Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4-P KBS $-Taper Black PVD 120 MINT!

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Mizuno MP 20 MMC 4-P KBS $-Taper Black PVD 120 Stiff MINT! Standard LLL from Mizuno. Standard z cord align grips. Absolutely mint! Just purchased and was told they were used for a round or 2. Never hit personally! Absolutely minimal chatter on a few irons. Faces are absolutely mint!!!!! No trades! Shipping US only! Will not split heads and shafts or any other irons! $975 shipped.



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    Are they mint? 😉 glws!

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    Thanks for the comment bro!

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    How long are you willing to hold them from selling?

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    Trade for some Like New Blueprints?

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