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Thoughts on ClubCorp in Dallas area?

 bjenn4242 ·  
bjenn4242bjenn4242 Members  44WRX Points: 13Posts: 44 Bunkers
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I am 25 fresh out of college in California. (Previous Jr member at Saticoy Country Club in Ventura). I got offered a great career in cyber security out there and move next week permanently to Dallas. Are the prices fairly decent? At Saticoy (very prestigious course) they waived initiation and I was paying $400 a month. Does that price range or slightly higher, exist for ClubCorp privates out in the Dallas area? Any info would be great.



  • ousuxndallasousuxndallas DFWMembers  162WRX Points: 65Handicap: 4Posts: 162 Fairways
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    Young Professional memberships for under 40 are around $500 / month, that's the list price. Don't know what the negotiated rate would be.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  3324WRX Points: 892Handicap: 6Posts: 3,324 Titanium Tees
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    My cousins both dropped their club Corp memberships in Dallas and I don’t know why... both are avid golfers. I’ll ask


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  • cacophony82cacophony82 Members  254WRX Points: 34Handicap: 8.8Posts: 254 Greens
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    Check out Stone Bridge Ranch Dye(Club Corp) and Old American - both price out in budget

  • PuttLeftHitRightPuttLeftHitRight Members  2280WRX Points: 106Posts: 2,280 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #5

    They have some nice courses, but good luck getting a tee time. ClubCorp courses have really high memberships numbers.

  • vallygolfvallygolf Members  584WRX Points: 159Posts: 584 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #6

    If you think of it as a semi private course you will be fine. Tee sheets are routinely packed.

  • ascottwaddellascottwaddell Members  47WRX Points: 48Handicap: 5.9Posts: 47 Bunkers
    Joined:  #7

    I've got a brother and good friend at Stonebriar CC.

    Two good 18s.

    Seems like a fun place, especially for younger dudes.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • RealNickGRealNickG Members  32WRX Points: 27Handicap: +2Posts: 32 Bunkers
    Joined:  #8

    I know a bunch of guys over at Las Colinas who love it. Great players too.

  • prestongprestong Members  15WRX Points: 66Posts: 15 Bunkers
    Joined:  #9

    Check out this link. https://myavidgolfer.com/the-magazine/2019/

    Avid Golfer is a monthly magazine dedicated to Dallas Golf. The link above provides you with access to all of the magazines released in 2019. The March 2019 issue was the private country club issue. This should give you an idea of where you could join.

  • jakenlson0311jakenlson0311 Members  133WRX Points: 79Handicap: +.4Posts: 133 Fairways
    Joined:  edited Feb 26, 2020 12:03pm #10

    I also recently moved from the San Diego area, I was a member at shadowridge in Vista. I joined the young executive program here in Dallas. It gives you a list of 10 courses that you can play in the area that are decent. the only issue with the young exact program is there are multiple courses that are considered tier 1 and the young executive is considered tier 2. This simply means that Stonebriar, Las colinas country club, timarron, hackberry, and stonebridge ranch the dye course are not on your list and you have to pay the $80 premier feet to play those courses.

    It would all depend on where you live that you would want to make your home course. I've played most of the tier 2 courses since I've moved here.

    Trophy club- 36 holes, two decent tracks and a good practice facility. They also have the largest membership of any of the courses in DFW with older guys that don't care about pace-of-play or tearing up the course.They also have any large young executive membership so it's easy to find a game but you just have to deal with the pace of play. Tee times are full all weekend.

    Oakmont- it's a little further out from the Dallas-Fort Worth area a decent track I've played it three times and every time I played it big greens have been incredibly slow and of course is comprable to most municipal courses.

    Stonebridge ranch- stonebridge ranch is kind of weird because it is two different clubhouses. One of the courses is a Pete dye design which is the premier course and then they also have the Arthur hills course which is a 27 hole facility. It also is one of the only clubcorp courses open on Monday. the courses are located in McKinney which is a little further from Dallas and the membership is a little smaller than trophy club, but you do have a lot of younger guys with kids so Friday and Saturday are kids running everywhere near the clubhouse playing. There's bounce houses and stuff like that. this is kind of annoying because the parents don't watch their kids and they just run amok while Mom and Dad sit in the clubhouse. The course itself is pretty good the greens are bent grass but in the summer when it's so hot they can't cut the grass short so the greens roll pretty slow. But in the fall and spring it's very nice.

    For me my prices are:

    Initiation fee is $500, the monthly dues are $325 plus the $60 cart fee for the first year which turns into $120 cart fee after a year, I also have the $50 one membership. I don't eat at the club that often and the one membership doesn't apply to alcohol so I'll be dropping that soon. Once that's done I'll probably pay 450 bucks total a month with food and beverage plus my dues.

    sorry for the long drawn-out response but I was trying to give you as much information as possible but the biggest factor is where you think you might live because driving around the DFW metroplex at 5 on a Friday night is not the funniest thing in the world, and I'm coming from southern California, so you and I both know we know what traffic is.

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  • bjenn4242bjenn4242 Members  44WRX Points: 13Posts: 44 Bunkers
    Joined:  #11

    Thanks for the help guys! Ended up joining at Hackberry Creek CC. As my house is right across the street. Loving it so far

  • bjenn4242bjenn4242 Members  44WRX Points: 13Posts: 44 Bunkers
    Joined:  #12

    I really appreciate the detailed response man!

    Ended up joining at Hackberry Creek CC. As my house is right across the street. Loving it so far. they waived initiation and I pay about 410 monthly. Course is in phenomenal shape. If you ever are looking for a partner let me know man. Would love to get out there with a fellow ex-Californian

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • CLgolfer2010CLgolfer2010 Jr. Boomers  3WRX Points: 65Posts: 3 Starters
    Joined:  #13

    Was there any wiggle room on fees? I just got off the phone with the hackberry guy and he's proposing 500 initation fee and 405/month just for HCCC and 450/month for the whole network of clubs. Curious if they will waive the initiation.

  • oneunderbogeyoneunderbogey Lefty Boomers  704WRX Points: 119Posts: 704 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #14

    They tend to run deals at lower end clubs where initiation is waived or reduced but it's decided by corporate not the local guy. The local guy isn't shy about sharing just ask about waiving they might tell you they can't right now but will let you know if there's a special

  • JunglelandJungleland Members  624WRX Points: 124Handicap: 9Posts: 624 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #15

    Hackberry has some nice elevation change on it, rare for the area. Course has some challenge and will keep your game sharp. I was at Timarron when I lived in Southlake and would head over to HCCC for a change of pace for a weekday round. I much preferred it to Los Colinas CC.

  • oneunderbogeyoneunderbogey Lefty Boomers  704WRX Points: 119Posts: 704 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #16

    I played prestonwood hills yesterday. Would not recommend, greens are in rough shape. Course is short, tight, and home lined.


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