Best Base Layer for winter?

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Although we are starting to get to the end of the winter season, I was wondering what everyone was wearing. I am a rather short stocky fellow and have found that the UA Cold Gear is a bit too sung on me. A couple of years ago I came across Adidas's clima warm base layer which fits great (not too snug, but not loose) but they dont make them anymore. Anything out there that sounds like this?



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    UA is my fave BUT go for the fitted stuff...NOT the compression fit. It’s snug-ish without being tight.

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  • buckrogers71buckrogers71 Members  428WRX Points: 133Posts: 428 Greens
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    I have something from YEARS ago, but I'm not sure if its fitted or compression. Might just have to bite the bullet and go up a size...or 2. 😥

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    Agree with the fitted. It fits nice without being too compressed.


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    Maybe not the best, but, I use Uniqlo Heat Tech crew neck long sleeve T-Shirts (light weight) and TNF Thermax 1/4 zip's (mid weight). Icebreaker makes nice stuff, too.

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    A cheap, no brand, thin fleece.

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    I am a snob and use my cycling base layer which is a wool blend. Effing effective I tell ya. I play year round down to just above frozen ground, and I find that my base + golf shirt + merino woo v neck sweater is about all I need if the sun is out and the wind is calm...

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    The best UA I've found is the Base 2.0

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    Anything Merino wool by almost anyone.

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    I wear a nike mock long sleeve that my wife gave me a few years ago. Or a thicker compression mock if it's really cold and windy.

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    I have good luck with UA fitted base layers. Slightly looser than compression gear which doesn't restrict my swing. Plus they seem to come in three different weights so I can custom tune according to the weather.

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    I got a Greyson lightweight hoodie jacket two years ago that I wear almost year round at this point. I’ll try and find a link (if they’re still available). I got mine from my clubs pro shop.

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    Have a nike pro combat compression layer - use it for snowboarding, golf, tailgating, you name it. Have had it for years.

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    That’s exactly what I did Buck, went up a size and stayed with the fitted. I actually wear a very thin tech type shirt under my “too big” base layer, it works perfectly for me. I hate, hate, hate anything tight (despise compression ) on top. This is incredibly comfortable for me.

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    I remember when we called it "long underwear".

  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members  6475WRX Points: 191Handicap: 19Posts: 6,475 Titanium Tees
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    I have used UA and Footjoy but both are compression, i have used the fitted and they are worth it.

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    This might work out as like you, I hate for it to be super tight. I'll give it a shot!


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  • VesparVespar on the teeMembers  174WRX Points: 53Handicap: 2.5Posts: 174 Fairways
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    I use Columbia's Omniheat....silver dots reflect your heat and yet its breathable, comfy comes in several styles. the one I prefer has a 1/4 zip and mock turtle collar

  • jah7838jah7838 Members  1260WRX Points: 217Posts: 1,260 Platinum Tees
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    I use the Under Armour compression cold gear, and I like it. I don't feel like it restricts my swing. I don't like loose fitting clothing under my shirts or pullovers when I play, so it works well for me.

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    I use my ski gear base layers (some smartwool ones) which work great.

  • ShakesterShakester Members  626WRX Points: 141Handicap: 9Posts: 626 Golden Tee
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    On really cold days, I wear the Uniqlo Heattech extra warm crew. Its not form like those compression tops, but it also isn't super loose either. I also wear the lowers underneath my golf pants and on some of really cold mornings, my legs are sweating after walking a hole. For the money, you can't go wrong.

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    i have always used UA for layering but the new Adidas frostguard line is fantastic.

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  • postfoldpostfold oh how I LOVE putting Members  410WRX Points: 104Handicap: 6.8Posts: 410 Greens
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    I'm on team merino wool. Have a Minus33 base layer for when it's cold.

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    Of the base layers that I have tried, Under Armour definitely seems to keep the heat in best but in terms of comfort, I have not had anything beat the FJ base layers. They are more fitted that compression. If it is not too cold, I will go with that. If it is really cold I go with the UA, although really, if it is as cold to need the UA, I do ask myself what I am doing golfing in the first place.

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    Honestly, it probably isnt made for golf. I stick with hot chillys or my KJUS skiing stuff. Ive gone through the FJ, PUMA, NIKE, UA (just to name a few) and have not had better success than with regular hot chilly thermals or the super expensive KJUS 1/4 zip up layer.

    If money isnt an issue id go with the KJUS in a heartbeat (probably from the skii collection and not their new golf line) as ive had it for 5 ish years and still looks fantastic

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    I usually wear a golf shirt, with a sweater or peter millar pullover on top, and then a patagonia nano puff vest. If its really cold, i will add sleeves under my golf shirt.

    Living in SC, cold golf is 40 degrees.

  • Jack DanielsJack Daniels Members  133WRX Points: 80Posts: 133 Fairways
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    The merino base layer from LL Bean is the best cold gear weather item I have ever bought. Miles above UA or any synthetic option.

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  • madeintheshademadeintheshade Members  23WRX Points: 16Posts: 23 Bunkers
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    I rock the UA cold gear. Use it for golf, outdoor running, and if I go to late season football.


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