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I've been playing for 40 years and have hit the ball pretty consistently, but in the past few months I've picked up a horrible 30 degree left pull. I'll sometimes hit this 3 or 4 times per round and it often results in a lost ball. The first attachment shows this pull swing (I am not yet able to attach videos or links).

In this sequence, I see that my swing is flat and my head moves away from the ball on the downswing, and the ball hits the club face much too close to the shaft (probably a shank if I had hit an iron), but all in all I don't see (or feel) much difference between the pull swing and my decent swing. The second attachment video shows my "normal" swing.

Any thoughts on how to get rid of the nasty pull?

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    Make sure the camera is set at hand height right down that alignment stick first. Hard to diagnose with that camera angle. From that angle it looks your shoulders turn a bit too flat causing you to get crossed up. Unless you're very patient with the transition you can get stuck or come over it. Shoot the proper angle though.

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    Hard to see without video, though in the, “pull” sequence, the face looks like it is pointing left of left. The straight looks like it is relatively straight. What’s the ball flight doing? Is it starting left and then going further left? If so, then the club path is right of the club face, which would explain what I am seeing. If that is the case, just hold off the face a touch through impact.

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    Your swing is not flat and a flat swing has NOTHING to do with PULLS. Also your head movement is not the problem . Get rid of those two thought and get on solving the real problem- YOUR DS . You HANDS from the top are throwing the face into the back ( and outer quadrant) of the ball and the toe is rotating left BC your HANDS are designed to do just that . The axis of the shaft is bored into the inside of the club face and the head is desperately trying to rotate CCW around the axis . A flexible tipped shaft make it worse. Do know what you are using ?

    The HANDS genetically designed to turn down , roll over and rotate the toe CCW from the top.

    Centrifugal force trying desperately to PULL the right shoulder And scapula out towards the ball.

    The toe of the club Head trying desperately to rotate CCW around the axis ( inside where it is attached )

    OOPS - we Humans forget that our torso is also rotating CCW.

    Wow- all this makes you wonder why everyone hooks and pulls. Well- THEY DO !!! And they are instructed to change their foot movement, hold their head still, move this over and move this back there while thinking about your right elbow, your left hip , etc; AND —- all this in 2/10 seconds of the DS. NOT humanly possible !!!!!!!!! We only have room in the brain to sort out and perform ONE ( 1 ) task in 2/10 seconds. You, me and everyone else!

    We have to teach our HANDS ( in your case your dominant right HAND ) to control the swing and teach it NOT to roll over from the top. Since our HANDS control body movement our body will perform exactly how the hands tell them. SO- after understanding the perils of the above points , how doe we solve this problem ?

    It is imperative that you start with preprogramming your RIGHT HAND before you ever pull the shaft back around your torso to form a lever. And that is ALL you are doing. The BS can NOT BE MADE DIFFICULT AS SOME TRY TO. The palm of your right hand is basically looking skyward at the top . You will want to keep the right palm facing skyward during the entire DS until after impact when these forces are so strong that the wrist are forced to roll over. NO INTENTIONAL RELEASE ! Keeping your right palm upward will force your right elbow into your right hip are where is should be. Also forces the shaft coming down on a inside path . Also forces the HEEL of the face to enter impact INTO THE INSIDE QUADRANT OF THE BALL ( never the back ) and understand that your TORSO ( inner circle ) SQUARES THE FACE ! NOT THE HANDS.

    I suggest you watch the greats andyou will see this if you use your skills of observation . No audio , no analysis . Wish I could show you , but you will have to figure out how to make this movement by PULLING YOUR ENTIRE LEVEL SYSTEM DOWN AND AROUND WITH YOUR HANDS LEADING WELL AHEAD OF THE BALL. Can’t throw the face at it. We sweep the ball off the ground or tee. No hit. No release ( at least until after the ball has been struck )

    Not easy, but worth the effort.

    Good luck,



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