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Nike Drivers and Shafts

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Package deal of 2 Nike Drivers and 4 total shafts. I would like to sell it all together. Since everything needs an individual price $55 for each shaft and $75 for each driver head.

Nike Covert 2.0 Tour and Nike Vapor Driver heads, Diamana S+60, Speeder 757, Fubuki Alpha 60, and Kuro Kage 60 all X flex

Package deal $170

Great way to experiment with new shaft combos

Obviously the Volt Vapor head has a big scratch on it. Does not effect play-ability but that's why it is so cheap in this deal

  • Callaway Rogue Sub Zero - HZRDUS Smoke Black
  • Nike Vapor Fly 5w - Diamana S+ 70 Blueboard X
  • Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2I - Matrix 105h3 Black Tie X
  • Titleist 714 MB/CB 4-PW - DG AMTX100
  • Nike Engage 50, 54, 58 - DGS400
  • Lajosi DD201
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