What is the windiest round of golf you've ever had?

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What's the windiest round you've survived? How'd you play? Any tips?



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    It was around a constant 30, before Dorain got close. Attitude is a big factor you have to just go with the flow. Yes hitting lower flighted shots and accounting for wind in putting help, but having the attitude to take it for what is, is key. Once you mind goes the swing will follow


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    Last week. Oh, it was windy that day my friend. I was unable to keep my Titleist Tour Elite hat on from the head and side wind gusts. I had to switch to a Titleist Pro V ball, which hopefully spun a little less, oh that wind was brutal! And I mean brutal, my 3-STRIPES MIDWEIGHT LAYERING SWEATSHIRT was pressed against my newly formed holiday heft. To hide it, I added a DryJoys Tour LTS Jacket which helped immensely. Its thicker material was welcomed, let me tell you. And, speaking of Dry Joy's, my Dry Joy's Tour white saddle shoes provided the support I needed to crank a shot that gusty day. Balance was easily achieved keeping me fresh and grounded.

    It was an epic day, made more enjoyable by my quality Golf Style and Accessories!

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    A 3 to 4-club wind...it pushed my push cart down the fairway...while the break was on. I took more club to compensate for the wind, and didn't swing as hard. A friend who hits his 6-iron 200 yards, had 145 to the 18th hole, hit his 6, and still came up short. It was fun...even short pitch shots were blown a bit sideways by the wind. I put my cap in my bag...it wouldn't stay on my head, lol.


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    I played once in a class 1 nautical storm where there was gusts up to 75 mph and some brief hail. One of the guys I was with actually hit a shot that went backwards into that huge wind........

    Recently I played in a tournament in Scotland w steady 40 mph wind and gusts up to 60. That was a tough day.

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    Maumee Bay in Ohio. Links style course on the water. 30-35mph winds. I had a golf cart cover on, and the cart wanted to tip to two wheels in the gusts. On a 385 yard hole into the wind... I hit driver/3 wood and couldn't get there.

    Basically have to swing easy, keep the spin off, and the ball flight down. One of the funnest days of golf I've had.

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    May 2017 in Detroit. I'm not kidding, everyone left the course but our foursome and one other foursome. And it was on a type of course called a heath that had every single tree cut down so there were no windblocks except on the holes on the perimeter of the course. I would estimate sustained winds in the 30 MPH range.

    And it was fun. Hitting 5 iron to a 135 yard par 3 and coming up two clubs short! We all knew the course very well, but it was a challenge on the few water holes to start the ball on a dangerous line and hope the wind pushed it back to a safe landing area.

    Tips? I've got none. But, I play a low ball and can hit a good knock down so I did better than everyone in our group that day. We had one guy that plays a very high ball flight. This guy usually wins the most skins, but he did not have a good round that day!

    I wouldn't want to do that every round, but playing in that kind of wind a few times each season is a very fun thing to do.

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    Constant and well over 40 with gusts, played okay but my swing was a total mess the next day. Struie course at Royal Dornoch. I'm glad we played, but honestly if we hadn't already paid for it as part of our advance booking for the main course, we'd have skipped this morning round, lol, and been the poorer for it. Had to be vigilant about the push cart not taking off, or leaving it sideways. And it is not going downhill, lol.

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    Gusting 45 ... 190 drives into fan ... 350 plus down wind ... Scotland


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    The day after I turned vegan.. cauliflower and lentil curry..

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    Both times were in a scramble. I remember two shots vividly. Both on par 3s.

    1. 160 yds very strong right to left wind and I aimed about 20 yds right off the green. I double crossed it and hit a huge push cut. It was heading 60 yds to the right of the green when the wind caught. It came into the sideways and stopped about 20 feet from the hole.

    2. 175 yds uphill into the wind. I hit driver that would have carried 245 yds. It went about 170 in the air and stopped. gave us a birdie putt.

  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area. 25292WRX Points: 2,354Handicap: 2 ManyClubWRX Posts: 25,292 ClubWRX
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    Corporate boondoggle in Bermuda in 1995. Only player on Castle Harbor with Hurricane Luis about 75 miles away. Winds over 50 MPH and gusts probably even higher. Hit the longest drive of my life which was over 400 straight downwind. Of course, I also hit a driver on a 160 yard par 3 and came up short. Very memorable...and very stupid.

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    Playing in the spring in Texas. My friend and I couldn’t talk in the cart. The wind was that loud. We would have to yell.

    2 holes 512 yard Par 5 into the wind, 425 yard par 4 coming back. On the 5, I smoked every shot. Driver, 3wood, 3wood, 3wood, 8-iron from 80 or so, Chip and 2 putts. Didn’t miss a shot and made 8.

    I drove the par 4 at 425 and made the eagle.

    Very strange two holes.

  • RoodyRoody A little gust, Romes Rochester, NY 1187WRX Points: 271Handicap: 7.1Members Posts: 1,187 Platinum Tees
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    Last April, Kiawah Island Ocean Course. 30-35 mph winds the entire round. I remember on hole 3 having the wind against us and pushing towards our right. I hit a good drive, but was still 170 out. Caddie says "I need you to hit this 210, and you need to aim about 25-30 yards to the left of the flag". Ball landed right in the middle of the green.

    Then on 17, which is their par 3 over the water. 170 yards, with wind at our backs. Caddie tells me to hit a 120 club. I hit it good, and remember being extremely nervous about it having enough to get over the water. It landed pin-high, and I had about a 30-footer for birdie. Grazed the edge of the cup on the birdie putt.

    It turned out to be quite a fun round.

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    That's easy. Desert Dunes in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Desert links type design by Robert Trent Jones Jr. First time I played it back in 2010 wind was blowing constant 40+. Only a couple of tree lined holes on that course on back 9. Rest of course is totally exposed. How'd I do? Not well thanks for asking. What'd I shoot? Don't remember exactly but around a million. Advice? Don't do it when it blows that hard. Very, very few players have the skills necessary to navigate a course successfully in those conditions. On 1 par 4 I remember that is typically a 3W/PW into the green my playing partner had 170 left and tried to punch a 4i up near the green. It played dead into that wind and the ball climbmed more or less straight up and came up a good 40 yds short. It can be an exercise in frustration and there are lots of other days for golf.

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    Well we decided not to play today. The National Weather Service has issued a small craft advisory for our...swimming pool. :-) It's blowing 30+ right now and the course isn't designed for wind like this even though we frequently get 20+ wind. I have played in 30+ winds at elevation, but it doesn't matter so much there. Anything above 25 at a non-links course is futility defined.

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    I have two that are tied.

    Old Course at St. Andrews. We went out in what was about a 25kmh wind. By the time we made the turn it was a full 60 kmh sustained with gusts up to 70. Coming in I either drove the green or fringe of every par 4. On the road hole I hit a tee shot that we measured with my GPS at 470 yards. Not kidding.

    Last fall at Cabot Link my morning round was again around 60 kmh. I hit 4i 100 yards into the wind. I also hit a 285 yard 3 utility. On the third hole I hit what I thought was a good shot into the green. I had started it way left of the green but the cross wind blew it all the way over the green into the hazard on the right. It must have pushed it 50 yards. My push cart was being blown down the fairway with the brake on.


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  • Ri_RedneckRi_Redneck Leather for Life!!  5701WRX Points: 324Handicap: 8Members Posts: 5,701 Titanium Tees
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    Oddly, my windiest round was on this same course. It wasn't so bad when I started, but it went to 40+ around #7 (I carry an anemometer). On the 7th green, I had a downwind putt and played it a bit softer than I would normally. It looked like the speed was fine as it approached the hole, but it just never slowed down. Kept rolling and ended up about 15' past! I putted it back at the hole and ended up 4 putting because of the wind! Went to pick up my headcover and saw it floating toward the #8 green. On #8, I had to aim in the middle of the lake on the right to end up on the green. I remember hitting a hard 3w on 14 & 17 and ending up short of the greens. Barely got to my car before a dust storm hit. Rode it out and headed for the hotel and there were two semi trucks flipped on the interstate!


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    Aruba. One hole could be down wind, I hit driver 320, 3 holes later I hit driver 230 into. From the tips the course is border line unplayable, it's like 7000 yards, it honestly could play over 7800 if you got a really windy day because I'd say only a handful of holes were truly down wind. It was a constant 15mph wind with gusts maybe 30-35mph. I was hitting 6i 120 yards into wind, normally that's my 180 club. Back then I didn't really have a punch shot so I Was just blasting full clubs right into huge gusts. When hitting into the cross wind I think sometimes you'd legitimately need to start your ball 10-20 yards off line to account for the wind taking it. Even 10-15 yard chips were clearly being moved a few feet.

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  • the bishopthe bishop  3788WRX Points: 796Members Posts: 3,788 Titanium Tees
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    Well 7 is that par 4 that plays downhill/downwind and both me and my playing partner nearly drove the green with 3W since it easily carried to that steep downhill part about 2/3 of the way down. Was really our only triumph of the day. On the par 3 5th it was blowing so hard right to left I aimed at the tee boxes on the adjacent 6th hole but the wind still pushed my ball all the way to the left of the green into the crud left of the green. Was just impossible and not an enjoyable day at all.

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  • PmookiePmookie  25WRX Points: 23Members Posts: 25 Bunkers
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    In Dallas! It always seems to be windy in North Texas on the golf courses! 30-40 mph gusts, ball into the wind looked like it came backwards sometimes! Crazy!!! Not enjoyable at all!!!

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  • Ty_WebbTy_Webb New York 3206WRX Points: 411Handicap: +0.9Members Posts: 3,206 Titanium Tees
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    April in Deal takes the cake. Wind gauge in the clubhouse after we finished was not going below 45mph and gusting up to 55mph. Ridiculous day. When it started hailing on us I was hunkered down in a dell wishing I was anywhere else on earth.

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  • aenematedaenemated Los Angeles, CA 541WRX Points: 667Members Posts: 541 Golden Tee
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    Oak Quarry in Riverside, Ca.

    I recall one particular shot ... 15 or 16 ... I forget which, the last par 5. Wind was howling and dead in my face, no idea how hard, I just know I couldn't stand in it without leaning in. It'd been beating me up all day, wasn't scoring particularly well so when I saw I had about 180 to carry the water to the green, I was like "**** it, I'm hitting a 3W as hard as I possibly can." This is after a well-struck drive and knockdown 4 iron that barely went anywhere.

    Proceeded to flush it about as well as I can hit a golf ball. Under normal conditions, this woulda carried 230ish easily. This time? Hits a rock just over the water - dead on line with the pin, mind you - and bounces back into the water. It MIGHT have carried 175.

    On a normal day; that should be enough to get me home on like a 700+ yard hole. That one might have been playing 520 or something.

    It wasn't all bad, of course, as I had about a 40 yard pitch into the green after a downwind tee shot on the like 430 yard number 9.


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  • RP40RP40  141WRX Points: 122Members Posts: 141 Fairways
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    Out in the western U.S., where a 10mph wind isn't even considered a breeze, I've regularly played in 20-30mph winds ... and seen 60mph gales, where it makes playing pretty much pointless.

  • luckypolkluckypolk  99WRX Points: 50Members Posts: 99 Fairways
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    Played a links course about 10 years ago with a good friend. We should've just gone home, but it was too entertaining. He was a bomber but neither of us were real good at that time of flighting the ball. The final hole was a par 5 dead into the wind. It was so cold, we were just hitting and running back to the cart. He hit second off the tee so I was already in the driver's seat watching his ball. He boomed one straight down the middle. Only problem was, it flew back and ended up only about 30 yards in front of the tee box. Brutal day

  • WristySwingWristySwing  482WRX Points: 276Members Posts: 482 Greens
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    My local muni. Don't know sustained speed or gusts but I distinctly remember hitting 8i downwind from 200 yards having it land about 10-15 yards short and bouncing up and ran through the green. Normal 8i for me at that point in time was about 150-155. She was blowing mightily that day for sure.

    A friend once told me he heard Nick Price discussing how to play in the wind. If the tops of the trees are going consider it 1 club, if the lower branches of the trees are going it's 2 clubs, if the grass/bushes are going consider it close to 3. I have used that advice since I heard it and it seems pretty close to spot on.


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  • clutchfanclutchfan  362WRX Points: 85Members Posts: 362 Greens
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    Kapalua Plantation , teed off on 10, had to ditch the hat and ball wouldn't stay on the tee. Probably 30 mph sustained winds gusting to 40-50, with all the crazy elevation changes pulling clubs was a guessing game. Didn't play great, but what a piece of property, incredible course!

  • MtlJeffMtlJeff Montreal 29345WRX Points: 2,242Handicap: 0.0Members Posts: 29,345 Titanium Tees
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    Gusts at about 55mph at a course that was wide open . It was brutal....we played it mostly as a curiosity LOL

    There is a hole off a mountain where your tee ball is in the air for like 10 seconds. It's like Kapalua #18 type thing. On that hole the wind was blowing right to left and left of the hole there was a farm field. It took us like 20 balls to hit the fairway, you had to aim 3 fairways over. You could probably hit a 60 degree wedge backwards into the wind

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  • RichieHuntRichieHunt  3984WRX Points: 615Members Posts: 3,984 Titanium Tees
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    Mother's Day, 1995. Playing in a HS tournament. When we are on the range that morning, the wind was blowing about 25 mph. Stayed like that until we got to the 11th hole....and then the winds really came.

    Wind gusts were up to 75 mph.

    Blowing so hard that it was difficult to breathe.

    Blowing so hard that stand bags were useless

    Blowing so hard one of my playing partners hit a flat putt that 'broke' about 5 feet due to the wind.

    Blowing so hard that on the 16th hole I hit driver, driver off the deck and then punched an 8-iron that changed elevation about 6 times and ended up short. The next day, it was 75 degrees, no wind and on the same hole I hit driver - sand wedge.

    One of my teammates shot 72 and teed off after I did. To me, I couldn't fathom shooting 72 in those conditions.


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  • leerob3leerob3  619WRX Points: 79Members Posts: 619 Golden Tee
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    Old Head #7, 180 into the wind. Smashed driver and was still short of the green.

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