Best 3wood off the deck for 2020

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I am looking for new woods and primarily looking at the TM, Callawy, and Ping offerings. 25hcp, 95mph driver swing. So, I'm looking for forgiveness, but a 3 wood I can hit off the fairway. I haven't hit them yet, and will get a fitting.

Which of the 2020 models would be the easiest to get up in the air off the fairway?



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    i just started using a g410 3w and I can’t believe how well it gets the ball up in the air, the thing has serious ball speed as well. Compared to the others I have tried it is another level

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    Ordered a Callway Mavrik Max 3 wood yesterday after a fitting. Fantastic off the tee and off the deck. Large foot-print so very easy to launch high.

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    If you are looking at adjustable 3w any one you can adjust up to 16-17d...from the deck I am a firm believer in a 4w (100-105 driver SS) from the desk for mere mortals. Just more consistently elevated.

    All the usual suspects you should try with the max editions potentially a bit easier to elevate. Also don't miss out on Mizuno or Cobra offerings.

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    I switched to a Mavrik SZ driver but I will not switch out my Srixon F85 3+, the thing is amazing.

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    Just by design alone, seems like the Mavrik Max would be a too candidate here.


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    TaylorMade MG 50, 54 & 58 TT S400 (Spider Man theme)

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    Id say 4 wood but if you are gonna go with a 3 Sim max is a good option.

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    Taylormade SimTI 5 wood 19° GD Tour AD Di 7x 42 inches
    Taylormade Sim Max Rescue 22° Fuji Pro 2.0 8x
    Taylormade P790 2019 5-7 KBS Tour FLT 120s
    Taylormade P770 8-PW KBS Tour FLT 120s
    Taylormade MG2 50° 
    Taylormade MG2 54°
    Taylormade MG2 58°
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    Another vote for Ping! Loft is your friend, OP. Either add loft to the 3w or go 5w. If you are worried about distance, try adding 1/2'' to a 5w(3w length).

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    Not sure how often a 25 HCP should be hitting a 3 wood off the deck. Probably not much, if ever.

    If get a 5 wood or maybe 4 wood.

    Work on your shots from within a yards of the green.

    Hope this didn't come off wrong, but I'm just being honest.

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    17 m2

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    Think about a 4 wood instead of a 3 wood.

    But either way, PING fairways always test among the easiest to launch with the most spin. Also, the COBRA fairways are very easy to hit, and the rails on the sole are great for sketchy lies.

    If you want to save a few bucks, last year's models of both the PING and COBRA fairways (G400, F9) are nearly identical to the ones offered this year (G410, SpeedZone) and can be had for a bargain price.

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    Thanks for the info and no offense taken.

    I carry a 3w and a 5w. I only hit the 3 from the deck on occasion - days when I’m hitting the woods well and only from perfect lies. Still, that extra distance is seductive.

    I want the option for those rare occasions.

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    Do a side-by-side with 4W and 3W before you go with 3W. (I'm biased; I'm going into my ninth season with a 4W + 7W combo.)

    If you must have a 3W, take a look at Callaway and TaylorMade and Tour Edge.

    Callaway rep says the Mavrik and MavMAX 3Ws are designed to "set back" when soled to encourage better launch. He said despite increasing use of 4W, lots of players must have a 3W to feel good about themselves. Thus, a push for better launch.

    Similarly, the TM site says the Sim FWs bring back the V-Steel sole for extra weight low to improve launch. (V-Steel was a popular TM fairway wood model from circa 2005).

    Tour Edge has been designing cutting-edge FWs for 15 years. Champions Tour players Scott McCarron and Tom Lehman use them. The CBX woods are in the sub-zero category, but the EXS models are more game improvement.

    What's In The Bag *...

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    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
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    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
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    The best 3w for you is one that doesn't go in your bag. Like others said, wouldn't mess with anything lower than 18* of loft and something preferably with a very rear cg like your Ping and Cobras. Avoid anything like "sub zero"...spin and launch will be your friend.

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    has to be the cobra F9 or SZ series. stupid easy

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    TM Mid_Rescue TP 22*
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    2020 TOUR B XS
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    Before you decide, check this out.

    At your (and my) clubhead speed, a 3w is not going to give extra distance.

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    Ping g410. By a mile.

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    I know you were mainly looking at the TM, Callaway or Ping but don't skip on trying the Cobra SZ or Mizuno ST200.

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    F9 for sure! The hardest would be the M5...what big movable weight was so unforgiving with turf interaction.

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    Don't be afraid to test a few, and don't limit yourself to 2020 offerings. My 3 wood search has seen

    Cobra F6 and F9

    Rogue and Epic

    Ping G400

    TM M4 and M5

    I found a Mizuno JPX850 in a old demo bag at the local shop, which I loved the look of and brought without hitting. Best 3 wood I've ever had.

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    Swing speed is needed for a 3W. The first suggestion to use a 5W is a better choice.

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    It doesn't come off wrong, but you aren't allowed to do anything but say that the latest and greatest club will surely fix the issue... One of those crazy things that if you are barely breaking 100 on your good days, maybe learning how to play better and recognize things quicker could help (dreaded lessons word). But that will sound bad apparently because that isn't what is being asked...


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    I'm a 13-14HC, driver swing speed a hair below 100mph, just above if I push it. Took my 5w and 3w to a longish range session and the conclusion is that the 3w stays firmly in storage. On good shots it's a bit longer than 5w but flies lower, carries at most the same and runs a lot. Those good shots are pretty rare, maybe one in four. On less than great shots it's all over the place. Maybe off the tee the chance of a good shot will be higher but off the deck that's a recipe for disaster.

    Instead of using a 3w off the tee I practiced a sort of a low teed, spinny driver shot off the tee that goes very straight but not as far as a full shot and stops fairly quick. Can also adjust how hard I swing that if I have to just get the ball on a narrow fairway into the wind.

    I will soon start looking for a new fairway wood which will likely also be a 5w unless some leftie 4w magically drops on my lap. If I were to go for a 3w, I'd look for something that launches high and then would go for a fairly short shaft that promotes a super smooth swing to maximise the likelihood of good contact. Whether that would produce any better numbers than a 5w, hard to tell.

    In any case, interested to hear what are the easy to hit 3woods as I assume the same 5woods will also be candidates I should check out.

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    Ping g400 or g410 5 wood turned down to 16.5

    Ping G400 Max 9* (Accra Tour Z CB 75 M5 @ 44.75") turned down to 8
    Ping G400 5 wood 17.5* (Aldila Tour Blue 85 X @ 42.5") turned down to 16.5
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    i would consider giving the Callaway Superhybrid a test run along side the FW testing.


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    Irons - Ping G410 irons 5-PW Nippon N.S.Pro 950 GH Stiff white dot +1/2" 
    Wedges - Ping Glide 3.0 50* green dot +1/2", Ping Glide 3.0 54* black dot and Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 58* black dot
    Bag  Ping DLX Black
    Putter  Bettinardi Queen Bee #8 2017 model
    Head covers for woods Ping Black/White Pompoms
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    Redundant but 4W. I know so many good & elite players that play a 16* head its not even funny. Look at tour edge. I love mine but don't know if they've come along since then. I started with a CB2 and got the CB Pro Limited and reshafted it.

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    If you were wondering the secrets in the dirt.

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    Fairway Wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Limited 16.5* Kiyoshi White 75g 04 (Iomic White .60)
    Hybrid: CB Pro U 19* Kuro Kage 90s. (Iomic White .60)
    Irons: Miura 1957 Baby Blades 4-PW KBS TOUR 120s Black standard loft / standard lie (Iomic White .60)
    Wedges: Vokey Wedgeworks 52*, 56*, 60* KBS Matte Black 120s (Iomic White .60)
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    Epic Flash 5w turned down to 17*.

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    I've never been able to consistently hit a 3 wood off the deck until I got a TS3 last year. Mine plays 14.25 deg and it's so easy to hit and forgiving. Actually bought it because it was great off the tee and was surprised how well I hit it from the fairway. Only use it once per round at my home course but have been getting to a long par 5 in 2 using this when I used to lay up with the dogleg over some trees into the green. Love it so much I've been contemplating getting the TS3 driver instead of ordering a SIM.

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    My cobra F8 is automatic off the deck set at 15.5–The Baffler rails really work.

    I’m sure the speedzone is similarly excellent. The F8 added a whole new dimension to my game.


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    Mizuno JPX 58-14
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