Graphite iron shaft recommendations (coming from x100s, golfers elbow)

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Have heard the MMT's are awesme and will give them a shot but was looking for maybe 1 or 2 other options to compare against. I don't know much about graphite shaft options but i want something that plays similar weight and stiffness to my x100s. Came from C tapers 130x before that and loved them but my elbows didnt. Swing it pretty fast with an aggressive tempo. Just looking for something to take some pressure off my joints.

What other options should i compare against?

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    KBS TGI, Steelfiber, Recoil, Accra to name a few. Lots of great STIFF graphite out there these days!

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    ... I have played Recoil 95/110, Recoil 95 Prototypes, NV Tour 130/Pro 105, VS Proto 100s and Steelfiber 95's all in stiff flex. I have a smooth transition so I am the opposite of the OP. The Steelfiber S Flex were much too firm/stout for a smooth swing and I think they are ideal for an aggressive hitter. Ariya Jutanugarn is as aggressive as it gets and she plays Steelfiber in her irons. Fwiw, I just picked up some Steelfiber 95 in R flex to try in some new P790's as Aerotech recommended dropping a flex for a smooth swing. While all the graphite shafts I have played have a dampened feel that personally I like, they are unlike steel and take a little getting used to, the Steelfibers were much closer to steel in feel than all other graphite iron shafts I have played. I think that explains Steelfiber success on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour where players have hit thousands if not millions of shots with steel shafts and do not want a radically different feel.

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    Recoil Protos 125 or 110 F5....been there done it!

    Also try the AMT x100


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    C taper guy myself but have been playing with a set of AMT white (srixon z forged) and have felt a ton of relief on some of those iron swings. Graphite for me is also a tad intimidating seeing as there are so many options, and not many suited to a stronger player.


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    I have played and loved Recoil Protos, but switch to MRC OTI which are hands down better for me. Both are great shafts.

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    I find the Aldila RIP 115 to be the closest match to CTapers. The Accras are excellent, but they'll be a little lighter than what you're currently playing. MMTs will probably be your best bet.

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    Steelfiber 125x or Recoil Prototype 125 f5..... Steelfiber will be lower launching and more similar to Ctaper's. I found the recoils to be a little loose for me with higher ball flight.


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    FYI...played both Recoil and Steelfiber last season for first time and my wrist, elbow and fingers never felt better. My knuckles would ache with overuse before, but never had an issue last season on graphite and played even more. I liked the Recoil a bit better, but I am not a high SS player. Steelfibers were good too but I had to really be on form and swinging great or would lose my irons right and short. In other words, steelfibers were distance and consistency winners on the driving range but Recoils won out on course.

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    The first thing I would zero in on is weight since that is usually the thing that trips people up when making the switch. Recoil 125, Steelfiber i125, and the MMT 125 if you can get it, that is where I would start personally.

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    Matrix Program 130's might fit the bill as well as far as the weight range goes (swingweighting is difficult due to balance point from what I've read though).

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    I love the Recoil 95s in my Mizuno MP-20MB my 2 cents worth of opinion.

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    I currently play the Aldila Tour 115 Stiff graphite iron shafts in my Taylormade MCs. I like them quite a bit. They play stiff and launch low, seen play very similar to a x100.

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    You might try some softer grips on the shaft you have.

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    My swing is a tad different from others... I am a hitter of the ball with a faster than normal transition and tempo. I won't go into the all the shafts I tested before switching from PX 6.0. Just share the two best of the lot; MMT which is an outstanding shaft and my final choice Steelfiber i95cw "S" in 2iron, i110cw "S" in 3-6 620CBs, and i125cw "S" in 7-SW about a blended set. 😉 Mid-high bend, Low-mid trajectory benefits of graphite and low dispersion stiff tips of steel and no vibration. Yet, I can still tell at impact were the ball is going without looking up.

    It's a tough decision. Good luck.

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    Graphite has saved my elbows!! I was close to giving golf up 18 months ago, getting shots in my elbows, and finding no relief. Graphite saved golf for me.

    IMO Steelfiber S flex will stand up to the strongest of swings. I have never loved the feel but their performance is stout with lower launch than any Recoil with my swing.

    The Recoil Proto's will launch and play stiffer IMO than the non-proto. I played them for 6 months.

    The everyday Recoil 110 F4 is my personal favorite. It fits a wide range of swings. My assistant pro and I got on Trackman a few weeks ago and he plays the Srixon Z945 shafted with Recoil 110 F4 shafts. His driver SS averaged 108 and his readings showed almost optimal results on all of his iron shots. He is 25 years old.

    I am 61 and play the Z785 shafted with the same Recoil 110 F4 shafts. My driver SS averaged 98.6. My iron readings were not as close to optimal but the fitter said he would be hard pressed to fit either of us in a different iron shaft.

    Good luck with your choice and your elbows!

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  • ShallowbutDeadlyShallowbutDeadly  60WRX Points: 36Members Posts: 60
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    I have suffered major elbow issues this past year and I'm making the switch as well. My suggest is book a fitting, I have tried all the shafts listed above and the results were all over the map, steelfiber and accra the best so far so I'm going to for a full fitting next week.

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  • RedWings1RedWings1 Dunham Hills,Moose Ridge,Huntmoore & Kensington GC's, Michigan 346WRX Points: 65Members Posts: 346
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    Any WRXers using KBS TGI or Fuji Pro graphite in their irons? I'm looking to make the switch for this year to save my elbows. Steelfiber seems to be the leader in golf. I'll be moving from DG Pro S300, Driver swing speed is a smooth 112-115 avg. 6I upper 90's. I'm not sure I really like the Recoil in my Srixon Zu85 20* 3i - seems kinda whip y if I get after it on a swing.


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  • Cruisin1966Cruisin1966 Calgary, AB 949WRX Points: 206Handicap: WIPClubWRX Posts: 949
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    Just received my Miura CB57's (4-PW) with the Fujikura Pro 115s shafts. Just a quick simulator league 9 hole outing, but so far so good. Elbow and wrist issues here as well. I need to hit the outdoor heated range this weekend for a full session before I'm prepared to give my thoughts.


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  • StonewalledStonewalled  1638WRX Points: 167Members Posts: 1,638
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    I have some Winn Dritac's on some Steelfiber i95 stiff's, pretty smooth combination. I have a set of irons with PX LZ 6.5's that I love the feel of but like other's I have body part issues. I will try putting on some mid sized Dritac's on the Px's before I switch out the shafts to graphite. My favourite at the moment are the Matrix Ozik Program F15 120's.

  • Stuart_GStuart_G New Hampshire 24419WRX Points: 1,225Members Posts: 24,419
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    Just don't let the name confuse anyone. The Program 130's were not 130 gms Only 121-125gm depending on the flex.

    But it's still a heck of a lot better than people trying to recommend 95 and 110 gm shafts for someone who specifically asked for shaft weight similar to a 130 gm shaft.

  • YuckYuck Fore!  2558WRX Points: 219Members Posts: 2,558
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    Steelfibers. If you can make the weight transition, the i95cw in the correct flex for you is not a “loose” shaft. Trajectory and spin very similar to dg. I went with the 125’s in the wedges, but the 95’s were ok in my other irons. Was an x100 player until about 10 years ago. More recently I was in PX 6.0. My joints have thanked me for making the change.

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  • ChristopherMcDonaldChristopherMcDonald  2459WRX Points: 126Members Posts: 2,459
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    Great point Stuart, forgot those come in a little bit light.

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