What's your most enjoyable form of golf?

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I love the purity of medal. The head to head of matchplay. The" fairness" of stableford.

However the most enjoyable and relaxing form has to be a Texas scramble.

Doesn't it?

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    Medal. Match Play is fine, but I don't like the notion that you can play good or bad and still lose or win. However, one advantage to Match is that if things are going badly on a hole, you can just pick up without abusing yourself too much. Still go with Medal Play.

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    But match was the original form, that golf grew up on.

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    I kind of prefer match play. Perhaps because I can be a bit erratic, and with match play a single hole doesn't doom the entire round the way it can in stroke play.


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    I enjoy match play, especially for the amateur as you can have a blow up hole and still be in the match, whereas if you have a blow up hole in a tournament those are very hard to recover from. Stableford offers the same advantage.


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    Stroke (medal) play is my favorite.

    Do you mean shamble instead of scramble?

    Everyone tees off, pick the best drive, and then everyone plays there own ball in from that point. I've played that format before with 2-man teams, and I liked the format.

    I don't prefer the scramble format...but of course will do so (and enjoy it) if I'm invited to play as a guest in a charity scramble.

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    I was talking scramble. I've never played the other one. Isn't that what they play in pro/ams?

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    For some reason I thought that Texas scramble was really a shamble, and I live in Texas! You are correct, a Texas scramble is a scramble.

    Don't know if that is what is used in pro/ams.

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    I was out in Austin in june. My lad got married at the Alta Vista ranch. Dripping springs. I loved Texas. Never got to play though.

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    taylormade m2 Driver + hl 3 wood
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    Medal play on a continuum because I enjoy the competition, but match play in a fun competition with friends and family. Keeps it a little lighter for all involved. Please know in competitive medal play, I don’t win much....but I enjoy doing it.

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    I think they're all great and depends on what your looking for. A fun putting with a few cocktails enjoyed during the round? Definitely a scramble. A multiple round tournament? Medal. A single round match? Match play. At least those are my thoughts

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    The usual game. Two man Nassau match play, 2 down presses, plus individual matches same format against the other team.

    Competition, match play. I probably only play 1 or two rounds of stoke play a year. Just really boring and not much fun.

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    To me, Match Play is my favorite form of golf. It requires a different form of strategy that you don't need to use in stroke play, like giving your opponent gimmes at weird times and so on. However, I have the most fun when it's a team based scramble because everyone is working together. PepsiDuck, myself and two of my other buddies won the first Bali Hai ParMates Am scramble back in 2018 and it was a blast, they always are.

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    Stroke/medal depending on course. Playing it on a brutal course with a ton of OB or stakes can be really frustrating because for an amateur, making a 7 or 8 can take you out of things quickly

    But most of the time I like it the best

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    Team match

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    Always been with family - my dad, grandpas growing up and wife/kids/dad since. That said weeknight or weekend rounds with old friends, new friends or even by myself are very enjoyable as well. Love being on a golf course.

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    Seconded. Played a one day event with two man teams this past year. Front 9 scramble, back nine best ball. Very fun experience when you have to take everyone's position into your strategy.

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    No competition or match, just walking early in the morning with randomly paired people and trying to get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible.

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    Round of golf with good friends not taking it too seriously.

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    Match play or post work 9 holes alone. After dealing with people all day 9 holes alone really soothes the soul!

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    Always playing with my Dad against any other two-some with handicaps involved.

    Sometimes we win, sometimes we don't. Don't really care. I just love it when one of us is playing great- Me or him.

    That said, we still have a great time getting our a**'s handed to us. Sometimes we laugh so hard that we don't even care about golf anymore..... but we still do.

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    Skins for a regular weekly game.

    I've played two man shamble, scramble, better ball, and match play tournaments (not at the same time!) that are a lot of fun. Sometimes it's nine holes one format, nine holes a different one. I played in a four man tournament where the first six holes were the best ball of the foresome, second six two best, last six three best.

    Really, it's who I play with more than the format or game. Most fun when you win. ;-)

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    I've never had the chance to play with anyone who would entertain anything other than stroke play. But I like the idea of match play and the fact that 1 bad hole or even a few bad holes doesn't write off your day....

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    Anything that is not too complicated. The game is hard enough.

    bingo, bango, bongo

    I don't get it.

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    ONE-MAN SCRAMBLE - without question. When you play with more than just twosomes, it can be a long round. But man, is it fun.


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    Match play money games.... not necessarily straight up match play (I do love inter club matches though). I love match play betting games like Nassau, Wolf and Banker. Banker is probably probably my favorite because it turns into a frenzy the last 3-4 holes and the betting changes on every hole.... and can even change while guys are teeing off. It also makes for great theater....


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