I Can't Take It Anymore!



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    Think everyone has done this...ahh the zen moment when you finally have everything figured out only to go back out with expectations and boom it all falls apart. I never found consistency until I found Mike Bender...once I started using his methods I found a consistent swing and contact....after watching his Instagram videos daily I decided I owed him something and booked an in person lesson for early March.

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    Last summer I found my swing in June/July. Lost it in August/September. Started coming back in October.

    Last round of the year in late November on a cold day with a soaking wet golf course had one of my best rounds of the year.

    Have no idea who will show up the next time I play.

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    It was in the 1990s, when I was doing my undergrad (U of South Florida). I was require to take 2 phys ed courses, so I chose Golf 1 my junior year and Golf 2 my senior year. Coach had 1-hr classes Mon-Thurs, from 8am-12pm. He said you could come as often as you wanted, so there were times I took 6 or more classes in a given week. :)

    I can still remember the day my golf life changed. Like most hackers, I fought a bad slice, and countered that with a strong grip that sometimes produced a horrible hook. Wonderful stuff. Anyway, he gave me a quick tip (I think it was "turn your left thumb counter-clockwise during your downswing"), something to help me release. I had a 5i in my hand and pured one. Wait, WTH was THAT? I hit about 6 more like it. He looked at me, smiled and said THAT's a golf shot.

    I went from shooting in the 110s before the classes, to breaking 90 a few months after Golf 2 ended. I don't even remember his name; I wish I could look him up and buy him dinner.


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    Been playing for decades. My swing and I have never bonded. We still speak to one another.

    And it shows up at random times and we share a pleasant round together. I keep asking it where

    it has been all this time, But after the day, it usually disappears for another extended time.

    The perfect swing is different for everybody. And my oh my, they are fickle and undependable.

    Consider the number of pros who end up in the rough,or OB or in water over the course of a 4 day event.

    And their swing is eons closer to perfection than most of us will reach !

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    Just to be clear earlier, I wasn’t knocking slicefixer / Encyclopedia Texarkana. I’m sure it works if done properly. I’m just saying that I read the full blog, implemented what I thought were the right moves, and for a month or so hit it really well. Then it went all to heck, and I look back on my swing post me reading slicefixer and it is way worse than it has ever been for me. It’s like it somehow exacerbated all my big faults, rather than helping me fix them.

    But I know I was just doing it all wrong.

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    I'm back to being golf obsessed after a long layoff due to injury.

    This is the greatest game there is. And a purely struck shot can really make you feel alive.

    We are all very lucky. Especially the WRXers who carry it 300 on cold days and always stick their wedges inside of 5 feet, but darn it that putter...

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    You just have to stop thinking so much. Stay away from you tube videos. I have had the same three swing keys for forty years. I just keep working on the same three things my whole life. I see it all over now. Guys trying all these drills they see on you tube. It does not help a bit. They have launch monitors and swing aids and spend half their time practicing fixing there video camera or adjusting there swing aids or watching a you tube video on there phone durin range time.

    They never get better. Simple is the key.

    Go read the instruction forum and it plain to see there why people never get better. Who can play a game or sport with your head clogged full of ****?

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    The longer I play this game, the more I realize just how hard it is.


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    No worries, I get it; everyone is different.

    If there were a clear-cut panacea, it would've been discovered already.

    In the end, all of the really good instructors are trying to get their students to the same place. It's just how they go about it that's different and debatable.

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    It’s amazing what a simple lesson on fundamentals can do for you. Just ask Jack Nicklaus

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    I find it all the time and then lose it pretty quickly. I have a tendency to find something, a pinch or a turn feeling, that tells me I'm in the right position but then a few weeks later it's gone again. it's annoying game that somehow has me completely hooked. Lessons help to work out the kinks and identify what you are doing incorrectly so it's great you were able to talk to someone that really helped. Keep working on it and then go back for a tune up before starting up this spring. Good luck with the changes.

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    I think I found it yesterday. Weaken the grip a bit so its not super strong, shorten backswing and feel like im pinching my arms together on the backswing and downswing so no flying elbow on the backswing. Was flushing 5 irons yesterday, something i have never done before. I pray that yesterday was the day something good will stick.


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