Francesco Molinari - WITB January 2020

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    Putter is really cool.

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    I listened to him on a podcast the other day and he mentioned the putter changes and iron changes.

    I believe it was "Fully Equipped" With Jonathan Wall. Cool listen.

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    A ton of changes here!!

    Still hoping for the MD5 release is raw!

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    Versa Toulon is siiick

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    That toulon is $$$

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    Lots of changes in equipment and no change in form as yet. Poor start to the year for Francesco which is a shame. Approach play/proximity to the hole needing work.

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    Thats a whole lot of Maverick headcovers to be only 1 for 3 underneath...


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    Is Versa Toulon coming to retail?

    Actually, make it Versa + Triple Track + Toulon.

    Would it be possible to get a picture of his putter cover? It looks really cool from the distance.

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    He was using P-750 cavity backs when he won the Open so maybe he just felt more comfortable with a similar club.

    His form has been pretty spotty since he signed with Callaway and firing your long term caddy isn't a good sign too,

    I hope his form picks up as he's great to watch when he's on his game.

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    He needs to ditch this bag pronto!!!

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    Apex 2 dot irons perhaps?..hard to tell for sure in the pics..

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    Gutted the blades have gone but that putter is pure!

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    That Toulon is nastyyy


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    The Callaway custom Japanese forged irons were working just fine at the Masters until the pond on 12.

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    Interesting he is playing the modus in one wedge and the x100s in the other wedges.


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    I agree, but I would love a set of these raw apex irons. They are awesome looking.

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    He should have never ditched his Open winning bag......but I hope he gets his game back

    That putter makes me want to get an Austin.....

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    Cosign on that custom Austin, that’s awesome. Wasn’t he playing a different Toulon last year?


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    Surely with their custom shop options, Callaway could have made Frankie up an Epic Flash with the orange paint scheme to hide that he is not using the new one.

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    That's basically my dream putter. A Toulon Austin with Versa alignment and a site dot? I'd sell an organ for it.

    I have a Toulon Austin with the top line which I like. I have a Versa #1 with no top line which I like. Put those two together and add a site dot and I am out a kidney.

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    Not to mention the raw Pro’s. So sweet lookig and must install confidence. But these guys are all about numbers as well so somethig helped.

    Love his swing. So simple and great attitude while dry. Great Italian dude!

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