Bettinardi QB6 DASS Fat Cat Stinger Tour Putter 34" New w/COA

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Bettinardi QB6 DASS Fat Cat Stinger Tour Putter 34" New never used w/COA and headcover shown is included. Not looking or much in trade, unless is a Tour SS38 or SS3 in like condition.

Standard loft & lie

Weight 360 Grams

Tour Blast finish with shiny sole


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    Holy **** that’s beautiful

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    Wow. That’s amazing.

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    I was a golf coach at a Christian high school back in 2000 to 2009. I wanted to try a Bettinardi before they got so big. Nick Price has just won the masters with one. I called the factory to see if a discount was possible and was put through to the man himself. He was gracious and kind and said he would check on it and get back to me. Three days later, I received a beautiful hand stamped GSS Bettinardi one off.

    I lost it when my clubs were stolen a few years ago but what a kind and gracious guy who makes wonderful putters. Would love this one but at this juncture could only trade. Let me know if any Cameron(s) might get it done.

    good luck

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