What were your best golf accomplishments of 2019



  • Johnny_FairwayJohnny_Fairway South Jersey (Philly Burbs)Members  589WRX Points: 82Handicap: 8Posts: 589 Golden Tee
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    I got down to a single digit index. Shot 3 sub-40 rounds in a row mid-summer. And had a hole in one.

    Now if only I could knock those above 90 rounds off my card. Challenging game.

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  • jonnymc44jonnymc44 Manchester UKMembers  210WRX Points: 133Handicap: 5.6Posts: 210 Fairways
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    I have been forever immortalised on the wall in the clubhouse by winning Captain's Day. My name is in big gold letters on the past winner's board.

  • egonzegonz Members  12WRX Points: 7Posts: 12 Bunkers
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    Finally convinced myself to take lessons. The advice from the instructor on how to fix my flaws didn't help, but all the flaws he pointed out really helped me fix my swing.

  • slocagolferslocagolfer Members  556WRX Points: 146Handicap: 8.0Posts: 556 Golden Tee
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    I played Pinehurst with a double inguinal hernia. Nuf said.

  • idratherbegolfingidratherbegolfing Members  11WRX Points: 38Posts: 11 Bunkers
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    I use Grint to keep track of my stats and these are the best in 2019

    Most birdies in a single round 4.

    Raised my driving accuracy by 15% from 2018 48% to 63% in 2019.

    Didn’t hit into any bunkers for 11 consecutive rounds

  • MindtheGAPMindtheGAP Members  79WRX Points: 35Handicap: 5-10Posts: 79 Fairways
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    I haven't played golf more than a few times a year since high school 15 years ago so I set 4 goals for myself this past season: #1 -Start shooting consistently under 85. #2 Shoot one 18 hole round under 80. #3 Shoot a front or back 9 at even par. #4 Get my handicap down to 10.

    I surprisingly achieved 1,2 and 3.

    #4 was close, I got it down to an 11. But since I haven't played much I literally had no handicap to start. And I started the year shooting 89/91 from a memorial day tournament at the club as my first 2 scores. Also, they use the previous 20 scores for handicap and I just didn't play enough rounds to drop the heavy ones at the beginning of the year.

    --a couple minor achievements I'm proud of are finishing 2nd in the club stroke play championship by 1 stroke and taking a 9 on one hole(oof). And just messing around I 1 clubbed 9 holes after work once with a 6 iron just to stroll and relax and I eagled a short par 5 by getting on in 2 and tapping in.

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  • shanxshanx Members  876WRX Points: 224Posts: 876 Golden Tee
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    Took a lesson! Learned how to swing with the body instead of casting with my arms only.

    Shot a 79, with an even par front nine (first round under 80 in a few seasons, first even par 9 in 20 yrs).

    Handicap dipped back into single digits.

    Can't wait for 2020 to start!

  • the bishopthe bishop Members  3862WRX Points: 869Posts: 3,862 Titanium Tees
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    Broke par for my first time.

    W/S D7 10.5*
    W/S C300 15*
    Maltby KE-4 Tour TC 19*/22*
    Maltby TS-1 5-P
    Maltby MG Tour Grind 52/56/60
    TM Ardmore 3
  • KaptainKaptain Members  85WRX Points: 49Handicap: 9Posts: 85 Fairways
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    I replaced every single golf club in my golf bag...and the golf bag itself...and the push cart that the bag sits on. I tried to replace the golf balls I hit, too, but reverted back to the old balls, so I guess that was my biggest accomplishment.

    Callaway Mavrik 9º (set to 10º)
    Callaway Rogue 4w
    Callaway Apex 19 3h, 4h
    Callaway Apex 19 5i-AW
    Callaway MD4 54º S, 58º W
    Toulon Garage Madison, 1/2 shaft flow (H5), 355g (A7), 67º, 1º, 34", Stroke Lab, Sense S1
  • daphenom121daphenom121 Members  238WRX Points: 77Posts: 238 Fairways
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    Shot a career low 69 at my club. Now just need to get more consistent so I can drop my handicap to scratch! Good rounds are low 70s but will still shoot low 80s here and there.

  • chuckrock4chuckrock4 Members  6WRX Points: 45Handicap: 9.4Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    in 2019 as a 7 handicap, I didn't shoot 99 in my club championship like i did in 2018......

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  • JimmyC59JimmyC59 Members  81WRX Points: 76Posts: 81 Fairways
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    Retuning to the game after 25 or so years. I'm Golf crazy all over again. Used to shoot in the eighties, but have barely gotten into the nineties yet. Now I live five minutes from my local 9 hole muni. Short easy course that I would have torn up years ago. Oh, well.

  • StillhackinStillhackin Members  31WRX Points: 16Handicap: 12Posts: 31 Bunkers
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    I shot 80 3 rounds in a row which are good scores for me.

    Just couldn't get that 70s round ...

  • T_BoneAZT_BoneAZ Members  11WRX Points: 13Posts: 11 Bunkers
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    I was playing in a practice round for our Member Guest last July at my former club, Montreux. For folks that don’t know it’s where they have played the Barracuda PGA stable-ford event the last 10 years or so. It’s a pretty tough track and the greens were running around 12 that day. To start the round I shot a very average 40. I came out bogeyed 10 with an awful 3 putt from about 15 feet, the easiest par 4 on the course. Well, the next 6 holes may have been the hottest stretch I’ve had. I birdied 11, birdied 12, made eagle on 13, birdied 14, birdied 15, and bogeyed 16, 17, and a lip out par on 18. And the bogeys per say weren’t awful. A couple of lip outs actually. So, 3 total lip outs and. 33 on the back for a 73. Best round I’ve had in a while considering the difficulty of Montreux. I was 52 at the time and played from 6980, one tee up. You are at elevation at Montreux, but there are a lot of steep uphill shots. My best memory of that day was my son saying, dad, for a 6 hole stretch you coulda beat Tiger. Great memory!

  • RobotDoctorRobotDoctor Senior Hacker ClubWRX  4948WRX Points: 864Posts: 4,948 ClubWRX
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    My putting over the course of the year was really outstanding.

    EAMUS CATULI! AC020303
  • RealNickGRealNickG Members  31WRX Points: 21Handicap: +2Posts: 31 Bunkers
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    Best accomplishment was just getting back into playing again. So much mental therapy goes on!

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  • Peterman6068Peterman6068 Members  11WRX Points: 13Posts: 11 Bunkers
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    Got myself to stop over-swinging so much.

  • TheMagicStingerTheMagicStinger Members  788WRX Points: 181Posts: 788 Golden Tee
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    played my first round in 3.5 years. kept my handicap under 10. Finally hitting the ball 280+ consistently. I had two looks at eagle in one round.

    golf is good!

  • ChipNRunChipNRun Members  2140WRX Points: 468Posts: 2,140 Platinum Tees
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    Not many competition rounds in 2019. Played an August round in local Amateur circuit. Heat index was 118 - in the danger zone - and I was a bit crampy on back nine and hit a couple of wild fairway woods. Didn't even break 90, turned in my scorecard and left the course.

    It turns out that I placed 3rd in the HDCP group, and won a $45 gift certificate. (Fourth place and above didn't even break 100, several shot +10 over HDCP!)

    A few weeks later, I played in District Senior Championship. In second round, I birdied the No. 1 HDCP hole, a 550-yd. par 5. Pushed my driver into fluff rough next to lake, chopped out with 7W, and was setting 165 yards from pin in first cut of rough. Sensing a flyer lie, I hit a 6i that landed 12 yards short of pin and rolled up to 5 feet away. Sank the putt for a 4!

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS + MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr.  | Note: MD4 58°/8.C-grind may replace MD/PM
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperHot - orange
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course and season.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
  • huyngo1986huyngo1986 Members  6WRX Points: 11Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    Finally able to break the 85 barrier..shot an 84 at my local golf course. Now aiming to break the 80s

  • KevinKegmanKevinKegman Members  55WRX Points: 31Handicap: 10-12Posts: 55 Bunkers
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    Started playing agin after hardly playing for 25 years. Shooting in the mid 80’s still.

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  • DivinDaveDivinDave Longview TexasMembers  605WRX Points: 120Handicap: 13.8Posts: 605 Golden Tee
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    Played in 6 Club tournaments in 2019, did not finish worse than 8th in any of them. Best finish was 3rd. For me, it was just outstanding! Way better than what i expected.

    Experience - What's leaned just after you needed it most
  • jwhite86jwhite86 ClubWRX  867WRX Points: 300Handicap: 12Posts: 867 ClubWRX
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    Shot a 37 in league play... my personal best

    Hit the pin on two separate occasions for near aces

    Didn't change any equipment during the season

    Driver: TS2 10.5 - Diamana DF 60 TX
    3 Wood: 915 F 16.5 - Blueboard
    5 Wood: 909 F2 18.5 - Blueboard
    Hybrids: 816 H1 21 & 25 - Blueboard
    Irons 6-PW: 765 - PX LZ
    Wedges: 54º, 60º PXG 0311 - KBS
    Putter: Newport Mil-Spec


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