at 8, trending up to 12 is expected/allowed of me, I would like to normalize at 10 (at least)

    A little drawn out, but it's more fun this way.

    Cheers to 2020.

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    Less short putts. I have a habit of leaving 'em short and don't hear the end of it from a few playing partners.

    More methodical practice time: focus on what you are working on vs. rapid fire hitting balls which can make you groove the bad habit you are trying to work out.

  • j.a.j.a. Members  1748WRX Points: 190Posts: 1,748 Platinum Tees
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    Shove 5 shots from my handicap, then I’ll see if I get new irons

  • memphishornmemphishorn memphishorn ClubWRX  870WRX Points: 216Handicap: 8Posts: 870 ClubWRX
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    Try to get through 2020 with my current bag (😂)

    Play more with my vintage equipment

    Successfully defend both Match Play tournaments I won in 2019

    Better physical condition, weight, strength and flexibility


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  • MaineMarinerMaineMariner Members  736WRX Points: 461Posts: 736 Golden Tee
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    Easy: Stick to my pre-shot and pre-putt routines religiously.

    Also easy: Stick with the putter I was fit for. It'll work if I believe in it.

    Harder: Join a local league.

    Related to the "Harder": Play more golf outside of my usual weekend game. I played exactly three rounds of golf at courses I'm unfamiliar with this summer. Not enough. This was out of 45ish rounds.

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  • jrr811jrr811 Charlotte, NCMembers  99WRX Points: 54Handicap: +20Posts: 99 Fairways
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    • Gear - Clear out the extras and save some money this year
    • Long game - Work on straightening out driver
    • Mid game - consistency
    • Short game - work on putting
    • Goals
      • Break 90
      • Play 9 with 1 ball
      • Gain flexibility

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  • caniac6caniac6 Members  3350WRX Points: 993Handicap: 4Posts: 3,350 Titanium Tees
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    I had a heart attack in Oct 2018, so last year was a lot about recovery. Played a lot of 9 hole rounds, and the quality of play was good. Kept my handicap around 4. I feel great, so I need to get back to playing 18 more often. After a lot of 9 holers, my body has recovered, but I have a 9 hole brain, and that might be giving myself more credit than I deserve. Trying to keep my head in it for 18 will be a challenge.

  • Jeff_MJeff_M Members  15WRX Points: 21Handicap: 4Posts: 15 Bunkers
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    I want to put more time towards practicing short game, especially bunkers. My club is building a new short game practice area that should be open this coming season, so I'm excited for that and hopefully it gives me the motivation to get out there.

  • Some Call Him TimSome Call Him Tim Members  84WRX Points: 37Handicap: 7Posts: 84 Fairways
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    My goals are pretty simple:

    • Find an online coach this spring (I live in rural Nebraska and find the local pros lacking when it comes to good instruction)
    • Improve my driver striking. Currently hit my 4 wood as long or longer than driver and more consistently. I'd love to have a driver I can count on.
    • Buy new equipment - I haven't bought a new club in 7 years. My gear is worn down after 100+ rounds a year for the past 3 years.
    • Do more yoga and work on stretching, tightness.

    Pretty short list. I'm a decent player mid 70s to low 80s and had a great finish to last year's season. Just have a few weak spots I'd like to shore up.

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  • uitar9uitar9 Members  452WRX Points: 118Handicap: LOLPosts: 452 Greens
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    Gonna join a mens league closer to home

    Seriously thinking about retiring driver. (I like the rest of my game and don't want to spend more time being aggravated)

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    Having spinal fusion on Jan 6th. A pinched nerve toward the end of 2019 cost me a ton of distance, and I assume it hurt my swing somewhat as well.

    So my first goal is to recover from the surgery and play again, and hopefully get back my distance, etc.

    Second goal is to actually play to my handicap. It’s a long story, but I had a series of good rounds late 2018 and early 2019 that got me down to an 8 at one point. Then, a combination of work, travel, etc caused me to not be able to post many rounds after about May of 2019. Of the few that I could post, I’d play horribly in 4 out of 5 of them, but that one good round kept my handicap from getting “out of control”. So I’m in a weird spot where I’m a 9 handicap but would have a hard time breaking 90 if I played tomorrow, given how poorly I played toward the end of the year (and again, maybe pinched nerve didn’t help this situation any).

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    My goal for 2020 is to speed up my pre shot routine. Played today to kick off 2020 (its a tradition with my guys that we play every NYD) and focused on lining up the shot and setting up at a quicker pace and then just letting it go. Shot 81 on a very wet course so a pretty good day. It felt good to push the pace a little as I find myself sometimes being too methodical which can affect my tempo. Happy New Year to everyone on WRX. Hope you have a prosperous golf year!!!!


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