Name every set of irons you've owned



  • NixLix26NixLix26 Members  495WRX Points: 195Handicap: 4Posts: 495 Greens
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    Srixon -H45 16*
    Srixon Combo Set: 4-6 Z785, 7-PW Z Forged
    REG.588 -52*,60*
    Odyssey, #7
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  • kaycalkaikaycalkai World Class Three Putter Members  450WRX Points: 73Handicap: mentalPosts: 450 Greens
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    Since 2016 (I like to try different clubs....)

    Looking at this list, I believe I may have a problem. Those are all I remember, in 4 seasons of Maine golf.... 😲

    I bought almost all of them used and traded them in for the next set.

    This year I'm going to try to play the whole season with 1 set up!

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  • monkeyboymonkeyboy Lefty Boomers  845WRX Points: 257Handicap: 8.6Posts: 845 Golden Tee
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    About 25 years of playing.

    Dunlop something or the other

    Callaway X-12, then later reshafted

    Exotics XCG

    Srixon 565/765 combo

    Driver (9.0) - Cobra F9 Aldila Rogue Silver 70 S, 44.5"
    Wood (14.5) - Cobra F9 Aldila NV Green 75 S
    Driving Iron (20) - Srixon U65 Project X 5.5
    Irons (5-6) - Srixon Z565 Project X 5.5
    Irons (7-P) - Srixon Z765 Project X 5.5
    Wedges - Vokey SM-7 Jet Black / 50.08 F / 54.08 M / 58.08 M DG S300
    Putter - Gauge Design GAA-8
    Ball - Snell MTB-x
    Pure Midsized Grips
  • LondonerLondoner Members  1556WRX Points: 349Handicap: 10Posts: 1,556 Platinum Tees
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    I think you kept them longer than most did. 🤠

    Mizuno mp h5. 4-W KBS tour stiff 2 iron modus 3 stiff.
    taylormade m2 Driver + hl 3 wood
    ping anser
    Titleist sm6 50 +54
    Cleveland 60
  • LondonerLondoner Members  1556WRX Points: 349Handicap: 10Posts: 1,556 Platinum Tees
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    I'm surprised at the lack of Ryder irons in this list. Very popular high end heel/toe irons in the day.

    Mizuno mp h5. 4-W KBS tour stiff 2 iron modus 3 stiff.
    taylormade m2 Driver + hl 3 wood
    ping anser
    Titleist sm6 50 +54
    Cleveland 60
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  • 8overpar8overpar Spring hill, TNMembers  322WRX Points: 108Handicap: 4.9Posts: 322 Greens
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    1993ish Complete set in a bag from Kmart

    1996 TaylorMade Burner Oversize

    2001 Cleveland TA-1 Form Forged

    2016 Titleist 716CB

    915D2 9.5*
    915F 15* 
    716CB +2 up
    SM7 52*, Scratch PDG SS 56* & SM7 60*
    Cameron NP2 ProPlatinum
    TP5X or Snell MTB Black
  • theothertwotheothertwo Members  2665WRX Points: 227Posts: 2,665 Titanium Tees
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    Since 1990...


    Tommy Armour 845

    MacGregor MT

    MacGregor 1025 CM

    Snake Eyes 600C

    Bridgestone J33 CB

    Miura CB 57


    Honma TW 737 460 10.5* Driver

    Honma TW 727 18* 5 Wood

    Srixon H45 22* Hybrid

    Titleist 818H1 25* Hybrid

    5-PW Honma TW 737V Irons

    56* Honma TW-W Sand Wedge

    50* Honma TW-W Gap Wedge

    Miura KM 005 Putter

  • GSDriverGSDriver Members  883WRX Points: 179Handicap: 4Posts: 883 Golden Tee
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    I likely missed a few, but been playing since 1984:

    Wilson Staff Cary Middlecoff blades with flat sided leather grips :-)

    Pinseeker some model (Ping Eye 2 'clones')

    TM hollow blade looking iron

    Ping Eye 2

    Hogan Edge

    Hogan Edge GS

    Mizuno TZoid Pro

    MacGregor JNP

    Cally X12 Pro

    Hogan FTX

    X Tour

    2009 X Forged

    Diablo Forged

    2014 Apex Pro

    Epic Flash SZ Tensei AV Blue 65
    Rogue 4 Wood Evenflow 75 Blue
    Epic Hybrids 3/4/5
    Apex Pro 6-P Recoil 110 F4
    MD Slate Forged 52
    PM Grind 2.0 Slate 58/64
    Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Mini
    All grips except putter are Iomic Sticky 2.3
  • gambitgambit Members  4443WRX Points: 265Posts: 4,443 Titanium Tees
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    I know I missed a few but some I remembered...doubt I can remember them all.


    714 Ap2

    Miura cb501


    SIM Max 10.5 / AD DI Black 6x

    SIM 3/5 Woods / Tensei Pro Blue 70/80 TX

    Tour Issue Adams Pro Mini 23 / AD DI 95x

    Ping Blueprints 5-P / Steelfiber i110S

    Ping Glide Forged 50-54-60 / Steelfiber i125S

    Byron Morgan DH89

    Titleist Linksmaster

  • pwgj1478pwgj1478 Members  50WRX Points: 49Posts: 50 Bunkers
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    Dunlop starter set

    Knock off set, don't remember the brand or model

    Callaway S2H2

    TM R7 Draw

    TM '09 Burner


    Mizuno JPX850F

    Mizuno MP18MMC

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  • dbdorsdbdors Houston, Clear Lake areaClubWRX  2207WRX Points: 290Handicap: 15Posts: 2,207 ClubWRX
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    1. Some Spaulding something’s that I bought in 1996
    2. TM Burner 1
    3. TM RBZ
    4. TM RSi1, got fit at the TM Performance Lab
    5. TM M2, faces on RSi1s started to cave, so TM replaced them
    6. TM M6, got a good fitting last year.
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    Woods: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 8*, Fujikura Ventus 6 S, TM M5, 13*, MC Diamana Thump 75 S
    Hybrids: TEE CBX 119 19*, 22*, Project X EvenFlow Blue Hybrid 85 6.0
    Irons: TM M6, 5-GW, Accra 80i
    Wedges: Cleveland CBX 55*, 60*, Accra 80i
    Putter: Evnroll ER 1.2 blacked out, KBS CT Tour, 355g, 33”, SS Mid-slim 2.0
    Ball: Maxfli Tour
    Bag/Cart: '20 Nike Air Hybrid/BagBoy Quad XL
    Accessories: SkyCaddie SX400/Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized
  • EeeccEeecc Toronto, CanadaMembers  60WRX Points: 43Posts: 60 Bunkers
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    starter set - Founders Club The Judge hybrid combo set ( could not hit them)

    2nd set - MX-300 Dynalite R300 (still have, but when I bought them thinking I could not play MP-53 or MP-59 - major regrets at times)

    3rd set - MP-29 TT S300 (loving them right now)

    on the lookout for another Mizuno MP classic

    Driver: Mizuno MP 650 9.5 degree Tour AD YSQ Stiff
    4 wood: Mizuno MP 001 16.5 DG S300 - off deck
    4 Hybrid: Mizuno MP 650 19 degree Fujikura Orochi Red Eye 85g stiff
    Irons: Mizuno MX 300 Dynalite Gold XP R300 4-GW
    Wedges: Mizuno MP R 12 56-13, 60-05
    Putter: Mizuno Bettarndi C-01 35" Tour SNSR 140cc
    Mizuno Twister Hybrid bag blue/white
  • jonradusjonradus Members  93WRX Points: 77Posts: 93 Fairways
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    Lynx Parallax (ridiculous offset; hand me down when I first started)

    Ping G15 (shovels, but they worked when I first started golfing better)

    Titleist 755 CB (good set; really liked them)

    Titleist 690 MB (yeah, I’m not good enough for blades; good days were really rewarding and bad days were very punishing)

    Callaway X22 Tour (really nice set but heavy and really had to muscle them to make them work)

    Mizuno JPX EZ (not sure but I think I may have bought counterfeit ones on eBay; they stunk)

    Cobra King F7 (Aerotech Steelfiber shafts; no good for me but fun experiment for a season; misses were all over the place both left and right; I need steel shafts)

    Cobra Amp (current set; so forgiving and perfect balance between game improvement and players distance iron; they’re not too clunky for a GI iron; my misses end up on the green more often than not; only complaint is they look stupid, but I can’t switch because they work so well)

  • SecondShotSecondShot # GermanyMembers  174WRX Points: 66Handicap: 9Posts: 174 Fairways
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    TaylorMade Speedblade

    Ping i E1

    Mizuno JPX 900 forged

    Mizuno MP-20 MMC

    Driver: TaylorMade SIM Max 9° - Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S
    Fairway: Titleist TS2 16.5° - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.0
    Hybrid: Titleist 818H2 21° - Project X Evenflow Blue 85 HYB 6.0
    Irons: Mizuno MP-20 HMB (3), MP-20 MMC (4-PW) - KBS Tour S
    Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM7 (50.08F), SM8 (54.14F, 58.08M) - KBS Tour S (50), TT Dynamic Gold S300 (54, 58)
    Putter: TaylorMade Spider X - KBS CT Tour
    Ball: Titleist Pro V1x
  • mikedejong33mikedejong33 Members  38WRX Points: 22Handicap: ~3Posts: 38 Bunkers
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    1) Spalding Centurions

    2) Wilson Staff Progressives

    3) Ping I3 Blades

    4) Went on a run of Callaway X Forged: 07's, 09's, 13's

    5) Mizuno MP60's

    6) Wilson Staff FG62 (still have just for fun)

    7) Ping I25

    8) Ping I200

    Still play the I200, but considering the I210


    Ping G400 Driver / 3 Wood

    Adams Pro Black Hybrid

    Ping I200 4-9

    Ping Glide 2.0 46-50-56-60

    Scotty Cameron Golo or Ping Myday

    All Lefty in a Ping Hoofer / Moonlite

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  • CDLgolfCDLgolf Members  1024WRX Points: 172Posts: 1,024 Platinum Tees
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    Hogan apex

    Powerbilt tps

    Top flite tour

    Ping i3+

    Ping g10

    Ping g25

    Ping i20

    Ping i25

    Callaway apex

    Ping ie1

    And a few other sets I demoed but got rid of after a round or 2.

    Cobra F8
    Ping G25 3 wood
    Ping G25 20 & 23 hybrid G30 26 hybrid
    Ping i e1 6- uw
    Ping Tour Glide 56 & 60
    Toulon Atlanta
  • Masse1369Masse1369 Members  1644WRX Points: 142Posts: 1,644 Platinum Tees
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    Northwestern Starter Set

    Ladies Lynx

    Ping Eye 2

    Mizuno MP14

    TA 845

    Lynx Parallax

    Maxfli Austrailian Blades

    Maxfli Revolution Black

    Mizuno MP14

    Cleveland TA1

    Callaway X12 Pro Series

    (3 Sets) Titleist 962B

    Cleveland TA3

    Mizuno MP32

    Mizuno MP33

    Mizuno MP60

    Mizuno MP62

    Snake Eyes 600 Series

    Adams MB1

    Adams MB2

    Brigestone J40 Cavity

    Bridgestone J36

    Bridgestone J38

    (3 Sets) Srixon Z745

    Srixon Z765

    Srixon Z785 (Current)

    Titleist 712 AP2

    Titleist 710 CB/MB

    PXG Gen2 P

    Ben Hogan FT Worth Irons

    Miura MB 5005

    Miura CB 1008

    Nike VR Forged Combo

    Nike Vapor Pro

    Taylormade Rac LT

    Taylormade Rac MB

    Taylormade 2014 CB

    Taylormade 2014 MC

    Taylormade 2014 MC/MB

    TaylorMade RSI TP

    Callaway RAZR MB

    Callaway RAZR X Forged

    Bridgestone J15 CB

    Bridgestone J15 MB

    I'm sure I'm missing some and I would've thought 50 sets of irons would've been nowhere near close. I would've thought many more. Thank god this list isn't Drivers or Putters. 😀


    M5 Vylyn | M5 Raijin | M5 Raijin | TW747V Modus | RTX4 Raw Modus | Swag Raw

  • br61br61 3x Hackin' Hall of Shame SW MissouriMembers  2776WRX Points: 225Handicap: +1.3Posts: 2,776 Titanium Tees
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    If I had to name every set of irons I have owned, I will still be in this thread tomorrow morning.

    My bag of hacking utensils;

    TM SIM 10.5 Tensei Red Pro 60 stiff
    TM R11 TP 14 & 19
    TM P760 4-PW DG 120 S300
    TM MG 52,56&60 Modus 115 wedge
    Bobby Grace LFI 43"
    Odyssey Marxman 44"

  • DrivingrangeheroDrivingrangehero Members  147WRX Points: 92Posts: 147 Fairways
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    Diawa Hi-Trac

    Hogan Edge

    Hogan Apex

    Wilson Staff RM

    Mizuno MP 30

    Mizuno MP 37

    Mizuno MP 33

    Mizuno MP 67

    looking to replace the MP-67’s finally after almost 15yrs with ........??? Narrowing it down to a few, some I’ve hit, some I’m interested in trying out

    Mizuno MP 20HMB (hit)

    Ben Hogan PTX pro (not hit)

    Sub 70 699 pro (not hit)

    Cobra King Forged tec (hit/ like the Mp 20 more)

    I’m open to suggestions, still. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • double_ddouble_d Members  392WRX Points: 130Posts: 392 Greens
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    This is going to be pathetic since I am not a big equipment guy but.

    1) In high school I had a cast off set of Haig Ultra blades (1986-1990) I barely played.

    College, didn't play....

    Didn't pick up golf again until 1997

    2) Some off the rack "Palmer" brand clubs I got from some retail store (Golfsmith, Hacker's Helper, I forget...)

    3) Taylor Made Burners

    4) Some Golfsmith Irons I made myself

    5) Ping ISI

    6) Ping G20 (Currently I play these)

    I know boring.

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  • shotmarkshotmark Members  869WRX Points: 80Handicap: 7.7Posts: 869 Golden Tee
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    I had Ryder Mk IV ladies clubs after my junior set and before my first full length set

  • Sean2Sean2 Members  32677WRX Points: 2,941Posts: 32,677 Titanium Tees
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    At my age, my memory isn't that good, lol, but probably twelve sets.


    Treat yourself as if you were someone you are responsible for helping. Jordan Peterson

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    In golf, the human mind has much higher capabilities to screw things up than the physics has to make things better. Unknown


  • Sapps_12Sapps_12 CanadaMembers  284WRX Points: 53Handicap: 5Posts: 284 Greens
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    Titleist 704CB

    Titleist DCI 962

    Titleist DCI 990

    Titleist Tour Model (90'S)

    Titleist 710MB

    Titleist 716AP2

    PING S59

    PING S57

    PING iBlade (Current set)

    Taylormade Tour Preferred MB

    Taylormade M3 10.5*, Proforce V2 X
    Taylormade R7 TP 15*, Fujikura Motore X
    Titleist 913F 19*, Brassarsa S 
    Titleist 712u 2, TT X100
    PING iBlade 4-W, Project X LZ 6.5
    Vokey TVD, 54M, TT X100
    Vokey TVD, 60M, TT X100
    Nike Method Origin B2-01
  • 4x4GGG4x4GGG Members  128WRX Points: 73Handicap: 15Posts: 128 Fairways
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    First set- Pederson MB with Ping Persimmon woods (3 4 and 5)

    Wilson Prostaff oversize

    Air Bears

    Silver Scotts


    (Currently waiting on delivery of...) 1500s.

    Wow thats a simple list.

  • jwhite86jwhite86 ClubWRX  939WRX Points: 339Handicap: 12Posts: 939 ClubWRX
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    1. Adams Tight Lies GT
    2. Hogan Apex Edge
    3. Cleveland TA3
    4. Taylor Made RAC Combo
    5. Taylor Made RAC MB
    6. Mizuno MP-32
    7. Mizuno MP-33
    8. Mizuno MP-37
    9. Nike Vapor Pro
    10. Taylor Made RAC LT
    11. Titleist 804
    12. Titleist 714 AP1
    13. Bridgestone j33
    14. Srixon 545
    15. Srixon 765

    In no particular order

    Edit to include sets previously missed

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    Driver: TS2 10.5 - Diamana DF 60 TX
    3 Wood: 915 F 16.5 - Blueboard
    5 Wood: 909 F2 18.5 - Blueboard
    Hybrids: 816 H1 21 & 25 - Blueboard
    Irons 6-PW: 765 - PX LZ
    Wedges: 50º Ping Glide 2.0
    54º, 60º PXG 0311 - KBS
    Putter: Newport Mil-Spec
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  • hagimihalehagimihale Members  164WRX Points: 93Posts: 164 Fairways
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    In order, from first set to most recent addition:

    Tommy Armour 855

    Mizuno MX-23

    Mizuno JPX 825 Pro

    Mizuno MP 54

    Mizuno MP 32


    Titleist 913D2 9.5*, Diamana 'ilima 80X

    Titleist 917F2 15*, Diamana B-series 80S

    Titleist 818H2 19* Tensei Pro White 90S

    Titleist 818H2 21* Tensei Pro White 90X

    Mizuno MP-54 4i, 6i-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

    Mizuno S18 50* 54* 58* Dynamic Gold S400

    Scotty Cameron Select Fastback

  • EaglesGolf99EaglesGolf99 Foxboro, MAMembers  2734WRX Points: 222Handicap: +0.8Posts: 2,734 Titanium Tees
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    Gonna give this a shot.... (In chronological order....)

    Wilson Staff FG-51 1-P

    Taylormade LCG 3-P

    Callaway X-12 2-P

    Callaway X-14 Pro Series 2-P

    Mizuno MP-33 2-P

    Nike Forged Blades 2-P

    Taylormade Miura 300 TL2MM 2-P

    Nike Forged Blades 2-P

    Nike Miura Split Cavity 2-P

    Bridgestone Forged J33 Combo 3-P

    Taylormade RAC MB TP 2-P

    Nike CCI Forged 3-P

    Miura Baby Blades 5-P

    Miura CB•57 5-P

    Miura CB•1008 5-P

    Miura ( CRAFTSMEN WORLD ) TB•Zero 5-P, P/S

    Post edited by EaglesGolf99 on

    W. I. T. B.

    Callaway GBB Epic Flash 9° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 X
    Callaway TC Super Hybrid 17° Tourspec Speeder 904 X
    Callaway TC Apex Hybrid 18° Tourspec Speeder 904 X
    Miura Golf CB • 301 4 | 5 | 6 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Miura Giken CB • 1008 6 | 7 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Miura CW TB • Zero 7 | 8 | 9
     iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
     Miura Handgrind Raw 46 • 06 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Miura Handgrind Raw 52 • 10 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Miura Handgrind Raw 58 • 10 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Miura Golf Milled Raw 64 • 16 iSeries Proto CWT 105 X
    Sean Toulon Garage Palm Beach Stability EI GJ 1.0
    Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS '20
    Miura Giken SG • 801 Caddie '20
  • ckayckay Members  4577WRX Points: 645Posts: 4,577 Titanium Tees
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    Titleist/Acushnet AC-108

    Titleist 690MB

    Titleist 690CB

    Ben Hogan Apex Grind

    Titleist DCI

    Mizuno MP14

    Taylormade RAC CB Miura

    Taylormade RAC MB

    Taylormade RAC TP

    Taylormade MB TP

    Taylormade Rocketbladez Tour

    Taylormade RSi Tour Preferred

    Ping S56

    Ping S55

    Mizuno MP57

    Mizuno MP62

    Mizuno MP33

    Mizuno MP68

    Mizuno MP64

    Miura CB57

    Probably missing a few. Surprised I haven’t owned any AP2s

    Taylormade M3 440 10* Tensei White Pro 60TX
    Taylormade M2 Tour 16.5* Atmos Blue 7x
    Taylormade M2 L.I.F.T. 2 KBS Hybrid Proto 85x
    Miura CB57 Nippon SPB X
    Vokey CF 52F/56M/60M S400 Onyx
    Cameron Cami & Co Newport Beach 34/350

    WITB Link
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  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX  15166WRX Points: 1,226Posts: 15,166 ClubWRX
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    Been at it semi seriously for almost 40 years, at least 25 of those years as a equipment junkie. I would say it would be safe to say probably at least four sets a year average over those 25 years. Plus at least a few others from the “non ho’ing” years. Has to be well over 100. Each new post here reminds of a set I had forgotten.



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