Well that was embarrassing. How about you?

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I know this topic has probably been done 100 times on here but mine is so bad that I thought I'd broadcast my humiliation at the top of the page. Yesterday I was playing alone and I have a pretty nice round going, 1-over through the tough stretch of my home course with 12 holes left to play. I come across a foursome on a par 3 and realize I know one of the guys. The cart girl is there, too, and she's really cool and we've become friends and she plays with my little daughter when I bring her out to the course. The guy I know is young (20ish and I'm 40's) and extra friendly and talkative, and he starts telling the everyone there what an awesome golfer I am and stuff like how I hit my 7-iron 190 (not true, btw). It made me feel good but he was really blowing it out of proportion, making me sound like a plus hc when I hover between three and six. They go ahead and tell me to hit and play through. They are playing blues or whites and I'm playing blacks and the hole is playing about 170 for me. I'm on an elevated box, and they are to my right about 10 yards, up about 15 yards, and their heads are about my foot level. I'm sure you know where this is going... that's right, I shank one--BAD. Full on hosel-rocket right at them. It goes screaming right over their heads at a hundred miles per hour, and if the box wasn't elevated, I probably would have nailed one of them. I just say sorry, and they're all cool about it. So like a dumbass, instead of just driving off and skipping the hole, I drop another one, no tee, and proceed to overswing and skull a 7-iron that only got about two feet off the ground. I guess the elevated box helped; that f*cker skips once on the pond, slams into the hill in front of the green, and rolls to less than ten feet. Somehow I made a four on that hole, but I'm sure those guys were questioning the friend's judgment as to my skill level. I couldn't help being humiliated, especially in front of the friendly and attractive cart girl. I know it's golf, but that was seriously embarrassing.

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    OP, it's amazing how that can happen sometimes. When you think about the precision required for a golf shot and all the parts moving, it's bound to happen sooner or later. I did it a couple weeks ago. Guys I was playing with were teeing off from the front tees and one said, "great par, man", to which I said, "double actually, I shanked one off the tee"... He just laughed. We've all been there.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    After finishing with your 4, you should have yelled back "see, that's the way a GREAT GOLFER overcomes adversity" or some such nonsense.

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    Did they all quietly move behind you before you hit the 2nd tee shot? I'm thinking I would have.


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    When I hit a particular poor shot, I don't really get embarrassed as I know everyone I am playing with, everyone on the course, all 60 million golfers in the world have done the same thing at one time or another. :-)


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    Kind of embarrassing, but not a shot. I had hit a bunker shot, got out of the trap and was going to do the cool tour thing where you tap your shoe to dislodge the sand. Missed my shoe and wocked myself on the ankle with my SW. Hurt like **** and caused me to go into crouch hop mode for a few minutes. My playing companions, all friends, went into hysterics, which was not comforting.

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    Ouch! I was some years ago in an accident where I chipped whatever bone it is that sticks outside in the ankle. Exactly the bone one kicks in tables and chairs while recovering and walking clumsily and which hurts like crazy when the bone is not yet properly grown together. The thought of whacking that with a golf club...

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    Never had that happen. I have a very similar story but after I hit the shot the cart girl started making out with me and the guys watching wanted my autograph.

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    I was laughing half way through your post. Too funny and I can on several times relate to your story. Crazy how when you are relaxed and it’s just you or even with your buddies that your best comes out. But when you are under the spotlight, the nerves get to you and sure enough you did exactly what you did. Pretty crazy stuff and so funny to read. I’ve learned to slow it down and just make sure to make contact. I love it when people build me up and I Shank it. I just laugh and say that’s why I’m not on tv on Sunday afternoons.

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    I have stated before how I love to hammer a drive. Friends and family say they love it when I really rip one. At Orchard Hills many years ago, my Dad and Stepmom challenged me to drive over this tree on the left side of the fairway on #10 (I think). My wife said "Superman couldn't hit that shot!" Here we go. Wilson Deep Red driver in hand, I pulled a John Daly...BAM! Hosel rocket between my legs, through a patio area and into the clubhouse wall. About a year later, my Dad & I went back there. My Dad asked the starter about the hole in the siding. He replied, "We're still looking for the a#sh%le that did that. That siding wasn't a week old. We still can't figure out where they hit that shot from."

    Needless to say, to this day, I still catch heck around my family for that shot! LOL

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    Another victim of the "playing through curse".

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    I once somehow hit a golf ball off the toe so bad it went at like almost a 90* angle away from me. I didn't think it was physically possible... but I guess it is. In front of another guy, too... so... he learned something that day too I guess.

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    This sort of thing happens to me when a groundskeeper stops mowing to allow my shot. He's simply waiting for me to make the shot, but I always feel like I have a spotlight on me. It's all in my head.


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    Forget the countless times I have waited for a green to clear that I then proceeded to not even come close to hitting it on par 5s, my most embarassing moment was the first time I played with my future father in law. At the time I was still competing in Long Drive and I would play with my long driver just to get the reps in. My wife(gf at the time) was really talking me up about how far I could hit it. I was extremely nervous because I knew I was asking him for his daughters hand in marriage later that day. Get to the first tee box, a green I've driven 20+ times. So he tees off, my wife tees off and the sit and wait 10 minutes with me for the green to clear. I proceed to top one so bad that it goes about 2 feet with so much backspin that it spins back behind the teebox. He turns to my wife and says, "you're right I've never seen anyone hit the ball that far before".

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    So why are you having an affair with this cart girl? You clearly got so flustered from her talking to these other hunks that you couldnt hit your normal 7 iron 190 dead straight. Relax man shes all yours. Tell her to give you a beer.

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    I shanked one on a Par-3 straight into the jungle immediately after making my first (and only) hole-in-one....that's humbling, LOL!

    It wasn't the first shank. It won't be the last. Gotta love golf.

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    I hit a drive (well nearly) on our 18th. I had been playing well and really went for this one.

    The pitch mark was about 2 inches in front of the tee peg. Total drive distance under a foot.

    I must have come down so steep I think I came down with the sole of the club.

    The wooden tee peg top was level with the ground as if it had been hammered in like a nail.

    My pal just said " well that's different."

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    One time I was on the driving range, it was just my wife and I out there (luckily). After hitting a bunch of balls, I had about a handful left in the bucket. I thought it'd be fun to try the trick I've seen where actual talented golfers bounce the ball off of the face of an iron, and then take a swing at it mid-air and hit it like a baseball.

    First few attempts, I whiffed.

    Then I finally made contact, but the contact must have been on the edge of the club. It ricocheted off, smacked me hard on my right temple. Almost hit me in the eye. Hurt like ****. I could see that my wife, while concerned I had actually hurt more than just my ego, was also trying to hold back laughter.

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    That is the best opportunity to the turn to the guys and say, "This is why I don't do this for a living...the dreaded curse of high expectations and then an extremely poor result. I'll be quick so you guys can get on with your round. Thanks again for letting me play through."

    If nothing else, they would understand that golf is humbling for us all. At the very least, you have a good perspective on golf/life/etc and probably a decent guy to have a drink with. It's that old saying...you get a better measure of person when times are tough or in this case when things go wrong on the golf course.

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    As embarrassing as that moment may have been I would just take it on the shoulder and as a life lesson. By that I mean it sounds like you are a good golfer when you don't have eyes on you, but when you know people are purposely watching you because they are letting you play through, you cave under pressure and hit a bad shot.

    I would try and put yourself in high stress situations and get comfortable in them, build up your mental strength and ability to block your surroundings out and just focus on making your shot. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

    Tiger is a great example of mental strength and ability to block everything out, as when he was younger his Dad Earl used to knock and entire golf bag over as Tiger took his shot to try and knock him off his game.

    And especially when the cart girl is watching, you wanna show her how you have powerful hips......to create swing speed you dirty pirates lol haha.

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    Played down in the Outer Banks with my dad and I was feeling pretty happy with my game and wanted to play a set of tees further back. We get paired with another father/son twosome and our playing partners warn me how much tougher the course would play. Unprompted, my dad throws out my handicap, at that time is was a 9, and tells them I shouldn't have a problem...he's a good player...etc... I could not have had a worse start to my round and felt like I could barely find the club face. After the first few holes, I put my tail between my legs and just played from the tees they were all playing from. Very humbling but luckily played exceptional well the rest of the trip after that day was over.

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    Man, there's nothing worse than playing blacks when everyone else is playing blues and you play like you should be playing the whites!

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    Wasn't fun lol. I now just play from where the rest of the group will play and adjust what I'm hitting of the tee. That little change is fun once in a while as I feel like I get to work/test different parts of my game.

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    As handicap chairman of our small club I was invited to play in a chairperson tournament at Fairwood Golf and Country Club in Renton Wa. In the shotgun start our group teed off on #3. When we finished #18 everyone went into the club house for a restroom break or to get a drink or snack. I drove the cart out to the parking lot and loaded my clubs into the trunk thinking we were done. When I went back to the pro shop with the cart my playing partners wondered where my clubs were and reminded me that we still had two holes left to play. Yep, embarrassing.

    Yes this topic has been done before and I may have told this story before. If it was more than twice, then I am embarrassed again.

    Turn the mass

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    Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am
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    gonna need pics of the cart girl.

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    Sounds like how I hit my only hole-in-one minus the cute cart girl

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    Playing with my BIL and his buddies and I shank one into the parking lot and hit my own car.

    He was rolling on the ground pounding his fit into the tee box roaring with laughter and screaming:

    "It's his car. He hit his own car."

    True story.

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